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Mango and Dry fruit Recipes / alphonso basundi

Tasty Mango basundi Recipe at home - AlphonsoMango.in

Tasty Mango basundi Recipe at home

Tasty Mango basundi Recipe at home

It is a traditional Indian milk dessert enhanced with mangoes. Here is a foolproof recipe for making it.

It is thick milk with sugar, cardamom, and dry fruits. A ton of varieties of this sweet can be made by giving it another turn. 

Seasonal mangos are a top choice used in various ways when cooking and heating.

The combination of thick milk and mango puree with a mash from the dried organic product is ideal for dessert. 



Fill milk in a heavy pan and heat till boiling. 

Take two teaspoons of milk, 

Include Kashmiri Saffron and keep it in a safe spot. 

After boiling, let the flame be on medium and let it thicken.

Continue blending. 

When 1/3rd of milk is left, mix the saffron absorbed in the milk, sugar, and powdered, You can also sprinkle a pinch of Jaiphal on it.


Take the pan off the flame and permit it to cool totally. 

Include mango puree and fragment nuts. 

Let cool before serving. 

Remember that the pudding is a little thicker when cooled. So keep consistency appropriately.

If you need your basundi to be exceptionally rich and delicate, blend it for a couple of moments before adding the nuts to give that smooth surface.

Mix when the pan is cold.

Enjoy this delicacy in the mango season.

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