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Devgad Hapus a Natural Gold - AlphonsoMango.in

Devgad Hapus a Natural Gold

Devgad Hapus

Mango, the reigning emperor of fruits, is available in many varieties in the Indian market. From Dussehri in Uttar Pradesh to Kesar in Gujarat to Imam Pasand in the South, mangoes are an inseparable part of the Indian culinary palate.

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The one type that has struck a chord with almost everyone in India and globally is the alphonso mango. Also known as the hapus mango, Alphonso is the specialty of the Konkan coast of Maharashtra.

Alphonso mango was brought to India by a Portuguese military expert, Alfonso de Albuquerque. 

The Portuguese also brought the art of grafting to India, eventually leading to the grafting of mango saplings.

Today, hapus mango is grown all across Konkan. Konkan's climate, volcanic soil, and topography facilitate the cultivation and add to Alphonso mangoes' flavor. 

However, two regions: Devgad and Ratnagiri, grow unique variants of the hapus mango. These variants have a unique flavor, aroma, and texture. 

Devgad Alphonso Mango

Devgad is a tiny taluka comprising 98 villages, and mango orchids span over 45,000 hectares of land. 

It boasts a small harbor, a beach, a lighthouse, and a fort. However, this tiny taluka produces export-grade Alphonso mangoes.

Devgad produces a unique variant of the hapus mango, which has earned international fame.

It is unique to Devgad alphonso mango's medium size, an attractive yellow-orange color, thin skin, and thick pulp.

It has skin that is much thinner than other kinds of Alphonso mangoes. This thin skin ensures that the fruit yields more of that rich, creamy, and sweet goodness!

Best mango? Devgad hapus mango!

It is the purest and finest quality naturally grown mango on the market. 

Devgad mangoes are not just naturally grown but also naturally ripened. There's a rise in sellers ripening mangoes using artificial carbide.

Devgad mango is a 100% naturally ripened, carbide-free mango. 

Their superior quality has earned them a GI tag: Geographical Indication tag. A GI tag is a hallmark of the authenticity and quality of a product produced in a particular region.

A GI tag also grants the sellers of a particular geographical region intellectual rights to the product.

This GI tag has facilitated the establishment and growth of the Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit. 

It is the largest and oldest cooperative society of mango cultivators in India. It assures the maintenance of the quality of the mangoes produced. 

The society has been exporting excellent quality Devgad mangoes for over 25 years. It also sources many businesses selling mango online as well as offline.

We, at alphonsomangoes. In are proud and privileged to source our mangoes from them.  

Devgad mangoes are mangoes par excellence. No wonder they've made it to the 'Top 100 foods to be eaten before dying' list.

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