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Buy Kashmiri Saffron - Kashmiri Kesar  The Globes' best aromatic purple spice. With a sweet and floral taste derived from crocus sativus or the purple flower. Kashmiri Saffron The Stigma of a flower is hand-harvested and dehydrated to sell at rates of gold.  From the banks of the Jhelum river of northwestern India with scenic beauty and excellent air of Kashmir in Pampore village, known for the rarest best Kashmiri kesar in the world. These three compounds help to give its intense aroma, color, and deep, pungently sweet, floral taste. Now buy online from among the best types we offer. We will get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Helpful for aroma, scent, and taste for your recipes like biryani and others recipes. It helps food lovers avoid junk food for you. You know that it is an expensive spice in the world. Kashmiri Kesar wonder spice of the valley Produce of India We are proud contributors to the "Make in India" movement. Our spice is handpicked, dried, and packed in the Pampore village of Kashmir.  Original product We supply authentic products grown in Pampore, Kashmir, to your doorstep.  You can buy anything online in the current era, including the world's best quality, from farmers in Pampore village of Kashmir, India. It is the best quality spice in the world with an excellent aroma and taste. Here's everything you need to know about this incredible spice. How does it taste? The spice smells sweet and floral, but it has a pungent, bitter, sweet floral taste delicious taste. You may use it to color (dye) your food. It glazes red or orange color. It has a unique taste and color, which makes it easy to spot in a dish. It pairs well with many flavors and meats. It is used in rice cuisines such as biryani or paella. The spice is also added to desserts and ice creams.  100% Vegetarian - A Vegan Product Since its threads originate from a flower, it is a pure vegan product. You can use it in many delicacies without any guilt. It is used to prepare food for festivities and worship. Latin name - Crocus Sativus It is naturally grown on farms of Pampoore in Kashmir. We sell naturally grown products from Kashmir. Our farmers are GI tag certified, and a GI tag is a mark of good quality. We don't add any added flavor, color, or preservatives; hence it is pure. Healthy Produce of India Anti-inflammatory qualities of this help relieve swelling. It is filled with antioxidants like Safranal Picrocrocin Crocin These give the spice a rich smell, flavor, and color.  Easy to use Add some threads in warm water, milk, kheers, Badam-shakes, ice creams. Just soak some threads in water or milk. The threads are packed with natural taste, color, smell, and power, which can add richness to your dish.  Soaking them for 30 minutes gives a strong aromatic yellow solution to add to your dish. Kashmiri Kesar online purchase Now purchase this wonderfully aromatic spice online with us direct from kashmir. Kesar Price in Delhi Now buy this wonderful spice from Kashmir and get it delivered in Delhi directly from our partner farms. Know the price with just a click of a button. Health benefits of Wonderfull Kashmiri Red Spice The spice not just adds taste but also supports boosting healthy with your food. It has medicinal benefits, such as: It is full of antioxidants, which leads you to keep cancer cells at bay. It acts like an aphrodisiac that boosts your libido and promotes sexual wellness. It helps treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It benefits in handling premature ejaculation or orgasm and infertility. It helps in combating the damage due to free radicals within the body. It helps you ease mood swings. It leads to an improved Mood. It also facilitates treating mild to moderate depression and depressive episodes. Medically reviewed, and some doctors advise you to eat around 25 to 30 mg of it daily. Weight Loss and Appetite Management It aids weight loss and can be used as an effective supplement. During Premenstrual Syndrome It is a warm-natured spice. Thus, it effectively helps reduce and manage signs with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The effect of this spice helps in PMS symptoms. For Hypertension Did you know that this spice can improve your heart health? It impacts the vital markers which impact heart health. It helps to lower hypertension. It also helps to limit cholesterol. It helps to maintain blood glucose levels acts as a natural BGR Blood glucose regulator. Excellent Memory Enhancer Saffranol is a commonly found agent in spice. It is used to enhance the memory of people who go through Alzheimer's disease.  During Pregnancy It is safe for pregnant ladies. Our parents or grandparents advise us to consume this healthy spice during pregnancy. It makes you healthy and is safe for mothers and babies. It helps relieve pregnancy-related oxidative stress. It helps reduce pains and ache during pregnancy. Mood swings It has an anti-depressant quality, which helps balance serotonin and dopamine, norepinephrine, which impact the mood. But, it has adverse effects if taken in large amounts. When to feed this spice to your Baby You can feed it to babies over six months of age, and they can be given a single thread or stigma of this, mixed with mother's milk. Side effects Do NOT consume in large numbers. If you consume in large volumes, it: May cause agitation, low mood, and anxiety, resulting in a change in appetite. It may cause diarrhea or dysentery, and it may result in dry mouth and drowsiness. It may cause headaches, nausea, sweating, and vomiting. Would you please seek medical advice before consuming it in large volumes? Allergic reactions It may result in allergic reactions. Especially in that they are allergic to Salsola, Lolium, and Olea species of plants. It will help if you exercise caution. Storage condition Store in a dark, cold place in a sealed container. It can maintain maximum flavor and aroma for up to six months once opened. It is sensitive to light. Would you please cover it with the foil or cloth packet? Would you please keep it in the fridge, not in the freezer? It helps maintain taste and aroma for a long-standing. It may lose flavor with age. Best before 24 months if in packed condition. Recipe using this  Use it in recipes like: Biryani Paneer Kofte ki sabzi Ice cream Aamras Product Description Country of Origin: India. Location of Origin: Pampore, Kashmir, India, produce from GI tag certified Kashmiri farmers. Colour of the product: Dried red-orange stigmas of Crocus Sativus. Hands harvest them: hand-plucked from purple flowers of this. 100% Natural: no added flavors, colors, preservatives. It has a wonderful flavor, shade, and floral fragrance. Some say it tastes a bit like honey. It has a spicy taste, a bit bitter. They were packed in a small bottle.  They are packed in airtight jars. Jars are sealed with bags and bottles, and it helps keep the aroma and flavor of this expensive spice for a longer time. She is certified with the FSSAI authority of India. We are tested for various quality checks by our Quality assurance team. It has a shelf life of two years if it is in the pack condition. It contains Red Long Threads or stigmas. They were packed with the best farm produce of India compared to other countries, especially Irani, Spanish, and Afghani similar produce. With a sweet aroma and a strong taste. 100 % Vegan product. Ensures an active lifestyle. With zero cholesterol and zero Trans fat 100% Vegetarian Gluten-free product. Non-Genetically Modified NON-GMO Produce of Atmanirbhar Bharat It suffices your spicy snack cravings during hunger pangs. It helps in mental illnesses like Anxiety and Stress. It also has a soothing and healing effect on the nerve system. It improves your stamina, vigor, and strength. Threads are not water-soluble or milk. It is used as a food dye for some cuisines. This spice helps boost your Immunity level in the current COVID19 pandemic. They are widely used to recover from energy loss, and it is the best energy booster winning back body force and strength. It has low-fat content, which helps lowers harmful LDL cholesterol. Product FAQ  Why is it so expensive? It is costly since: Each flower has three stigmas or threads. It blooms only once a year and for one week. Even though the technology in the world is advanced, it is still hand-harvested. It is hand-plucked, collected, and dried.  Nearly 150 flowers are hand plucked to produce one gram of the spice. This expensive and loved spice has a long useful life. Until the next harvest, we cant use our Farms. Growing the spice is a labor-intensive process that should get a reasonable price. FAQ Where do I buy this spice? You are at the right place. We offer GI tag certified keshar. We believe in delivering the best quality products right to your home. Have you ever thought about why it is so? It is not just spice, but it is a medicine too. Due to weather, expensive labor, availability in Kashmir, it is expensive for an authentic version. What is it used for? It has multiple uses.  What does it taste like? It has a sweet floral taste. Where can you buy it? You can buy it with us here best premium export quality from Pampore, Kashmir, India. How do you add it to your dish? Just a pinch of it threads with milk, stock (boiled water of meat or vegetables), warm water, Tea,  or white wine. The mix is soaked nearly for 45 mins before using. For best results, you can soak the same overnight. Synonyms & Other Names