Devgad Alphonso Mango | Devgad Mango | Devgad Hapus

Rs. 1,549.00

One Dozen - 12 Mangoes

1 Dozen


130 to 175 Grams | Small but tasty 175 to 200 Grams | Small but tasty 200 to 225 Grams | Best Size 225 to 250 Grams | Each mango 250 to 275 Grams | Each mango 275 to 300 grams Premium Size

Devgad Alphonso Mango | Devgad Mango | Devgad Hapus

Rs. 1,549.00

One Dozen - 12 Mangoes

1 Dozen


130 to 175 Grams | Small but tasty 175 to 200 Grams | Small but tasty 200 to 225 Grams | Best Size 225 to 250 Grams | Each mango 250 to 275 Grams | Each mango 275 to 300 grams Premium Size
Product description

Devgad Alphonso Mango: A Taste of Exquisite Delight

Devagad taluka of the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India, primarily grows the popular variety of fruit known as Devgad mango.

Fruit lovers worldwide highly seek this variety of mangoes for its unique taste, aroma, and texture.

The fruit ripens into a golden yellow colour and has oval-shaped, thin, yellowish-green skin.

Devgad Alphonso Mango | Devgad Mango | Devgad Hapus | देवगड हापूस

Multiple names of the tropical fruit of the SIndhudurga region.

Its juicy, sweet, and fiberless pulp makes it ideal for eating fresh or using in various dishes like smoothies, ice creams, desserts, and salads.

Discover the unique taste of Devgad Alphonso Mango, a sweet and tangy delicacy that has made it famous across India.

Our growers cultivate it with Saffron and yellow colour gradients, resulting in a sweet and fascinating taste you won't find anywhere else. Buy yours now and taste the purity of India's finest farms today!

Buy Devgad mango Online.

Experience the world-renowned sweetness and aroma with the fruity smell of Hapus delivered straight to your door, no matter where you are in India.

The Devgad Alphonso mango has a fascinating history. It was brought to India by the Portuguese explorer Alfonso de Albuquerque, who also led many Portuguese invasions in the 1600s. The Alphonso mango travelled from Goa to different places like Ratnagiri, other Konkan regions and southern parts of India.

Growers later brought grafts from Ratnagiri to Devgad in the early 19th century. They planted them in existing trees of other species, producing the delicious Devgad Alphonso mangoes. Of Hapus delivered straight to your door, no matter where you are in India.

This exquisite variety of Indian mangoes boasts a bright red colour and firm texture, making it ideal for savouring in aamras or simply enjoying fresh. Take advantage of this delicious treat!

GI Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260

FSSAI Registration Number: 10020022011783

Experience the exquisite taste of the King of Mango from the comfort of your home. This mango variety is renowned for its yellowish-sweet flesh, captivating fragrance, and pleasant firmness, making it the supreme choice among its peers.

Its lovely taste has won the hearts and palates of mango lovers worldwide.

Thanks to the ease of online ordering, you can now eat the King of Mangoes without visiting the devgad or market. We can deliver this royal treat directly to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

Devgad Alphonso mangoes uniqueness?

Devgad Alphonso mangoes are unique due to their lovely taste and aroma. They are grown in the Devgad taluka in the Sindhudhurga district of Maharashtra, India. These mangoes have a rich, creamy texture and a sweet, tangy flavour that is unrivalled. They are also known for their vibrant saffron-coloured sweet and sour flesh and minimal fibre content.

1 Peti Mango

One Peti means 10 + 2 mangoes.  

Weight change of Mango in the Ripening process 

Weight while Harvesting

Weight change during ripening

130 Gms to 180 Gms

102 Gms to 156 Gms

180 Gms to 220 Gms

157 Gms to 203 Gms

220 Gms to 250 Gms

203 Gms to 238 Gms

250 Gms to 290 Gms

211 Gms to 268 Gms 

290 Plus Gms

240 Gms and above


Devgad Alphonso Mango Buy Online

This Tropical fruit is pulpy, and sweet fruit gives a sweet rush to your taste buds. Serve them as a dessert or eat a slice; no one can deny them.

Are you looking for the juiciest and most delicious Devgad Alphonso Mangoes? You're in luck! You can now buy them online and enjoy their sweet and tangy flavour from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in one of the most sought-after mango varieties in the world!

Mangos, Semi Ripe

Have you ever tasted a mango that's not quite ripe but not quite green, either?

That's a semi-ripe mango and a culinary adventure waiting to happen! These special mangoes are firm and perfect for adding a unique twist to your favourite dishes.

These fruits are sent semi-ripe for easy transportation and to ensure they arrive fresh to our customers across India.

Whether craving something sweet or savoury, semi-ripe mangoes can be your new best friend. They are packed with vitamins A and C that are good for you and add a healthy touch to any meal.

King of Devgad Mangoes

Located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India, the Devgad Taluka region comprises the towns of Malvan, Vengurla, and Vijaydurg. We source our hapus mangoes directly from our team of esteemed farmers in this fertile land, famous for its delicious fruits.

Imagine a picturesque landscape of colourful and lively villages where our farms are nestled in the heart of rural India.

It's a place where nature and culture unite to create a unique tapestry of diversity and vibrancy. From the quaint hamlets of Jamkhed and Rameshwar to the bustling communities of Gadhi Tamhane and Hindale, our farms are scattered across the countryside, each with unique charm and character.

Whether it's the serene beauty of Dahibhav, the rustic charm of Dhalavali, or the lively energy of Girye and Baparde Hadpid, our farms offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Indian village life.

So come and explore the hidden gems of Hurshi, Shirgaon, Talebajar, Tembhavali, Welgave, and many more villages, and experience the magic of rural India for yourself!

Our team carefully selects only the finest hapus that meet our stringent quality standards. The region's rich soil and nurturing climate give these exceptional mangoes a captivating golden saffron hue. The Hapus Amba is known as the King of Fruits worldwide because of its sweetness and beautiful flavour that explodes upon biting into a ripe one.

To honour this trend, we are committed to preserving the tradition of Hapus Aam by partnering with local farmers and adhering to sustainable farming practices. This dedication ensures that every Hapus that reaches your table symbolises our farmers quality, flavour, and passion.

Devgad Mango Nutrition

Hey there! Despite the limited harvesting season in India, which typically begins in February and lasts until May or the first week of June,

If you want a delicious and healthy snack, try Alphonso mangoes! These juicy fruits are not only packed with flavour but also loaded with nutrients.

They are rich in Vitamin C, and A, and dietary fibre, making them a great addition to any balanced diet. And the best part? You can indulge in the sweet taste of Alphonso mangoes guilt-free, as they contain only 100 calories per cup. So why not treat yourself to some Alphonso mangoes today?

Mango Alphonso Devgad

India boasts a range of mango varieties, with the Devgad Alphonso Mango widely known as the king of mangoes worldwide. Due to the relatively short harvesting season, typically from February to May or the first week of June, the Alphonso mango variety reigns premium as the global king of mangoes.

Its origins in Maharashtra, the heart of India's mango-growing region, further support this award. The Mango Alphonso is a highly sought-after variety of mango, known for its sweet and juicy taste. India is a mango lover's paradise with its universal range of varieties.

Devgad Hapus Online Characteristics

A tropical fruit cultivar thrives on the Arabian Sea coast, nourished by a rich historical land with abundant minerals. The refreshing sea breeze sweeps across the aamrai farms, infusing them with freshness.

The Arabian Sea coast, historic areas, mountains, and fertile soil harmoniously converge to create a symphony that shapes the exceptional flavour of this tropical fruit.

Devgad Taluka & Devgad hapus Aam

They are renowned for their exquisite taste. These Hapus are grown in Devgad taluka on Maharashtra's western coast.

Our primary objective is to preserve the quality and flavour of these tropical fruits by implementing sustainable farming practices. We work closely with local farmers, guiding them on the best farming techniques.

Our top priority is delivering the finest product to our customers while benefiting the community and promoting economic development.

Devgad Amba: River-Nourished, Sea-Kissed Delight

Our Devgad Alphonso mangoes grow in unique orchards surrounded by beautiful rivers, lakes, and the ocean. The calm wind from the sea makes the mangoes a beautiful golden-yellow colour.

As the fruits mature, they transform into kidney shapes. Plants thrive naturally, nourished by shell calcium & natural manure. These practices foster unique flavour, aroma, and exceptional quality.

Our Hapus are sustainably cultivated to preserve their unparalleled flavour and aroma. From orchard to table, we're committed to protecting the integrity of these exquisite fruits with our natural farming practices. 

GI Certified Devgad Alphonso Mango Online

Our Devgad Alphonso mangoes are brought to your home by our GI Certified Farmer partners in Devgad, Sindhudurga Maharashtra. We cultivate these delicious fruits on over 37,000 hectares of land in the region, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality fruits.

The expertise and dedication of our partner farmers to sustainable farming practices are crucial factors contributing to our Alphonsomango exceptional flavour and responsible cultivation.

How to Cut Mangoes 

Devgad Hapus from Sindhudurg, India

  • Chemical-free and carbide-free: We don't use any harsh chemicals or carbide to ripen our mangoes. Instead, we use a unique process that lets them mature naturally, just like they should! 
    • It means you're getting the freshest, healthiest mangoes possible.
  • Authentic GI Tag-certified Hapus: We source our mangoes from the Ratnagiri district, famous for growing the best Hapus mangoes in the world. You can be sure you're getting genuine GI Tag-certified Hapus when you buy from us.
  • Guaranteed freshness: We pack our mangoes when they're still semi-ripe or unripe as per the location and transit days. This way, they stay fresh and delicious during transport and arrive at your door ready to enjoy.
  • Ripening process: After receiving your Hapus, unpack and arrange them on the floor with the provided haystack. Within 3 to 4 days, they will ripen to a beautiful golden saffron hue and develop a mouthwatering sweetness and aroma.

So why wait? Order your fresh, naturally ripened Hapus mangoes today!

Mango Care

  • Keep them fresh: Wait to put your mangoes in the fridge unless they are already ripe! It will help them stay delicious and flavourful.
  • Soak for extra sweetnessBefore cutting your ripe mango, soak it in a water bowl for a few minutes. It will make it even sweeter and juicier!
  • Delivery right to your door: We deliver our delicious Alphonso mangoes across India, so you can enjoy them anywhere you live.
  • Talk to your doctor first: If you have any allergies, it's always a good idea to talk before eating mangoes.

Enjoy your Mangoes with multiple Mango Recipe.

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