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Ajwa dates help to get pregnant - AlphonsoMango.in

Ajwa dates help to get pregnant

Ajwa dates help to get pregnant.

Ajwa dates do not help to get pregnant.

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However, these sweet dates are known to enhance male fertility. 

They are not only known to increase sexual drive in men and women. 

But they also help in increasing sperm count.

It benefits male infertility by increasing sperm count and libido in men.

These dates also help in the endometrial lining thickening of the uterus.

They are acknowledged as holy dates.

Its consumption prevents anemia as it contains a high amount of iron.

Since the dates are sundried, they are often called wet dates.

They are also known to do away with intoxications from the body.

Manganese present in it is known for regulating the heart’s rhythm.

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