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Report Vulnerability

Report Vulnerability Alphonso Mango

The security of our products and services is top priority for us. So it is our duty and we naturally respect, appreciate the work of security experts in this area. You can also help in the same by reporting it to us.

If you believe you have found a vulnerability, please submit a Report to the appropriate program on the Alphonsomango.in platform.

The Report should include a complete description of what your discovered with concise, clear, reproducible steps or a working proof of concept. We shall surely work on it and try remove the same on priority basis.

Notes on how to report vulnerabilities:

  1. Please write your correspondence in English if possible.
  2. Please provide your name and contact information.
  3. So that we can understand your report quickly and efficiently
  4. Please include description with concise, clear reproducible steps a proof of concept and a detailed working.
  5. Please give us time to develop and roll out countermeasures, before you make technical details public (Responsible Disclosure).

Thank you in Advance