Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Ratnagiri Hapus
Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango (Ratnagiri Hapus Mango, Ratnagiri Hapus)
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Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango  Pre - Book your Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes Now! Ratnagiri Alphonso mango is commonly known as Ratnagiri Hapus. Mangoes from the Coastal area of Ratnagiri with Golden yellow tint & red tinge, nonfibrous juicy pulp. GI TAG Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260 Adorable fruit. Cherished delicate taste, very little fiber, and soft Aromatic Golden saffron-hued color flesh and Texture are known as King of Fruits. 1 Peti Mango means One Peti means a total of 12 pieces of mangoes in a box Mango A Day Keeps Doctor Away It has a rich, creamy pulp tender texture with shallow fiber content, with delicate superior delightful fruit, Cultivated in the motherland of Ratnagiri, Konkan region of Maharashtra.  The proposed Weight range is Mango. While harvesting, it reduces after ripening. Buy Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango Online  The season in India starts as early as the end of March and lasts till the start of showers during monsoon, near the first week of June or May's last week. India is rich in versatile varieties of these fruits. RatnagiriAlphonsoMango com However, the crop king has universally considered the Alphonso fruits, especially when considering this and precisely the Ratnagiri Hapus variety from Maharashtra. Ratnagiri Alphanso mango It is golden yellow saffron hued in color with a creamy, delicately smooth texture and a distinct, rich taste, a perfect blend of aromatic sourness and sweetness. Tasty Ratnagiri Hapus Mango  A fully ripe skin turns into bright dark golden yellow with a red-spotted hue and spreads across the fruit's top.  Ratnagiri Hapus has grown naturally with the manure of which acts like Natural manure. This manure preparation is activated during the rainy season by making a circular pit around the tree.  Natural manure is formed in the base of these trees from biological decomposition. Natural substances like vegetation waste, cow dung, Natural fertilizer, calcium shell powders, panchagavya, and gomutra, which carbon represents.  The slow-releasing of the nutritional components process in Natural waste starts to form natural manure, which offers multiple nutrients and vitamins in the fertile soil. These fruit trees are pampered like a baby in all seasons, right from Monson. Our farmers, with relentless efforts, take care of these trees like their babies by cleaning the tree, pruning, removing unwanted weeds in the rainy season, and removing parasites on these trees known as bandgul(parasite) in the local language.  In winter, our farmers clean the trees for any fungal infections and clean the weeds that might grow near the trees. Our farmer team's sweat-taking efforts operate as an SOP for our customers, resulting in fruits with bright golden yellow color in summer once ripened in a kidney-shaped oval fruit with a delectable sweet taste mesmerizing fragrance in the fruit. How to Cut Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango Natural Ripening of Mangoes We source Ratnagiri Hapus directly from our selected GI-certified group of farmers in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. Our farmers, who are well trained, follow standard operating procedures in our farms. Which are sourced Carbide and chemical-free now buy Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes online:  We use the Natural Ripening process, avoiding any chemicals for ripening. We do not ripen this using Carbide or any chemicals. No chemicals are applied to the ripening process of this fruit. It is matured and ripened with the natural haystack ripening process.  These excellent quality fruits are sourced from Ratnagiri with authentic GI Tag certified Alphonso mangos, Carbide free. 1 Peti Mango Ripened using Natural process Freshness Guaranteed box which starts with 12 pcs - 1 dozen They are packed in the semi-ripe or unripe condition that withstands transport time.  The ripening process will mature to full golden saffron hue color, with sweetness and aroma after arrival.  Would you mind unpacking the box and arranging these fruits on the floor with a stack of hay rice straw grass supplied with the box or aam peti in the local language? Would you mind leaving them in a haystack, which is in the box? Fruits ripen gradually in 6 to 8 days. However, as a best practice, always keep a watch on them. They are packed as per our sop & dispatched in semi ripe condition, so it avoids fruit damage due to ripening in transit.  Never refrigerate them unless it is fully ripe and ready to cut in the next 30 mins only.  Don't spoil their taste by chilling; instead, put them in a bowl of water for some time and then cut. Get Home delivered across Pan India Hassle-free.
Devgad Mango online Devgad Mango
Devgad Alphonso Mango | Devgad Mango | Devgad Hapus
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Devgad Alphonso Mango - Devgad Mango - Devgad Hapus Pre-Book Your Mangoes Now | Delivery Start From 10th Of March 2022 Buy Devgad mango Online. Mango is grown in Devgad with Saffron & Yellow color gradients, sweet & fascinating taste. GI Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260 A King of fruits with the scientific name is Mangifera Indica with Yellowish sweet flesh, fragrance, and stiffness known as the best Mangos. The delightful taste makes these fruit favorite among those who love them. King of Mangoes is now available online. 1 Peti Mango One Peti mango means a total of 12 pieces of mangoes in a box.  Devgad Alphonso Mango Buy Online Devgad Alphanso Mangoes, the pulpy, deliciously sweet fruit, gives a sweet rush to your taste buds. Serve them as a dessert or eat a slice; no one can deny them. They are one of the superior delicious fruit in the world from Devgad Taluka, Maharashtra.   The proposed Weight range is Mango. While harvesting, it reduces after ripening. Unique Flavour and taste of Devgad Hapus Devgad Taluka area covers the following towns like Malvan, Vengurla, and Vijaydurg, sourced for you by our farmers' team. Part of the Devgad district is known for tasty fruit, which is more delicious than others. Our teams also visit villages like Jamkhed, Rameshwar, Gadhi tamhane, Hindale, Dahibhav, Are, Dhalavali, Girye, Hadpid, Hurshi, Shirgaon, Talebajar, Tembhavali, Welgave, and much more. Golden saffron-hued color. Sweetness, tangy flavor has been called the king of fruits globally. Alphonso Mango Nutrition facts In India, the Mango season, specifical fruits from Devgad, starts as early as February and lasts until May. Mango Alphonso Devgad India is rich in versatile varieties of mangoes. However, the crop's king is universally treated as the Devgad Alphonso fruits, especially when you consider Mango and the Devgad Alphonso fruit variety hails from Maharashtra.  Devgad mango cultivar is located near the Arabian Sea coast with guarding mountains rich with minerals, Laterite stones, and fresh sea breeze flowing from the Arabian Sea. It is filled with multiple minerals in the land with a hilly tropical area on one side and Sea. On the other hand, it connects with rivers near our Devgad Mango Orchards, Which gives bright Yellowish golden in color once ripened and In Oval kidney-shaped. Devgad Alphanso fruits are Naturally grown on mango trees with Natural Manure of Cow dung, Panchagavya, and vegetation waste with added shell calcium, GI Certified Devgad Alphonso Mango Online Our Mangoes are sourced from GI Certified Farmer partners located in Devgad, Maharashtra. Multiple farmers cultivated these Alphanso fruits on more than 37,000 Hectares of Landbank. How to Cut Devgad Alphonso Mango  They are naturally ripened. The Mango Orchards in Devgad Maharashtra, India, Alphonso Fruits are chemical and carbide-free. We ensure our fruits are not ripened using carbide or other chemicals, and they mature with the Natural Ripening Process. Fruits of the most excellent quality are sourced from Devgad with quality Naturally grown and Authentic GI Tag certified Devgad Alphonso Mango. Carbide-free ripened using the natural process. Freshness guaranteed Box Starts in multiple sizes. Fruits packed in semi-ripe or unripe condition that withstands transport time as per ripening process will mature to full golden saffron Hue color, with sweetness and aroma within 3 to 4 days after arrival. Usually, Alphonso fruits will take one to three days to ripe once it reaches your home as we take care and send you the near ripe mangoes as per your required transit time. Would you mind unpacking the fruit box? Arrange the fruits on the floor with Hay's stack delivered with the mango peti. Please leave Hay's fruits supplied in a box, and Mangoes ripen gradually in 6 to 8 days. But always keep a watch on mangoes. The Devgad mangoes will be packed per standard operating procedure & dispatched in Semi Ripe Condition, avoiding fruit ripening damage during transit time. Never refrigerate this fruit unless it is fully ripe and ready to cut in the next 15 to 30 mins only as a thumb rule. Don't spoil mangoes taste by refrigerating; instead, put in a water bowl and then cut. Get home delivered across Pan India Hassle-free.
Kesar Mango Kesar Mango Online
Kesar Mango Online
Rs. 800.00
Kesar Mango Buy Online   ONE DOZEN MIX SIZE Kesar mangos, locally called Kesar, means Saffron, Kesar, one of the world's high-cost spices.  Kesar Mango is grown in Gujarat & Maharashtra with firm saffron-colored pulp with a sweet taste & aroma. Kesar Mango Online It is called Kesariya Aam or Kesar no Kairi in  Gujarat locally. There may be a small acidic range with a sour taste in unripe or less mature Fruit, but many folks enjoy the medium to big-sized mango fruit, with a minimal fiber in its flesh of Fruit.       Kesar Mango tree Orchards are distributed across 20,000 hectares of land with fertile soil. This farmland was situated in the Maharashtra and Gujarat range mountains' foothills, Junagadh and Amre li districts, and some parts of Maharashtra. The yield of these fruits is in some lakh tonnes in Gujarat & Maharashtra. Farmland I s fertile, with a mix of red-black rich soil, with a range of minerals for the growth of this Fruit like Calcium, Potash, magnesium, and other minerals in Gujarat & Maharashtra western India. Aam bagh is in the Arabian sea center at one side and another side range of Girnar mountains. This help for the Mango trees' growth helps block the Arabian Sea's salty windy breeze by elevating the mountain range. A significant mango variety from India. In terms of high export demands and top local demands in India. Given taste, it is second to Alphonso mango from the Maharashtra Konkan belt, which many of us describe as the best on planet earth. Kesar's variety of Mango cultivation is Fruit with a short to mediocre look stone fruit, with a curved shape and a distinctly curved tip at the base. With the reasonably dull look and feels in look, having a skin with soft spots and patchy yellow color, well with a little green shade when the Fruit is less mature. History of Kesar Mango Who grew this range of Fruit. Wazir sale Bhai from Junagadh first planted This variety of mango trees. Initially in India ~ 1931. He transplanted nearly 75 grafts of this variety in the foothills of Girnar near Junagadh. This Fruit was named by Nawab Muhammad Mahabar Khan III when presented to him. He called this mango fruit Gir no Kesar. Thanks to its yellow-orange saffron-hued thick sweet pulp. With an inside look, a different matter, a deep flesh with yellow-orange saffron hue color. Soft and aromatic with extreme sweetness when they are in peak ripe condition. Kesar mangoes can be synonymous with Kesar Mango, Kesar aam, Kesar no Kairi, & Kesar Amba. With hot summer about to go, there is a known demand for three things to eat in king of Fruits: mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. That too, if you get both Saffron and Mango combined in taste buds, with natural taste with real mangoes. With a lovely taste and light orange pulpy flesh with Saffron's smell, make Kesar one of the world's best varieties of Mango with a good shelf life of 6 to 8 days. Best Fruit loved as it is peeled and cut, or direct soft hand-squeezed mango pulp to be sucked. It can also use for Aam papad, Cheesecakes, Ice cream, jams, juice, Mango Pulp, nectar, smoothie, squash, and other tasty sweets. Health Benefits of Mangoes Known for good eyesight, used for skin Fairness, it also helps prevent cancer & Alkalizes your body. It is a fruit that is rich in copper. It helps you to enhance your sex drive during Libido. It betters your digestion system. It helps raise your memory levels. It also Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Key Points About this Fruit Chemical and Carbide free Mango. Directly from mango orchards In Maharashtra and Gujarat, India. We make sure our Mangoes are not ripe using chemicals like Carbide or other ripening chemicals. Naturally grown With Freshness Guaranteed Box packing Starts with They are packed in the unripe or semi-ripe condition that faces travel time. Fruits will ripe to full yellow-orange saffron Hue color with sweet smell after arrival as per their aging process. Generally, it takes one to four days to ripen once it reaches home. Please open the box to arrange all mangoes on the floor with a haystack with mango box. In 6 to 8 days, these processed ripe fruits closely watch mangoes.  Packed as per SOP & sent in Semi Ripe, it avoids Fruit damage due to ripening in transport. As a standard guide, never refrigerate the mangoes until they are ripe, mature, and ready to eat in the next 30 minutes. Please don't spoil the mangoes' taste by cooling; instead, put it in a cold water bucket before eating and then cut. 
Alponso Mango Pulp Mango Pulp
Alphonso Mango Pulp
from Rs. 170.00
Alphonso Mango Pulp Export quality Sweetened pulp Is known for choicest 100% Alphonso mangoes reaped from our GI Tagged farms. 100 % natural. Prepared from handpicked best Juicy, tasty Alphonso Mangos. From Ratnagiri and Devgad, Maharashtra is now available 365 days for you.  Pure Aamras from Konkan Hand peeled from the finest mangoes of the world. Sweetened Alphonso Mango Pulp Use this as desserts at home during festivals or functions, or make a smoothie to beat the burning heat.  Eat directly juicy tasty tin or other recipes—Aam ras with puri as plain Aamras or Keri no Ras.  Aamrus for Babies You can also cook any other mango baby food recipes, which will make you feel heavenly. Mouthwatering fresh dessert or multiple desserts like: Mango Milkshake Mango Kulfi Mango Rasgulla Mango cheesecake  Mango Lassi - A Indian Yoghurt drinks Serve this to your kids just as a puree or with rice or with ice cream. Mango pulp manufacturers We are leading high-quality Alphonso product producers in the Ratnagiri district. Since old times it is known as Aam ras, Aamras, Keri no ras, Keri naras, or.  It is manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory situated at Dapoli, District - Ratnagiri. Each Tin of pulp comprises a blend of GI Tagged Alphonso Mango. This is authentic hand-peeled, cleanly separated from the skin and shell of the seed aamras.  Our Processing standards Processing follows Process Safety Management (PSM) standards. Every fruit is cleaned with a hygienic process with natural disinfectants before processing. Amba or Aam are selected from a range of naturally ripened Alphonso Mangos. So unusual quality and aroma are preserved.  These fruits are stored in our naturally controlled haystack ripening chambers in the pile of a haystack (gavatachi pend) in the local language.  This product is free from any supplements or preservatives. The plain natural traditional variety of mangoes tastes pure, authentic, handpicked, best-quality Alphonso mangoes. For the delicious Aam Ras or Keri no ras, they are sorted and graded in our sorting and grading rooms. Our team goes thru strict grading and selection of quality assurance processes to select the right products for you. The selection process starts right from our farmers to processing in many hopes. For your Fussy Eaters  Little ones love this for their developing taste bud. They are feeding time tantrums of the fussy eaters. Fruitfully loaded with minerals and vitamins, which help nourish your growing baby for everyday life. This can serve 365 days at all times. It will keep your baby active all day round. This is a smooth pulpy soft fruit with fleshy, fibrous sweet pulp suitable for growing kids. Alphonso Mango Health benefit for Baby This product is without any additional artificial sweetener or artificial emulsifiers, thickeners, colors for you and your kids' safety.  Since it is a generalized natural fruit recommended to you, please consult your pediatrician. Ask your doctor when it’s best to feed this & which variety to select for your infant to start to age. We always suggest that you start with Alphonso, king of the fruits. Type of aamras recipe for your fussy eater babies, Kids & family It gives skin bounce prevents sagging and wrinkles. Mango Cereals or mango cereal bars - Good for healthy eye Fruit Drinks & Fruit Juices - the decent source of folate and Vitamin B1 Mango Apple Carrot Puree - the yummy source of fibers Mango Banana Bread Butter - Delicious snacks for your kids Mango Chia Pudding - Digestive, Anti Oxidants Mango Custard - Minimizes Cholesterol levels. Mango Frooti - Leisure beverage, Less harmful than aerated drinks Mango Fruit Bars - Crunchy bitters Mango Lassi - Aids digestion, bloating Mango Museli Shots - boost immunity. Mango Pancakes - Real treat You can also feed your kids phirni (aam ki phirni), mango puree, mango Quinoa, mango rice pudding, mango rice with this.  You can also prepare Daily desserts like Mango Sheera, Mango Smoothie, Mango Sooji, Mango Yogurt, etc.  Other recipes like Fruit juices, mango jams, Mango Jelly, Amba wadi. Some other methods like Mango Thandai, Mango muffins, Squashes, mango falooda, etc. Key features of Our Products Acidity - 0.60 Min. (As % citric acid anhydrous W/W) It is free from external artificial stabilizers, dyestuff, synthetic artificial flavor, radioactive. Appearance Consistently thick, free from artificial fibers,  Alphonso Mangoes used are GI tag certified. Uniformly smooth, without any extraneous foreign matter. Aroma & favor prominent aroma of natural ripe hand-peeled pure Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango and Devgad Alphonso Mango. Brix (sugar content of an aqueous solution) – 26 min or as naturally present Black Specks: <Nil per 10 Gms. Brown Specks: < 5 no per 10 Gms. Colour Orange Yellow with Golden hue Commercially sterile – thermally processed free from bacillus, coliform, osmophilic yeast, and any other pathogenic microbial.  It is fit for human consumption. Consistent uniformly smooth Consistency @ 20°C : 6 – 12 cm / 30 Sec ( Bostwick sensitometer ) Free from any offensive & fermented flavor. Mainly free from simmer scorched or caramelized flavor. Free from herbicide & pesticide residues.  Free from contamination. Free from any chemical preservatives  Mangoes outer cover spotlessly cleaned with natural disinfectants. Naturally processed to provide the real taste. No added color or artificial color No artificial flavors No preservatives or artificial preservatives Packed under strict hygienic conditions to assure quality and nutritious level Selection of Finest fruits which naturally ripened in the haystack of grass The prominent aroma of naturally ripe Alphonso Mangos.  Free from caramelized, fermented & off-flavor, scorched, or flavor. Contains100% Alphonso mango.  Vegan Sweetened Alphonso Mango  With the strict quality control  Real Alphonso mangos no blend with other variety of mangoes like Kesar mangoes and Totapuri mango Ingredients  100% Natural made from 97% GI tagged Alphonso Mangoes & 3 % added sugar for little sweet taste. Popular Dessert for Bakery & Confectionary using Mango Used as popular bakery desserts like  Toppings & fillings in fruit bread Bakery desserts like Mango cakes, Mango sponge cake, mango cheesecake. Mango Tarts Cinnamon mango muffins Mango Pie fillings Mango Monfils Mango Kefir These are used for icings, fruit bars, mango cones.  Fruit toffees Mango chocolate  Beverages using Mango Fruit beverage drinks like fruit cocktails, Mastani, Mocktails, cocktails, mango lemonade, Mango Lassi, Juice, Nectar, mango fruity, Mango Smoothie.  Using our product, you can make Cocktails like Mango Thandai, Mango Mocktails Mango Margarita, mango mint iced tea prepared.  You can also prepare mango colada and mango fruit cream are some of the mango recipes. Dairy: Milkshakes, Ice creams, yogurts, toppings, Mango mix smoothie, mango condensed milk, desserts, Mango shrikhand, mango chocolate bars, mango smoothie, Amrakhand. Microbiological analysis of our product   Total Plate Count (TPC) <40 cfu/gm Coliform Count cfu / gm Absent Pathogens cfu / gm Absent Mould <10 cfu/gm Yeast <10 cfu/gm E-Coli        Absent Salmonella Absent Staphylococcus aureus Absent  Nutrition Facts Source of Vitamin Our Products are prepared from fresh Alphonso mangos from our GI tag-certified farms.  We don't use any artificial flavoring substance in this. It is very high in nutritional values and high energy. It gives a calorie boost; this fruit carries high sugar content of up to 26.08 grams. Nutrition Facts of this Product   Alphonso Mango Pulp  Nutrition Facts Serving Size  100 Gram - Bowel size   Amount Per Serving - 100 Gram Bowel size Calories  90                                                               Calories from Fat 0   % Daily Value* Total Fat    0.10 g                                                                              0% Saturated Fat   0g                                                                                0% Trans Fat 0g                                                                                        0% Monounsaturated Fat 0g                                                                      0% Polyunsaturated Fat 0g                                                                        0% Dietary Fiber 1.6 gm                                                             1 % Cholesterol     0 mg                                                               0 % Sodium     25 mg                                                                   1 % ph @ 25⁰C                                                                            4.55                                                         Potassium     0 mg                                                                 0 % Viscosity @ 20⁰C                                                             1: 800 Cps Total Carbohydrate     22 g                                                               Dietary Fiber     1 g                                                                              8 % Sugars     26.08 g Protein  N x 6.25     0.97 g                                                   1 %         Vitamin A  6% Vitamin C  2%     Calcium  2%                           Iron  4 % * Percentage Daily Values stated above are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be lower or higher depending on your calorie needs.   Is it good for Diabetic patients? Tasty, healthy, filled with nutrition. For a diabetic patient with lunch or dinner. Experts' comments should have less but do not skip entirely.  Nutrition experts suggest this in Diabetes patients. The best way is to skip a partial meal to enjoy this with minimal effect on Diabetes.  For example, if you have two roti in your meal. As a thumb rule, please, skip one roti while consuming a bowl of this. You can consult your doctor, considering the glycemic index. For Weight Gain  Those with a tendency of being underweight or excessively thin and looking for increasing weight should consider this a natural supplement. It is an excellent nutritional-rich fruit supplement for weight gain. Under-weights can have this as a staple diet in various forms to fulfill vitamins need. It might be aamras puri or your breakfast recipes. Add Saffron strands, add cardamom powder, and serve chilled Aamras. Aamras For Weight Loss For those who are looking towards weight loss, consuming this is a high-protein supplement. It also increases your skin complexion brighter and softer. Would you please indulge in a cup of this as a healthy snack instead of eating it with lunch?  Suggestions for Aamras Recipe Mangoes, Add cardamom powder, Saffron strands, Jaiphal, dry ginger powder for a taste if required. Salad Recipe: Add a little pinch of salt, if required, to the salad along with this Easy Recipe If you have some ripe fresh Alphonso Mangoes, you want to know how to prepare to go through our recipe at home with an enchanting fragrance and aroma. This Pulp you can preserve with a year's shelf life at home. How to Storage this Would you please store it in a cool and dry area at average room temperature?  You don't require external cooling for packed tin.  Once the can is open, consume directly or transfer the remaining product in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This airtight packed container can, if opened, can be used for 8 to 10 days only.  Do not store the prepared tin directly in sunlight, rain other than room temperature. No freezing or deep-freezing is required for packed tins. Shelf Life It is canned/sealed to be consumed within 24 months from the date of manufacturing.  Packaging Variants  Canned Product is germ-free packed in pre-sterile, high barrier metallic tins.  850 Gm tin 3.1 Kg tin  Where to buy online Now you can buy online. We deliver in India and global Locations through our courier partners. It is available in some of our direct retail stores in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Delhi. Product Information The product information presented is as per the study at our factory quality controls. Product packaging and materials product information than that shown may change.Please read label warnings about consuming a product if you are allergic to any products.Would you mind getting in touch with customer service for any queries?
Hapus Mango Hapus Aam
Hapus Mango | Hapus Amba
from Rs. 999.00
Hapus Mango | Hapus Amba buy Online Pre-Book Your Mangoes Now | Delivery Start From 10th Of March 2022 King of Mangoes Hapus mangoes  Alphonso mangoes from Coastal Konkan area of Maharashtra with juicy pulpy with an amazing yellow tinge. GI Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260 With a local name as Hapus, it means Alphonso Mango. It was selected as the world's best and costly Mango. 1 Peti Mango means One Peti mango means a total of 12 pieces of mangoes in a box. Hapus Amba Afonso de Albuquerque, an emperor builder, was posted by Portugal. A horticulture lover by hobby grafted the Tropical drupe Fruit called Mango in Konkan, Giving birth to a different species and record in Mango's world. Hapus Mango  or Haapus Mango  The lord of mangoes is entitled to him as Alphonso Mango. Which was called "Hapoos" and later changed to "Hapush, "Haphonso," "Hapus," and finally named as "Hapus Amba" in Maharashtra, India;  This species cultivation held in the Konkan belt right from Tal Konkan Devgad, Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri districts is known for lavish grade Alphonso Mangoes. This King of Mango hapus is in high demand in the people's International and Domestic hearts for its taste, sweet smell, and vivid color.  Hapus Mango Online The Mango with a bright sunset yellow color. With a hue of saffron shade in the inner pulp. The outer skin is called with a name as Hapus Aam in most of the Northern states or Hapus no Kairi or Hapus ne Kairi in Gujarat. There may be a small acidic orange at the tip of the Mango with a sour taste. Unripe or less mature Fruit, but many folks enjoy the medium to big sized mango fruit, with very little fiber in the fruit tissue.     Hapus Mango Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Devgad Mango trees Orchards, which distributes across 35,000 hectares of land, are fertile soil in Maharashtra. This farmland Situated in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra Sindhudurga & Ratnagiri districts. The yield of these fruits is in some lakh tonnes in Konkan. are Hapus Mango Export Hapus is the world's most beloved king of Fruit in terms of export.  Including Europe, Gulf countries, Japan, Korea. New markets such as Australia and the United States have lately started up.  Hapus Mango Buy Online Farmland Is fertile, with a mix Red and black rich soil in Konkan, with an array of minerals for the wellness of this Fruit like Calcium, Potash, magnesium & other range of minerals on the western coast of India. Aam bagh is in the Arabian sea center and another side range of Sahyadri and western Ghats. This help for Mangoes' growth helps block the salty windy breeze from the Arabian sea by Sahyadri & western Ghats range of elevation. Given taste, it is typical Hapus Amba from the Maharashtra Konkan belt, which many of us describe as the best Fruit on our planet earth. How to cut Hapus Mango Hapus Mango Near Me Hapus Mangoes' variety of Mango cultivation is of Fruit with a short to mediocre look roundish stone fruit, with a curved shape and a distinctly curved tip at the base. With the reasonably dim look and feels, having skin with soft spots and patchy reddish-yellow color, well with a little green shade when the Fruit is mature and Unripe. Hapus from Ratnagiri, Devgad, Alibaug, has a registration with Chennai's Geographical Indication GI TAG office. From now onwards, no other varieties grown as Alphonso can be called Alphonso Mangoes or Hapus Mango. Hapus Mango Gi Tag Grown only by farmers from Devgad (Inclusive of Sindhudurga), Ratnagiri, Alibaug, Thane & Palghar district Hapus mangoes can be synonymous with Alphonso Mango. Other area mangoes cannot title this Mango as Hapus or Alphonso Mango. For example, Karnataka and Gujarat farmers grown mangoes will not be called Hapus or Alphonso Mangoes. With hot scorching summer about to start, it is known that there will be a high demand for three things to eat in king of Fruits, which are mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. Mango with aroma, color combines in taste buds, with natural taste with real. With a lovely taste and light orange pulpy flesh with Saffron's smell, make Hapus Amba one of the world's most popular Mango varieties with a useful storage life of 6 to 8 days beginning of the ripening process. This Fruit can be loved as it is peeled and cut, or direct soft hand-squeezed mango pulp to be suck. It can also use for Aam Panna, Aam papad, Aamras Puri, Amrakhand, Cheesecakes, Ice Creams, Jams, Juice, Mango Pulp, Nectar, Smoothie, Squash, and other tasty sweets. The famous Alphonso Mango with GI tag has a high rise in need in the world. Devgad Amba Utpadak Sangha, Ratnagiri Amba Utpadak Sangha, Kelshi Amba Utpadak Sangha, Alibaug Amba Utpadak Sangha. Team Relentless effort and work for getting the GI tag. Who assists farmers in the Konkan region of Maharashtra with their joint efforts. Health Benefits of Hapus Mangoes It is known for best eyesight, used for glowing skin Fairness, and it also helps prevent cancer & Alkalizes your body. It is a fruit with abundant copper, magnesium, and other minerals embedded in Mother Nature. It helps you to enhance your sex life and drive during Libido. Key Points about this Fruit Chemical and Carbide free Mango. Directly from mango orchards In Devgad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga in Maharashtra, India. We make sure our Mangoes are not ripe using chemicals like Carbide or any other ripening chemicals. Natural and real GI Tag With GI Registration Alphonso mangos with Guaranteed Freshness  Box packing Starts with They are packed in the unripe or semi-ripe condition that faces travel time. Fruits will ripe to full yellow-orange saffron Hue color with sweet and smell after arrival as per their aging process. Generally, it takes one to four days to ripen once it reaches home. Would you please open the box to arrange all mangoes on the floor with a haystack with a mango box? These process ripe fruits in 6 to 8 days have a close watch on mangoes. Packed as per SOP & sent in Semi Ripe, it avoids Fruit damage due to ripening. As a standard guide, never refrigerate the mangoes until they are ripe, mature, and ready to consume in the next 30 minutes. Please don't spoil the mango's taste by cooling; instead, put it in a cold water bucket before eating and then cut. Enjoy a taste of delectable mangoes.  

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Strawberry Buy Online Visited Mahableshwar earlier? Tried Strawberry from Mahabaleshwar? If the answer is yes, then this is the best product.  If I ask a toddler group to name your unique ice cream flavor, chocolate and strawberry would be the most common answers. Ever wondered why?   If you consider visiting Mahabaleshwar sometimes, you will always remember fresh Strawberry Cream.  Buy Export Quality Premium Strawberry Online That's because this fresh fruit is packed with taste! Along with taste, it is also a powerhouse of taste. The most common variant of this fruit has a bright red hue and is tiny yet juicy. It is white when raw and slowly turns red as it ripens. Buy Strawberry Online Mumbai  Garden strawberry or strawberry Fragaria is the most widely-eaten variant of the produce. The lesser common variant is wild strawberries. The fruit is a hybrid variant of the Fragaria ananassa plant. France is the birthplace of this fruit. You knew that this fruit is not the best terry? The "seeds" that you see on the fruit's skin are the ovaries containing the seeds of the plant.  Strawberry for Diabetics  Strawberry is Low Glycemic Index fruit it glycemic Index is 41, so it is counted under the low Glycemic Index. Hence it is said that strawberry is safe for diabetic patients to consume. Mahabaleshwar Strawberry  The Indian variant of these is the alias Mock Strawberry. Its botanical name is Duchesnea Indica. Mahabaleshwar produces 85% of the total of these fruits in India. There is an interesting story behind how the fruit traveled to Mahabaleshwar. In Mahabaleshwar, there are three variations of strawberries available. Sweet Sensation Nabila  Winter down  Our British colonizers brought the fruit to India via Australia. Indian summers were often too harsh for them. Therefore, Mahabaleshwar became the summer capital of Mumbai or the then Bombay presidency. Gradually, farmers in the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani belt began farming this delicious fruit. In Inda, this fruit season lasts all year long. Strawberry plants are perennially flowering plants, but the best ones come around December to February. This plant falls under the ground covering category yielding yellow flowers. A Geographical Indication tag (GI tag) is awarded to products that are a characteristic of a specific region. Thus, the region produces the finest quality of that particular product. A GI tag, therefore, points towards superior quality. Strawberry grown in Mahabaleshwar has been awarded a GI tag for its excellent quality. Importance of Mahabaleshwar Strawberry It is one of the best places for the cultivation of strawberries. This berry contributes to nearly 86 percent of India's total production of strawberries.  Fresh strawberry Benefits  This fruit is a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. The plant compounds present in the fruit help regulate blood sugar & blood pressure. Therefore, the fruit helps keep heart disease at bay. As a result, your heart gets better. This fruit's fresh strawberry leaves work as a medicinal herb and are a good source of manganese and potassium. 100 grams of fresh strawberries contain the following: Calories: 33 Fats: 0.3 gm Carbohydrate: 7.68 gm Dietary fiber: 2 gm Protein: 0.67 gm Sugar: 4.89 gm Vitamin B2: 0.22 mg Vitamin B3: 0.386 mg Vitamin C: 58.8 Vitamin K: 2.2 μg Vitamin E: 0.29 mg Iron: 0.41 mg Manganese: 0.386 mg Potassium: 154 mg Calcium: 16 mg  Water: 90.95 mg Recipe with this It is a piece of cake, quite literally! Slice it, dice it, puree it, or poach it. You can have it as fresh fruit. Also, you can make jellies, jams, juices, and syrup. Eat it as it is. Dice it and add it to your cookies, cakes, ice creams, smoothies, and shakes. You may add a delicious twist to your Indian deserts using this fruit. You can add it to your basundi, kheer, or sheera. Allergies and precaution The fruit is safe to consume during pregnancy. Be sure you eat fresh and genuine fruit and not fake or false strawberries. Kindly seek medical advice before eating during pregnancy. May cause an allergic reaction marked with an itchy rash, tongue swelling, itchy throat, nausea, shortness of breath, temporary blindness. Those who have an allergy should avoid eating this fruit. Natural product We specialize in providing 100% natural products at the ease of a click. Our founder member-led our research team toured the country to find farmers who use traditional and natural cultivation methods. Vegan product No animal products are used to make this product in any shape or form. It is a plant-based and cruelty-free, vegan product. Indian product We believe in providing a platform for local farmers and producers. We aim to amplify local voices. When is the Best Time to Buy Strawberries The season generally starts from October end to February second week. This year's season for the best strawberry is a bit late. It starts from December first week to February Last week. Product Description Each Box weighs around half Kg. Gross weight The net weight of fruits may vary from 400 grams to 430 grams. It will be 22 to 24 pieces of premium quality Mahabaleshwar Strawberry in one Box in terms of quantity. Where to Buy Strawberries Wholesale We do retail sales as well as wholesale. We can send your Strawberry Wholesale to your desired destination. You can write to for any wholesale inquiry or call us on +918369048029 Currently available only in Mumbai.  Please consult your doctor before consuming.
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Buy Fresh Imported Red Cherries Online  Cherries are small fruit that is often found in bunches. This round-shaped fruit has a red hue. Free Home Delivery of Cherry They are sweet with a hint of sourness. As the cherries darken, they become sweeter and less sour. Buy Fresh Cherry Online Buy fresh Cherries online available for your home delivery.  They have a fruity aroma and are firm, and they become soft as they are overripe. The cherries have a seed that is often discarded. The fruit gets along well with desserts like cakes, ice cream. These plump berries are often used in the stopped meal, pancakes, waffles, etc. They are also added to smoothies.   They are specially imported from Chile. Nutrients Melatonin is a hormone that is present in cherries. This hormone is responsible for managing the sleep cycle. They prevent insomnia and ensure better sleep. Cherries have a low-calorie count; thus, adding them to your diet will ensure weight management. These red berries are also known to increase metabolism. As the cherries are alkaline, they are great for dealing with acidity. They neutralize the acid effect and prevent indigestion. The fruit is beneficial for improving blood circulation.  Potassium present in fruits is known to do away with excess sodium, and they create a balance between potassium and sodium, which helps to manage blood pressure levels. Antioxidants are essential for dealing with free radicals that mainly cause cancer and other severe diseases. They are very beneficial for the skin, and damage caused by the sun is cured by its consumption. The berries are also beneficial for improving the quality of hair.  Consumption during Pregnancy Cherries have a good iron content which prevents anemia in pregnant women. They also increase blood flow to the placenta, which contributes vital nutrients to the fetus. Morning sickness that is common during pregnancy is taken care of by these cherries. They are also beneficial for preventing any congenital disabilities.  Storage Cherries require to be stored in an airtight container, and they can easily last up to a week if stored in a refrigerator. Make sure to do away with excess moisture before storing these fruits. Fresh Cherry Price Get the best Fresh Cherry price Online now available at your doorstep. Cherry Fruit Indian Names Cheree, Cherry (Hindi), चेरी (Hindi) चेरी फल (Bhojpuri) Cherry (Telugu), Cherrypazham (Malayalam), சேலாப்பழம் (Tamil) செர்ரி (Tamil) चेरी फळ (Marathi) ಚೆರ್ರಿ ಹಣ್ಣು (Kannada) ಚೆರಿ (Kannada) ચેરી (GujaratI) چیری (Urdu) گِلاسہٕ (Kashmiri) ਚੈਰੀ (Punjabi) చెర్రీ పండు (Telugu) చెర్రీ (Telugu) चॅरी (Konkani) চেরি (Bangala) প্রুনাস অভিয়াম (Bangala)
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Sweet Tamarind - Meethi imli
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Sweet Tamarind - Meethi Imli     Sweet tamarind has a thin but firm and brittle covering with a brown hue. The roughly square-shaped black seeds are enclosed in a brown pulp. The flavor of the fruit ranges from sour to sweet. It is often used to make chutneys used in various fast foods.  The fruit is also used in various dishes, either condiment or aoring agent. They are specially imported from Thailand.  Nutrients The sweet and sour fruit has high fiber content and zeroes fat content, making it ideal for those looking forward to losing weight. Hydroxycitric acid present in tamarind is reverential for reducing appetite. They are achieved by inhibiting the production of the enzyme amylase, whose main function is to convert carbohydrates into fats. Ulcers that occur in the inner wall of the abdomen or intestine are referred to as peptic sores. These ulcers are very painful. The polyphenols present in this fruit help prevent them. Alpha-amylase, an enzyme that regulates sugar levels in the blood, is found in tamarind. This fruit reverses the damage caused by the pancreatic cells. Consumption of this fruit is beneficial for diabetic patients.  Due to the presence of tartaric acid, tamarind is often utilized as a laxative that not only relieves constipation, but the leaves of this fruit are beneficial to stop diarrhea. Potassium content in this fruit helps regulate cholesterols levels, and they reduce not only bad cholesterol but also promote good cholesterol. Thus, tamarind is acknowledged as heart-friendly fruit. Regular consumption of this fruit is considered beneficial for the liver.  The fruit is recommended to those having frequent allergies as the fruit contains antihistamine properties. The fruit is also known to improve the immune system and regard against cold and flu. Consumption during Pregnancy They are often consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy, and they help deal with cravings and morning sickness. They are safe for both mother and fetus. However, consume moderately. Storage The fruit can easily last up to 3 to 4 months.

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