Buy Alphonso Mango Online: Hapus Amba Delivery

Rs. 1,549.00


1 Dozen


130 to 175 Grams | Small but tasty 175 to 200 Grams | Small but tasty 200 to 225 Grams | Each Mango 225 to 250 Grams | Each mango 250 to 275 Grams | Each mango 275 to 300 Grams | Each mango

Buy Alphonso Mango Online: Hapus Amba Delivery

Rs. 1,549.00


1 Dozen


130 to 175 Grams | Small but tasty 175 to 200 Grams | Small but tasty 200 to 225 Grams | Each Mango 225 to 250 Grams | Each mango 250 to 275 Grams | Each mango 275 to 300 Grams | Each mango
Product description

Alphonso Mango Order Hapus Mango Online for Delicious Flavor

King of Mangoes Hapus mangoes, also called Alphonso mangoes. With juicy pulpy and a fantastic yellow tinge. From the Coastal southern Konkan area of Maharashtra. 

Tropical fruits, known for their unique taste, are grown in the excellent climatic conditions of Konkan, resulting in fresh mangoes with a unique flavour. 

The Ratnagiri Hapus Mango, also known as the Hapus mango, is the King of mangoes due to its rich and creamy texture and sweet, aromatic flavour. It is mainly grown in Maharashtra in India, particularly in the small villages of Ratnagiri and Devgad.

Unfortunately, some traders in the market try to deceive customers by selling inferior mangoes from other regions by labelling them as Devgad Hapus or Ratnagiri Hapus. Purchasing Alphonso mangoes from trusted sources like ours is vital to ensure their authenticity and quality.

The Alphonso mango is a fruit only available during a specific season when harvested from mid-February through the first week of June or the end of May.
Depending on its maturity, it takes about 80 to 100 days for the Fruit to mature from flowering to harvest. In the rainy season, harvesting is stopped and we keep the fruits on the tree that are left. 

After harvesting, the Fruit takes approximately 9 to 15 days to ripen. Alphonso mangoes usually weigh between 130 and 350 grams (4.5 and 12.3 oz) and have a rich, creamy, tender texture with a delicate, non-fibrous, juicy pulp.

As the Fruit matures, the skin turns golden-yellow with a tinge of Red across the top of the fruit east facing towards sunrise on the tree.

GI TAG Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260

FSSAI Registration Number: 10020022011783

A local name is Hapus, which means Alphonso selected as the world's best and most costly Alphonso Mango.

What is an Alphonso mango?

The Alphonso mango is a variety of mangoes considered one of the best mangoes in the world. It is known for its rich, sweet, aromatic flavour, smooth texture, and vibrant orange colour. It is often called the King of mangoes and is highly sought after by mango lovers.

1 Peti Mango means

One Peti hafoos means 10 + 2 mangoes. 

Due to its perishable nature, we have compensated by giving ten mangoes + 2 in one box. (a total of 12 pieces of mangoes in a box)

Hapus Aam - Hapus Amba 

Afonso de Albuquerque, an emperor builder, was posted by Portugal in India. A horticulture lover by hobby, he grafted the Tropical drupe Fruit.

They called King Alphonso in Konkan. Giving birth to a different species and recorded in the hafus world.

Hapus or Haapus Mango of India

The lord of mangoes is entitled and named him Alphonsohapus.

It was also pronounced as Haphonso, Hapus, and finally named Hapus Amba in Maharashtra, India. Later, it was called Hapoos and later changed to Hapush. 

How do Alphonso mangoes compare to other varieties?

The taste of Alphonso mangoes is often described as rich, sweet, and creamy, with hints of citrus and tropical flavours. The texture is smooth and buttery, with minimal fibres compared to other Aam ka varieties. Alphonso mangoes are known for their exceptional flavour and meltingly soft flesh.

Origin of Hapus!

This species is cultivated in the Konkan belt. Right from Tal Konkan Devgad, Sindhudurga, and Ratnagiri districts. Known for lavish grade AlphonsoMangoes.

This King of hapus is in high demand in International and Domestic hearts. Known for its taste, sweet smell, and vivid colour. 

Hapus Mango Online

The Alphonso with a bright sunset yellow colour.

With a hue of saffron shade in the inner pulp.

The outer skin is called with a name as Hapus Aam.

In most Northern states or Hapus no Kairi or Hapus ne Kairi in Gujarat.

Buy Hapus Aam online.

A slightly acidic orange may be at the tip of the Fruit, with a sweet and sour taste in Unripe or less mature Fruit.

But many folks enjoy the medium to big Alphonsomango fruit, with very little fibre in the fruit tissue.   

Weight Loss in the ripening process

Fruit intends to lose weight during the ripening process. As it leaves, the moisture and water from the Fruit.

Weight of Mango while Harvesting and weight change of Mango in the Ripening process 

Weight while Harvesting

Weight change during ripening

130 Gms to 180 Gms 102 Gms to 156 Gms
180 Gms to 220 Gms 157 Gms to 203 Gms
220 Gms to 250 Gms 203 Gms to 238 Gms
250 Gms to 290 Gms 211 Gms to 268 Gms 
290 Plus Gms 240 Gms and above

Packaging of 6, 12 and 24 pcs

Hapus Mango Ratnagiri & Devgad

Aamrai trees in Orchards are distributed across 35,000 hectares of land.

Fertile soil in Maharashtra Konkan farmland. It is situated in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra Sindhudurga & Ratnagiri districts.

The yield of these fruits is in some lakh tonnes in Konkan. 

Hapus Mango Export

It is the world's most beloved King of fruit export. 

They are exported worldwide to Europe, Gulf countries, Japan, and Korea. New markets such as Australia and the United States have lately started up. 

Hapus Mango Buy Online

An array of minerals for the wellness of this Fruit, like Calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

The farmlands of Konkan are fertile, with a mix of Red and black rich soil. Other minerals are also present in the land on the western coast of India.

Aam Bagh is in the Arabian Sea centre and another range of Sahyadri and Western Ghats. From the coast of the Arabian Sea by Sahyadri & western Ghats range of elevation.

This helpstheirm growth helps blocks the salty, windy breeze.

Given taste, it is typical of Hapus Amba from the Maharashtra Konkan belt. Many of us describe it as the best Fruit on Earth. 

How to cut Hapus Mango

Hapus Mango Near Me

Alphonsomango variety of Aam cultivation is of Fruit.

With a short to mediocre look, roundish stone fruit, and a curved shape with a curved tip at the base.

With a dim look and feel, skin with soft spots, and patchy reddish-yellow colour. Little green shade on top when the Fruit is mature and Unripe.

Hapus Mango GI Tag

Farmers from Devgad (Inclusive of Sindhudurga), Ratnagiri, Alibaug, Thane & Palghar districts.

Mangoes can be synonymous with Alphonso Mango. Other area mangoes cannot title this Mango as Hapus or Alphonso Mango.

For example, Karnataka and Gujarat farmers growing these mangoes will not be called Hapus or Alphonso Mangoes.

Tasty Mangoes

With a hot, scorching summer about to start, it is known.

There will be a high demand for three things to eat in King of Fruits, mangoes and more.

Mango with aroma and colour combine in taste buds, with natural taste with real.

Make Hapus Amba one of the world's most popular Mango varieties.

With a lovely taste and light orange pulpy flesh with a Saffron smell. With a helpful storage life of 6 to 8 days during the ripening process.

I love this Fruit as it is peeled and cut, or direct soft hand-squeezed mango pulp to be sucked. It can also be used for Aam Panna, papad, Aamras Puri, Amrakhand, and Cheesecakes.

Along with tasty Ice cream, Jams, Juice, and Mango Pulp. You can make Nectar, Smoothies, Squash, and other delicious sweets and desserts.

The famous Alphonso with GI tag is needed globally—team Relentless effort and work for getting the GI tag.

Who assists farmers in the Konkan region of Maharashtra with their joint efforts.

Health Benefits

It is known for its use best eyesight. It is used for glowing skin Fairness, helps prevent cancer, and alkalizes your body.

It is a fruit with abundant copper, magnesium, and other minerals. It is embedded in the Fruit by Mother Nature.

It helps you to enhance your sex life and drive during Libido. 

Key Pointers about this Fruit

  • Chemical and Carbide free Fruit.
  • We deliver Pan India by air. It might be Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore, UK, Kerala and all states of India.
  • Directly from our farm to your home. From our orchards in Devgad, Ratnagiri, and Sindhudurga in Maharashtra, India.
  • We ensure our fruits are not ripe without using chemicals like Carbide or other ripening chemicals.
  • Natural and authentic GI Tag With GI Registration Alphonso mangos with Guaranteed Freshness 
  • Box packing starts with
  • Fruits will be ripe to whole yellow-orange saffron Hue colour—a sweet smell after arrival as per their ageing process.
  • They are packed in unripe or semi-ripe conditions as per their travel time.
  • Generally, it takes one to four days to ripen once it reaches home.
  • With a haystack, which will be there in a mango box? Please open the box and arrange all the fruits on the floor. In 6 to 8 days, these processes will help ripen tropical fruits.
  • Packed as per SOP & sent in semi-ripe, it avoids Fruit damage due to ripening.
  • As a standard guide, never refrigerate them. You may put them in the refrigerator when they are ripe and mature. You are ready to consume them in the next 30 minutes.
  • Please don't spoil the Mango's taste by cooling it. Instead, please put it in a cold water bucket before eating and cut it.
  • Enjoy a taste of delectable alphonsomango.

Please check with your doctor for any allergies to Alphonso.

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Dharmendra Gupta
Supperrb Hapus

This was my first order and the way the mangoes were packed and delivered
Won my heart and one by one it is very tasty and quality also was excellent.

Mrs. Sita Narayanswamy,

Hapus Mango, Amba

shamit dave

Hapus Mango, Amba

Vinay Dr Bhaskar
An yearly delight

Your mangoes are a delicious bless - an annual home coming . The love and affection of your team is abundant, fragrant, sweet .

Rajeev Vats

Mangoes were very delicious and worth the price. We really enjoyed mangoes.