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Saffron pure red gold Buy the best quality A++ grade, Kashmiri Saffron (Kashmiri Kesar), directly from farmers. Best quality of the expensive spice in the world with excellent aroma and taste....

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Saffron pure red gold

Buy the best quality A++ grade, Kashmiri Saffron (Kashmiri Kesar), directly from farmers. Best quality of the expensive spice in the world with excellent aroma and taste.

Latin name - saffron crocus

Commonly known as Crocus sativus

100% Vegetarian - Vegan

The pure Vegan product that you can use in delicacies specially prepared for festivities and worship.

Saffron Produce of India

Our Saffron is the produce of India handpicked from Pampore Kashmir.

Original product

We deliver authentic products grown in Pampore, Kashmir, to your doorstep.

Natural Grown Product in farms of Pampoore in Kashmir

We offer naturally grown products. Our sourcing expert task force is sourced, which is led by our founder member in our organization.

Our team visits the nation farms for good quality agricultural products to find farmers who use traditional and natural production techniques with GI tag certification.

No added color, flavor, or preservatives 

Healthy Produce

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants such as Safranal (aroma), Picrocrocin(flavor), and Crocin (color), which yield it's aroma, taste, and color, respectively. 

Easy to use

Our Kesar is straightforward to work with. Add some in warm water or milk or your kheer or Badam-shake or deserts and elevate your dishes! You can make multiple cuisines and recipes of your choice.

Health benefits

Rich in antioxidants, which help you keep cancer cells at bay. It comprises aphrodisiac properties that can boost your libido and sexual wellness and help in erectile dysfunction. It benefits to prevent early premature ejaculation or orgasm and infertility.

Helps in Oxidative stress like imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body

It helps you with relaxation, mood instability, Improved Mood, mild to moderate depression, and depressive episodes.

Weight Loss and Appetite Management

When used as weight-loss support, supplements or saffron extracts claimed to limit appetite and lower desire or cravings. It helps in obesity management as it can help reduce the need for food.

During Premenstrual Syndrome

It helps to manage premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and symptoms associated with it.

For Hypertension

Lowers hypertension, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol, thereby improving heart health.

Excellent Memory Enhancer

They are sometimes used to enhance the memory of those with Alzheimer's disease. 

During Pregnancy

It is always suggested by our ancestors or great grandparents to consume Saffron during pregnancy. It has multiple medicinal properties that make it safe and healthy for both mother and fetus.

It also helps relieve pregnancy-related stress, pains, and aches during pregnancy.

for Mood swings

Its anti-depressant effects help balance serotonin and dopamine, norepinephrine, mood swings, and pregnancy-related discomforts like nausea and vomiting.

However, Saffron also has specific adverse effects if taken in large amounts. It can trigger contractions and cause premature delivery.

Six months old babies can be given a strand of Saffron mixed with mother's milk.


Other Names of Saffron

Autumn Crocus

A++ grade Kashmiri kesar



Croci Stigma

Crocus Cultivé

Crocus sativus

Indian Saffron



Kashmira Kesar

Kashmiri lacha kesar

Kashmiri lacha saffron

Kashmiri saffron

Kashmiri Jafran

kesar for BiryaniBiryani

Kesar Lacha

Kesar Mongra

kesar original Kashmiri

Kesar Premium

kesar threads



keshar jaffran

keshar jaffran threads

keshar zaffran threads




lacha kesar

Lacha of Kashmir

lacha saffron

Lacha saffron of Kashmir


Mongra kesar

Mongra lacha

Mongra of Kashmir

Mongra saffron of Kashmir

Natural Saffron

organci Saffron

organic kesar

pampore Kashmiri saffron

premium long kesar

premium long red kesar

pure Kashmiri kesar

pure red gold

Raw Kesar

Saffron for BiryaniBiryani

saffron kesar

saffron of Kashmir

saffron stigma

saffron threads


Safran Cultivé

Safran des Indes

Safran Espagnol

Safran Véritable



True Saffron

wild Saffron

zafferano dell'Aquila

zaffran threads


Zafran kesar


केशर - In Marathi

केसर - in Hindi

জাফরান - In Bangla

ਕੇਸਰ - Punjabi

કેસર - in Gujarati

ମାନିଙ୍ଗ ଇଂ ନୀୟ - in Odia

குங்குமப்பூ - in Tamil

ಕೇಸರಿ - in Kannada

കുങ്കുമം - Malayalam

زعفران - in Arabic

Side effects :

Side effects may include agitation, anxiety, change in appetite, constipation. It may sometime turn to diarrhea, drowsiness, dry mouth, flushing, headache, low mood, nausea, sweating, and vomiting may occur.

Seek medical advice before consuming in large volumes or in cases of allergies.

Allergic reactions

May lead to allergic reactions, especially in those allergic to Salsola, Lolium, and Olea species of plants. Exercise caution when consuming in large volume by mouth.

Storage condition

Store in a dark and cold place in an airtight container. It can maintain maximum flavor and aroma up to six months from opening.

Sensitive to light, so cover the foil or cloth packet to protect it further in the fridge, not in the freezer. It will maintain flavor and aroma for a long.

But it will lose increasingly more and more of its flavor with age.


Additional Information

1 gm, 2 gm, 5 gm

Shipping & Delivery

We Provide Shipping Through:- Feedex, Bluedart, DTDC, Maruti Couriers, Tirupati Couriers Free for Store Pickup

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