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Indian Saffron Milk Benefits | Saffron Milk | Kesar Doodh - AlphonsoMango.in

Indian Saffron Milk Benefits | Saffron Milk | Kesar Doodh

Indian Saffron Milk Benefits

Saffron milk or Kesar doodh is an enjoyable and delicious winter beverage. Kesar milk is nothing but whole milk with the advantage of this whole red spice. 

Saffron Milk - Kesar Doodh

Kesar doodh is devoured and cherished all across India for its medical advantages. You can consume it plainly or add some crushed nuts to add texture and crunch to your beverage. 

For additional flavor, you may use spices such as cardamom powder and Nutmeg Powder

Please use whole milk and our best-quality saffron to enhance the taste and flavor. 

Just add 5-6 strands of this to milk and bring it to a boil.

Add sugar or honey as per your preference. 

Kesar milk is packed with health benefits, which makes it a delicious and wholesome beverage. The following are some of its advantages:

Saffron Milk Benefits

After learning more about this healthy, tasty milk drink, you will like to empty the glass of whole milk early.

It Helps Prevent colds and fevers.

Kesar is a superb tonic to treat colds and fevers. It is warm for the body and has many healing properties, diminishing the risk of further infections and increasing body heat. It can be blended in with milk.

Help boost and Improves memory.

A cup of warm, this extraordinary milk drink will help support your memory. 

The mystery lies in the world's most expensive spice, which treats age-related mental health issues and enhances memory. 

It boosts memory, which further helps improve learning and retaining capacities. Its anti-inflammatory properties benefit Alzheimer's disease since inflammation is strongly linked.

It Improves mental health.

Antioxidant Crocin in this spice from the cold region like Kashmir is being researched as an effective and natural alternative to antidepressants.

Individuals have been consuming this for ages to improve their mental health and battle stress and anxiety. 

Relieves menstrual cramps

Usually, food and drinks of warm nature are prescribed to women who experience menstrual cramps. Its pain-relieving and antispasmodic properties act against pain and mood swings associated with periods. 

Drinking this has proven beneficial in relieving period cramps.

It helps treat insomnia.

Recently, insomnia has now become a severe issue, especially among college students. Kesar doodh has been associated with treating sleep disorders and insomnia. 

Kesar is packed with antioxidants such as Crocin, Picrocin, and Safranal, which can help you get a good night's sleep. When added to tea or milk, it can cure insomnia up to a great extent. 

It is likewise wealthy in manganese, which acts as a mild sedative and helps initiate rest. 

Help improves heart health.

A little amount of this can do wonders for your heart. It stimulates blood flow and reduces atherosclerosis. 

It is full of carotenoids, which aid heart health. One such carotenoid is Crocetin, which has been demonstrated to be beneficial in maintaining heart well-being. 

It prevents coronary illness by lowering blood pressure. This spice reduces atherosclerosis risk by lowering cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, resulting in slower clotting in the arteries.

It helps in the treatment of asthma, allergies, and joint pain.

Inflammation is vital in asthma, joint pain, allergies, and other factors or causes. The anti-inflammatory properties present in this, therefore, help in lowering inflammation. 

Thus, drinking kesar milk may supplement the treatment of asthma, allergies, and joint pain, leading to a quicker recovery.

Proves to be helpful during pregnancy.

This spice has proven to be beneficial during pregnancy and childbirth. It may help induce labor and avoid a C-section delivery. However, pregnant ladies must exercise caution since it may cause early labor, leading to preterm delivery.

Pregnant women should drink kesar doodh because:

  • It is relaxing and helps you rest.
  • It assists with digestion.
  • It helps manage morning sickness.
  • It aids heart function.
  • It helps manage allergies.

It is best devoured around evening time during pregnancy. It also increases body heat, making it a decent winter beverage for infants and kids. 

How much saffron to use in milk during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can add a pinch of this beautiful, tasty, aromatic spice that means 6 to 7 strands, along with nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, and Soonth (dried ginger powder).

How to prepare saffron milk for pregnant ladies

Take 6 to 7 strands or threads of kesar, put it in milk, mix it well, and spoon in a glass of water. You may add nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, and jaggery powder for a different taste. 

You may add Almonds, Pista, Cashew nutsand Black Raisins.

You can also enjoy Saffron Turmeric Latte.   

It improves eyesight and vision.

Drinking kesar milk can help lower the risk of retinal detachment and vision loss. It improves coordination and visual stability. 

It has been found to fix and prevent retinal damage. 

Kesar doodh helps control the unsaturated fat substance in cell layers, improving vision enormously. 

It is the most luxurious and expensive spice in the world. It is not only a symbol of monetary richness but also of health and well-being. Mixing this with milk, sugar, honey, and some dried nuts only add to its benefits.

GI tag certified Kashmiri Kesar. 

However, using the best quality and authentic Keshar is crucial. When buying kesar, check for a GI tag certificate, which indicates the product's origin from Pampore Kashmir kesar as it is sourced from GI tag-certified farmers.

Remember, This is a product with a GI tag. Therefore, genuine products can be grown only in Kashmir. 

Its grade determines the quality of this. The highest quality keshar is of Grade 1 or A+. Another way to ensure your red spice is authentic is by buying from a trusted source and stores like ours.

Buy from a seller or website like ours that you trust. More than 40,000 customers trust us in India, and Kashmir is one source of their saffron.

The flavor, color, and aroma also give away the authenticity of Keshar. Authentic kesar smells sweet; however, it tastes bitter. Its color never fades when soaked in water. Saffron is a superfood, and you should use it best!

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