About Us Making of Alphonso Mango

About us Alphonso Mango

Our Mission is to reduce the gap between farms to you. There are no brokers in between you and farmers. We have a group of farmers from Ratnagiri & Devgad district who are certified for GI Tagged Alphonso mangoes. 

As well we as Alphonsomango.in an Online Trader we have also applied for GI registration. We source Gir Kesar Mangoes from a team of farmers in Valsad, Junagadh, and Amreli in Gujarat. Those who supply fresh, juicy and tasty Gir Kesar mangoes right to your home without any brokers.

We are a team who are from Konkan and our Seeds of love towards Mangoes were planted decades ago by our forefathers, rather before our birth. We are a team of farmers from Konkan belt like Ratnagiri, Devgad, Kelshi, Murud & Valsad. 

Yes, we are the growers of Authentic Devgad Hapus and Ratnagiri Hapus. Which is commonly Known as Alphonso varieties of Mango. 

Our Associates

Our Farmers are attached to multiple Mango growers groups who are GI certified.

  • Like Kelshi Amba Utpadak Sangha Ratnagiri District for growers near Kelshi in Ratnagiri District.
  • Devgad, Devbaug, Dahibav, Jamkhed, Are & Sirse much more villages in Devgad district. Those are associated with Devgad Amba Utpadak Sangha in Devgad Taluka and Sindhudurg district. 
  • Ratnagiri district and nearby villages farmers are associated with Ratnagiri Amba Utpadak Sangha in Ratnagiri town.

To provide natural homegrown natural, yummy Alphonso Mangoes. Which is locally called as Hapus Amba in Konkan near the arabian sea. Our farmers as a standard operating process do not use any chemical-based pesticides or fertilizers. This help protects our naturally ripened mangoes which are grown Naturally and chemical-free.

Team Work

We are a team of close-knit creative’s, technologist, strategist farmers. Who work on better user experience for all products or services to our potential customers. 

The team's knowledge is matched and share with the team. Our network of farmers is spread across Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Naturally Grown

Our teams of farmer use all Organic fertilizers like Cow dung, vegetation waste & panchagavya. which is produced locally from our own grasslands, cattle live stocks, Vermicompost chambers which are used to prepare natural Manure as per strict procedures. Which are set across for natural manures; So the same manures are used for Mango Trees in the last week of May to last week of July when there is the start of the rainy season in Konkan.

These efforts result in the best handpicked, graded, taste, pulpy, juicy, with excellent fragrance for mango lovers like you

Our Hard work put us on the road map of Alphonso Mango. Our commitment to Innovate and creative keeps us there in the world of Alphonso Mangoes.

Our team works hard to put us on the Mango Map. We strive to put the same level of energy into Alphonsomango.in Whether it is Mango Pulp, Dried Shrimps, Hapus, or Kesar Mangoes from Valsad.

We strive to put that same level of Alphonso Mango from Ratnagiri and Devgad or it might be Kesar Mango from Valsad. It might be Kokum from Konkan or various food delicacies from Konkan like Dried Shrimp at our web store AlphonsoMango.in

Since the complete area of Konkan is a scenic coastal region near the arabian sea. For example, Ratnagiri beach, Raigad, Kelshi beach, Devgad Fort, Devgad Beach. 

There are good stories in Konkan for Hapus Amba (Alphonso Mango). Alphonso Mango is with a unique shape, color, taste, flavor, aroma, and sweetness in this region. 

Freshness and taste have always been a prime focus area with Mangoes, which is a key strength of Alphonsomango.in. We have best in class processes for the supply chain from farms to our stores and depots to your home.

There are standard processes at each step right from the day Manure is applied to the trees, pre Harvesting processes like cleaning the Mango Orchard for weed and grass-grown. Which is done in the month of September, October, November, and December. 

While Harvesting all the farm is applied with fruit fly traps, There is a Panchagavya which is sprayed on the trees and fruits. Fruit Ripening is always done with Grass Haystack. Wherein post-harvesting Mango fruits are stored in Haystack for getting near ripened pre-delivery to you. 

These standard processes help retain the freshness of fruits and Konkan foods. This is achieved with appropriate packaging. These processes are followed at all India our depots and stores. 

We believe in offering the best quality tasty delicious fruits, dried fish like dry shrimp, dry Bombay duck, Jawala dry fish, which are sourced locally from our teams of Farmer. These products are cleaned, packed and sent to our end customers. 

Whether customers buy our products at our online store or Offline. There are certain customers who walk into our store and collect the farm-fresh Mangoes, Konkan products and Mango products.

Since with Mangoes from Konkan and Coastal parts of India our same farmers have other products also like cashewnuts, dry fruits, edible seeds, Other Konkan Products, Kokum, Spices like Tamalpatra. Dalchini, Jayphal and Jaypatri which are grown in the same Mango Orchards. Since they are on the coastal area there is more Dry fish like Dried Bombay duck, Dried Shrimp called as Jawala, Sode fish, and most of the dry fishes. 

 We at Alphonso Mango India are well focused on extending the beautiful online and offline shopping experience to our online shopper at alphonsomango.in.  Our e-commerce web store is aimed at providing the convenience of shopping anytime from anywhere with choicest fruits.

We are always committed to any of our products. When it comes to your Order Fulfillment, which we plan to do On-time Delivery, with Easy Returns. Our 'Call & Order' facility is available every day of the week from Monday to Saturday. Our Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad & Delhi store works from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. 

Our Depots and stores are well equipped with smart technology backbone. Our website contains multiple recipes for your convenience. Which helps you with exact ingredients and measurements so that you can prepare your food and desserts as per your required needs.