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Buy Aam papad | Amba Poli  Amba Poli or Indian Alphanso Mango fruit leather enjoyed in Indian homes. Energetic lip-smacking anytime snacks prepared with a mixture of Alphonso mango pulp blended...

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Buy Aam papad | Amba Poli 

Amba Poli or Indian Alphanso Mango fruit leather enjoyed in Indian homes. Energetic lip-smacking anytime snacks prepared with a mixture of Alphonso mango pulp blended with condensed sugar solution by heating the mixture.  

Mango Papad

Once this Mango pulp mixture heated at a particular temperature and this mixture poured in a plate. With dish greased of pure cow ghee on plates. Further, this mixture is sun-dried in pure hygienically maintained glass solar sun driers. 

Alphonso Mangoes from our GI tag certified farms

Buy online prepared as per the traditional way in Konkan Maharashtra. With quality juicy and tasty handpicked Alphonso mangoes from our farms in Ratnagiri and Devgad. This Alphonso Mango and our all mango products prepared with GI tag certified Alphonso Mangoes.

Special mouth-watering mango candy-sweet and chewy from Konkan prepared from handpicked selected Ratnagiri Alphanso Mangoes and Devgad Alphanso Mangoes. 

Aam Papar, a usual home sweet, despite it, is available in various varieties like sweet, sour meetha, and khatta.  

Delicious healthy anytime snack with natural ingredients like Mangoes and sweet aromatic goodness of Mangoes and whole delicious! Traditional Indian bitters from Konkan to your house.

Yellowish-red in color, this Amba Poli comes with a Sweet, Sour, and Tangy taste. A traditional Indian lip-smacking snack. In the coastal region of India prepared from authentic alphonso mango pulp.

Aam Papad a King of Snack from King of Fruit

The king of fruits Alphonso Mango consumed traditionally in India in different ways, and Mango papad or Amba Poli recipe is one of them. 

These traditional sweets look like a sweet puffy mango pastry with flaky layers of fruit leather. It tastes delicious and sour with a fresh prominent alphonso mango or Hapus Mango flavor that crawls in your mouth with the sticky taste of mango. 

This dish preserved, and it can be appreciated long after the mango season is over. It comes again in Konkan; we get this when we go back to our villages by our granny, who is preserved by our granny with a genuine love of Alphonso mangoes, which always make you remember the taste of Hapus.

Amba Poli Synonyms in different languages: - 

Assamese - Aamta 

Bengali - Aamsotto 

English – Aam Papad candy, Dry Aam Papad, Mango Bars, Mango Jelly, Mango Leather, Mango papad, Sukha aam papad, Sukha Mango papad, Aam ki roti, 

Gujrati – આમ પાપડ, કેરીની અવનવી વાનગી, Kairino roti, Aam no Papad, Aam no Papar

Hindi – आम पापड़, आम का पापड़, अमावट, आम पापर, आमपापड, आमपापार, आम पापड़ी , आम की रोटी, अमावत, सूखा आम पापड़. 

Marathi – आंबा पोळी, Amba Poli, आंब्याची पोळी 

Oria (Odia) - aamba sadhaa 

Punjabi – Aam papar, ampapar, aampapar

Tamil – Mamidi Tandra

Telugu - Mamidi Tandra 


History of Mango papad

Aam papad called as aam papar was a homemade dish and very famous snacks after mango season was over in Konkan, Southern India, and Northern India. 

Mostly prepared by Grannies in our home, carry forward sweets dessert stock of the year. Most ancient travelers use to travel across the world over the years in those days used to take this as a food. 

Aampapar popularity has increased in multiple folds; now, it has become a global leap smacking sweet snacks. 

It is prepared using Alphonso Mango pulp and concentrated sugar earlier at home. There was no preservative used nowadays. Some players prepare commercially using potassium metabisulfite. 

Once the layers of mango pulp in cow ghee greased trays are Sun-dried hygienically, it cut in small pieces, and it can stay for 1 to 2 years as per the preparation which can be enjoyed even after mango season with a taste of mango without refrigeration. 

Buy Aam papad price

Aam papad price is as per there packing like 100 gms, 250 gms, 500 gms, 1 KG, and 5 Kg wholesale pack, which is as per our wholesale customers. This product prepared by our farmer families there home, and hence this price is not so high it is in a way to help the farmers.

Shelf Life of Aam Papad

Consume before one year from the date of manufacturing. 

Know recipe of Aam papar here

How to make Aam Papad recipe  

Nutrition Fact Aam papad – Amba Poli – Aam Papar – Mamidi Tandra

Aam Papar prepared from real alphonso mango pulp. There is no artificial flavoring substance. Mango Papar contains nutritional values which are with high energy, which may give an Instant calorie boost as mango contains high sugar content.

For Calorie Conscious People

Activities needed to burn these seven aam papad calories are:- 

  • 1-minute cycling
  • 2 minutes of cleaning
  • 0 minutes of running 

 It can be a small bitter for your little lip-smacking hunger.

Additional Information

100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg, 5 kg wholesale pack


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