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Dry Fruits / 20 dry fruits name

Dried Fruit - AlphonsoMango.in

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a great way to add natural sweetness, flavor, and nutrition to your diet.

Dried fruit is a form of fruit that is dried by sun drying, modern dehydrators, and dryers.

In this process, most of the water content present in the fresh fruit has been removed either naturally or through the above process.

Buy Dried Fruit

Want to ensure that you buy quality, naturally sun-dried fruits, nuts, and seeds from us?

Not only are they tasty and nutritious, but they're also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Shop online with us for a healthy range of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits directly imported by our partners from across the globe.

And because they're dried, they're easy to store and transport.

If you're looking to buy dried fruit, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, buy from a reputable source like us.

Many companies sell dried fruit, but only some use high-quality fruits.

Second, check the ingredient list.

Some brands add sweeteners or sugar to their products.

Third, look for fruit that has been dried naturally.

It means that the fruit has been air-dried or sun-dried without using chemicals.

When it comes to incorporating dried fruit into your diet, the sky's the limit.

You can eat them as a snack, add them to cereals or oatmeal, bake them into cookies or bread, or even use them in savory dishes.

Keep an eye on your portion sizes, as dried fruit is very calorie-dense.

So what are you waiting for?

Start enjoying the sweet taste and nutritional benefits of dried fruit today!

Purchasing Dried Fruit

When purchasing dried fruit, it is important to buy from a reputable source.

Only some brands use high-quality fruits; some add sugar or other sweeteners to their products.

Be sure you can check all the ingredient lists before you purchase them.


Dried fruits are stored in a dark, cool place for up to six months or even one year. For long-term storage, you can keep them in the freezer for up to a year.

Nutritional Information

Dried fruit is a naturally vegan source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, because they are dried, they are also calorie-dense.

Be sure to have it moderately, also. Watch your portion sizes when incorporating them into your diet.

Health Benefits

In addition to being the best healthy source of nutrients, dried fruit has several other health benefits.

For example, they regulate your blood sugar levels and promote healthy digestion.

Additionally, dried fruits are a great way to get your recommended daily fruit intake.

Types of Dried Fruit

There are many multiple types of dried fruit available on the market.

The most popular include raisins, apricots, dates, figs, prunes, and cranberries.

Uses for Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is used in a variety of ways.

You can eat them as a snack, add them to cereals or oatmeal, bake them into cookies or bread, or even use them in savory dishes.

Khubani Apricot

Keep an eye on your portion sizes, as dried fruit Khubani is very calorie-dense.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the sweet taste and nutritional benefits of dried fruit today!

Dried Cranberry

Dried cranberries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients.

Dried cranberry contains an excellent volume of vitamin C comparing oranges. They're one of the low calories and fat in the dry fruit segment.

Best-quality Cranberries are sourced & imported from the USA by our importers without artificial colors.

They are a highly natural source of fiber. 

If you're looking for a tasty, healthier alternative to raisins, try adding dried cranberries to your favorite recipes like cranberry milkshakes, ice creams, kheer, laddus, morning cereals, trail mix, sauce, chutney, pachadi, muffins, bread, jam.

  • Reduces Chances of Breast Cancer and other Forms of Cancer
  • Beneficial in Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Great for Oral hygiene
  • Help improves Renal Function
  • Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Add them to morning cereals or your trail seed mix for extra taste and health benefits.

Dried Figs

These delicious dried figs are perfect for snacking on or adding to salads.

You can use dried figs in so many ways! 

They make an excellent addition to granola bars, healthy laddu, trail mix, oatmeal, and other snacks.

If you're looking for something tangy, healthy sweet alternative to white sugar, try using them in desserts like sprinkled on cakes, pies, cookies, yogurts, salads, and even muffins.

If you're looking for something sweet alternative to white sugar, try using them in desserts like cakes, pies, cookies, and even muffins.

Figs health benefits like

  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Being a good source of potassium
  • Help balance the sodium and potassium ratio 

Dried Blueberries

Dried Blueberries Are The Most Nutritious Fruit On Earth!

Dried blueberries are one of nature's most nutritious fruits. They contain more antioxidants than fresh blueberries and have been proven to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases.

Blueberries are very low in calories and high in minerals.

They are an excellent natural source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium, folate, and phytochemicals. They may reduce and avoid the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Imported directly from the United States of America.


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Dry Fruits, Seeds & New Products - AlphonsoMango.in

Dry Fruits, Seeds & New Products

Dry Fruits & Seeds New Products

We are happy to announce a range of Dry Fruits and New Products like

Dry fruits are one of the best healthy foods for your body.

Want to ensure and buy premium quality nutsseeds, and dried fruits (dry fruits)?

Shop Online with us.

We have a range of dry fruits, seeds, and nuts online from multiple countries like The United States of America, Australia, Iran, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Singapore, and Peru, and Mexican seeds like Chia Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, pistachio are from the United States of America.

Buy the best quality berries online. Goji berries, blueberries, and cranberries are also from the USA.

Chia seeds are imported from Mexico.

Dry Fruits for Breastfeeding Mothers

Premium quality Kashmiri Saffron from Indian Kashmir Valley premium handpicked Kashmiri kesar

Mamra Badam Nuts from Afghanistan handpicked premium quality nuts.

Discover a fantastic, healthy, tasty Collection of Flavored Gourmet Nuts with us imported and some like cashew nuts prepared from Indian Kaju.

You can get lightly salted cashews, lightly salted Pista, unsalted mixed nuts, honey-roasted mixed nuts, and more.

You can visit our Dry fruits, seeds, and nuts range

You can check customer reviews to get a precise idea of what to order and what not to order from us. 

Understanding public view are there suggestions on what to buy in nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. 

CCPA Rules



You can also buy a range of savoury and sweet options in dried fruits like Turkey ApricotPrunes, Black Raisins from Nashik, India and Afghan black raisins, Anjeer(dried figs)Berries mixBlueberriesCranberries, and more to flatter your palate.

Want to buy the best Badam for your family?

We have a range of almonds from California and the United States of America. The best jumbo-sized almonds are often called California Almondsbadam, or American badam.

California Almonds

Mamra Badam

You can also buy Mamra badam from Kashmir in India and Afghan badam.  

We assure you that you have landed the best website, which has the benefits of getting the best price online when we do almost all dry fruits with free delivery every time you get them from us.

Still determining if Healthy Seeds are available locally? Planning for weight loss or healthy diet food like dry fruits for a healthy journey.

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