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Saffron Red Gold Spice of Kashmir / kashmir zafran

Zafran from Pampore Kashmir - AlphonsoMango.in

Zafran from Pampore Kashmir

Zafran from Pampore Kashmir

Zafran Kashmir is the Crocus sativus plant's dry stigma, found in three species worldwide. So there are three types of spice, Kashmiri, Iranian, and Spanish.

It is developed and collected by hand, and it takes around 175,000 blossoms to create one kilogram of dried spice.

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Due to the intense manual work needed in the production process, it is the most expensive spice on the planet.

Many foods and medicines are made up of it. It helps with relieving stomach-related issues and improves libido.

It is ruined when blended with different elements to build the required weight of the item. It is an illegal way to get more cash.

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The act of selling fake or ruined flavors is rampant because of this spice's high culinary position.

Zafran Benefits

It is packed with health benefits. It is beneficial for both mind and body.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can cause awkward issues, from mood swings to physical inconvenience. A few ladies experience more severe symptoms than others. 

It offers a natural alternative for those who need help yet don't trust modern medicine.

The spice contains two naturally-occurring compounds, crocin, and crocetin, which help with learning and memory.

It is rich in two anti-cancer agents and flavonoids, which help shield the body from unsafe substances. Flavonoids are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants that help in curing sickness.

This spice is also accepted to have mood upgrading properties.

It can help reduce blood pressure and promote heart wellness.

You can make tea by boiling some strands in water. This tea could taste bitter and harsh since the spice strands taste bitter. 

Because of this, the spice is combined with various mixes and concoctions. 

You can blend this with tea leaves or include different spices and flavors. Or you can add some honey or sugar to your brew.

Zafran Price

This red spice is a bit expensive, but you can also buy gold from Kashmir directly from us online.

If you want to buy wholesale, you can contact us directly at support@alphonsomango.in.

We will be happy to serve you for your wholesale and retail needs. 

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The spice ages quickly. The aging process continues even when it is stored. 

Light and temperature increase the speed of aging. Thus, storing it in a dark, cold, dry spot is advised.

Shelf life increases if the temperature isn't above 20C and the humidity is 40%. 

Do NOT store it in a fridge as it may get damp. 

Antioxidants are a vital part of the spice. It is of little use without these because the naturally-occurring substances prevent it from getting rotten quickly. 

If packed appropriately, it can survive several harsh conditions. It can be kept on kitchen racks for two years. 

The spice ages, but it ages like fine wine! It tastes lovelier as it gets older.

Its unique taste, aroma, color, and health benefits make it the best spice in the world!

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