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Why Mango, Dry Fruits, Spice, & Superfood / bath room fruit

Why mango is called bathroom fruit - AlphonsoMango.in

Why mango is called bathroom fruit

Why is mango called bathroom fruit?

Mango is a tropical fruit that grows on trees in the genus Mangifera. It is native to South Asia but widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. The fruit is oval or oblong in shape, with a thin skin that ranges in color from green to yellow to red, depending on the variety.

A perfectly ripe mango will be soft to the touch, have a pleasant aroma, and have a sweet, juicy, and slightly tangy taste. Some people also describe the flavor of mango as having floral or tropical notes with a creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

Mangoes are a popular fruit worldwide and are often used in various dishes, including smoothies, pudding, payasam, salads, desserts, and even savory dishes like curries and chutneys.

The flesh of the mango is juicy, sweet, and fragrant, with a smooth texture that can vary from fibrous to almost creamy, depending on the variety. The fruit contains a large, flat stone or seed in the center that is not edible.

British Knowledge about Mango

The British never understood and tried to twist the name for mango. That too, if it was an Alphonso Mango, it was under their enmity as Alfanso D Albergue, the king of Mango fruits.

The late Dr. M S Randhawa once wrote that the British did not savor the sight of Indians squatting on the floor and sucking on mangoes, with the juice flowing down their elbows. They often referred to it as the bathroom fruit.

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