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Mango Rate Today

Mango Rate Today

What is your favourite season? I like summer because it is the perfect time to relax and have fun. I love summers because they are the best time to play, skip around, drink milkshakes and eat frozen yoghurt.

Know Mango Rate Today

Summer is my favourite time of year because it’s the perfect time to play, jump around, drink milkshakes and eat frozen yoghurt. 

Mango Online Rate

In India, summer is synonymous with mango season. There are many varieties of mango in India. Most of these variations are available during the season of March to May.

Indian mangoes 

There are around 24 different types of mangoes in India. These varieties can be found all over the country in various states.

Each mango type has a unique quality that makes it stand out. Let's learn about a few different types of aam in India.

Alphonso Mango

Hapus was brought to India by the Portuguese in the 1500s. It became a huge part of our lives after that. We love its saffron yellow colour, sweet scent, and amazing taste.

Alphonso mango can only be found in the Konkan region. The volcanic soil in the Konkan area gives Alphonso a unique flavour.

Kesar Mango

This particular type of mango is called Kesar in Gujarat due to its skin colour, which resembles the shade of saffron.

It is renowned for its unparalleled taste and delightful saffron-yellow hue, earning it the nickname Queen Mango.

Totapuri Mango

The Totapuri mango variety is unmistakable in shape, resembling a parrot's beak, hence its name, Ginnimoothi. The term Ginni means parrot, while  Moothi means nose. 

This type of mango is primarily found in South India, with those grown in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu being particularly delicious.

Himsagar Mango

Khirsapati is the name given to this variety. This variety is famous for its pulp content. 77 % of the whole fruit is pulp! Originated in West Bengal.

Dasheri Mango

It is the most popular aam in North India. The Malihabad region of Uttar Pradesh is known for producing the best variety. It all started in the small town of Kakori and can now be found in the nursery of Nawab.

Devgad and Ratnagiri Hapus 

An aam that deserves special attention is the Alphonso, or Hapus, which is only made in Konkani. 

Various states have tried to make Hapus, but it is less tasty than the one made in Konkani. 

The soil and climate of the state have an impact on the taste of Hapus. The volcanic red soil and the climate of Konkani contribute to the flavour of the Hapus. 

Two localities in Konkani are particularly famous for their mangoes. These are the districts of Devgad, where the Alphonso mangoes are made. 

The Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri are much juicier and have a beautiful yellow skin. 

The mangoes from Devgad are saffron yellow and have a thin peel, so they have more pulp. The deliciousness of the Devgad mangoes is more than that of the Ratnagiri mangoes. 

The superior quality of these varieties has earned them GI tags, which are given to first-class products made in the region. 

A GI tag indicates the origin of the product. Decades back, Devgad and Ratnagiri were small ports, but now they are

Mango delivery 

We have you covered if you're looking for top-notch Alphonso or Kesar mangoes. 

We ship fresh, naturally ripened, fresh mangoes straight from the ranches to your door. We want to make sure that the voices of the local Konkani farmers are heard. 

We want to give them a platform to sell their products nationwide and make a good living for their hard work. Our founder spent two years researching and working with the ranchers using natural and traditional methods to make their products.

Mango rates on the web 

Hapus is one of the most expensive mangoes out there, and it's also the most popular variation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady deals going on when it comes to Hapus. 

Many vendors are trying to scam their customers by selling chemical-stacked Hapus. Some people even get different Hapus variations at a high price. 

So, knowing where the mango comes from and how pure it is is important. 

One way to do that is by getting a GI tag. Make sure you only buy from merchants that are certified. 

A box of Hapus naturally matured usually costs between Rs. 1499 and 2199 in India, depending on how big the aam is. Most come in medium sizes and weigh around 150-300 gms. 

Some of our amazing Hapus weighs around 390-400 gms.

Buy premium quality Hapus

For a tropical nation like India, summer denotes the mango season. India has a wide variety of mangoes.

The season period of most of these variations is between March and May. Thus, the summer season means mango season in India.

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