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Mango Online Rate

Mango Online Rate

We all love the summer season for it's the time to holiday. It's time to go on vacation and have fun.

We love summers because it's the time to play, frolic, slurp milkshakes and devour ice creams.

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For a tropical country like India, summer marks the mango season. India has a wide array of mangoes.

Mango rate today

The season of most of these variants is between March to May. Thus, the summer season equates to the mango season in India.

Indian mangoes

India has more than 24 variants of mangoes. These variants are grown across the country in various states.

Each variant has a distinct quality that makes it special. Let's take a look at some of the Indian variants of aam.

  1. Alphonso: The Portuguese at first got Hapus to India in the 1500s. Hapus then turned into a significant part of our lives. We treasure Hapus's saffron-yellow shade, sweet aroma, and incredible flavor. Alphonso mango is grown solely in Konkan. The volcanic soil of Konkan adds to the kind of Alphonso. 
  2. Kesar mangoes: found in Gujarat, this variation got its name because of its skin tone. Kesar means saffron in English. So, the variant is known for its saffron-yellow tint and extraordinary taste. Its superior taste has earned it the title of Queen mango.
  3. Totapuri: this variation has an unmistakable shape. It resembles a parrot's nose. That is the reason it is called Ginnimoothi. Ginni means parrot, and moothi means beak. Grown in South India, the ones produced in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu are particularly renowned. 
  4. Himsagar: this variation is known for its pulp. 77% of the whole fruit is simply pulp! Produced only in West Bengal, this variation is otherwise called Khirsapati. 
  5. Dasheri: this variation is the most loved aam of North India. The fruit originated in Kakori; however, it is found in Nawab's nursery today! Malihabad region of UP makes the best of this sort.

Devgad and Ratnagiri Hapus

A variety of aam that needs a special mention is the Alphonso or Hapus. Hapus is produced distinctly in Konkan.

Various states had a go at creating Hapus, but it wasn't as delectable as Konkan's. 

The soil influences Hapus' taste and the environment it is created in. Konkan's volcanic red soil, territory, and environment add to Hapus' flavor. 

Two Konkani districts are especially celebrated for their Hapus. These are the Devgad and Ratnagiri regions. 

These districts produce premium quality Alphonso mangoes. These mangoes are much juicier and more delicious. 

Ratnagiri mango has a brilliant yellow peel. Devgad mango is saffron-yellow and has a thin peel. 

Thus, you get more pulp in it. The Devgad variety is significantly more tasty than the Ratnagiri variety. 

The superior quality of these varieties has acquired them GI names. A GI tag is a benchmark of quality. 

It is offered to first-class items that are made in a specific region. Thus, they indicate the root of the product. 

Many years ago, Devgad and Ratnagiri used to be little ports. They've become hubs for mango creation, export, and trade. 

These areas send out premium quality Hapus everywhere on the globe!

Health benefits of mango

Mango isn't just a delicacy but also a nutritional treat! The best thing about aam is that it is an amazing alternative to processed sugar. 

So, feed your children as numerous aams as they like with no dread of a sugar rush! 

This natural fruit is loaded with dietary fibers, nutrients, and phytochemicals. It contains every one of the fundamental supplements your body needs. 

It is loaded with vitamins A, E, and C and meets your body's daily necessities of these nutrients. 

It has cancer prevention agents that help keep poisons out of your body. Thus, it helps in curbing malignant growth. 

Mangoes contain dietary fiber, phytochemicals, nutrients, polyphenols, fundamental supplements, and dietary minerals. 

The vitamins like A, E, and C make up 25%, 76%, and 9% of RDA (suggested dietary allowance) 

It has carotenoids and polyphenols-and omega-3 and polyunsaturated unsaturated fats. 

Mango peel is an astounding dietary fiber. Its; peel comprises antioxidants, while the pulp has pectins.

Aam is amazing for your skin, heart, hair, and eyes.

Selecting mangoes

Selecting an aam could be challenging, especially when you're a first-timer. We've some pointers that you can use.

  • Shading is not a decent marker of readiness. 
  • Touch demonstrates readiness. When matured, you will feel the delicacy of the pulp inside, like pears or avocado. 
  • Some types of mangoes have a fruity fragrance around the stem when ready. 

Aging of mangoes 

How do I ripen my mangoes? What to do once my aam is matured? We'll tell you.

  • Unripe mangoes are to be kept at room temperature away from the sun and not be refrigerated. 
  • Aam ages at room temperature. 
  • To abstain from over-ripening, store your matured aam in a fridge. 
  • Ready aam stays well in a fridge for multiple weeks. 

Using mangoes

Incorporating or using an aam is easy. There are many ways you can do so.

You can make desserts, juices, thick shakes, ice creams, or cookies. Today I'll tell you the desi way of using aam: making a halwa.

You'll need hot, ghee-roasted semolina, roasted dry fruits, sugar, milk, cardamom powder, mango pulp, and saffron that's been soaked in water.

Add the hot, ghee-roasted semolina, dry fruits, and milk to boiling water. Consistently stir this mixture on a medium flame.

Stir until the semolina puffs up. Add sugar, mango pulp, cardamom powder, saffron, and water.

Stir vigilantly and let the mixture cook. Drizzle some ghee on top before serving. Serve the halwa piping hot.

Halwa is commonly served with puri. To make puri mix a pinch of sugar and salt with wheat flour, maida, and semolina into a dough.

Let the dough rest for a while. Make small pellets and flatten them out into puri.

You can use a rolling pin to do so. In India, you can find puri-machines that help you make puri.

Heat oil and deep fry your puris until they fluff up. Such puris are soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy and flaky on the outside.

Buy mangoes online

Numerous businesses and shippers have now used online platforms to lead their businesses. 

Many offer a variety of good-quality items across differing value ranges. Others exploit their buyers. 

Things to remember when purchasing mangoes on the web: 

Know and understand what you're searching for. Mangoes are accessible in a wide assortment. There are more than 24 sorts of Indian mangoes.

So, know and understand what type you need and what it looks like. Or disaster will be imminent; you may wind up with a type you didn't want. 

Purchase from a trusted trader. Read reviews on the web. Ask your companions, family, and associates for their reviews. Shop only if you trust the dealer. 

Read item description, returns, exchange, and after-deals services data cautiously. This will assist you with the exchange if you convey a flawed item. 

Purchase little. Place a small order if you're purchasing from a site for the first time. Ideally, a cash-on-delivery order.

This will assist you with limiting monetary harm if your request isn't delivered as expected. 

Check the source of your vendor. Numerous shippers guarantee to deliver naturally ripened mangoes; however, they're loaded with carbide.

Carbide is a substance compound that speeds up the maturing cycle yet is destructive to health. Carbide additionally hampers mango's flavor.

Cutting mangoes 

You can easily chop and incorporate aam in any of your dishes using the following pointers:

  1. Utilize a blade and a cutting board. 
  2. Keep the mango straight so the stem is high. The seed begins from the stem to the base—one cuts around the shaft or the seed. 
  3. Make vertical cuts on inverse sides an inch away from the center. Cut into two pieces, cut them down the middle with two parts, or cut the pulp utilizing a spoon. 
  4. Another approach is to make a grid design on the pulp without cutting the skin and removing the individual mango squares.

Mango delivery

You can now purchase premium quality Alphonso and Kesar mangoes online at alphonsomango.in 

We convey premium quality, naturally ripened fresh mangoes picked directly from mango farms to your homes. 

We aim to vocalize the local voices of Konkani farmers. We wish to provide them with a platform to sell their products across the country and earn an honest buck for all their honest work.

Our research team, chaired by our founder member, spent two years researching and collaborating with farmers who use natural and traditional means of production.

Our mangoes are harvested at the Brahma muhurta at 3:20 am. It's a traditional practice that has been carried on for many generations.

We transport green mangoes which mature at your place. This aids in limiting the harm caused during travel. 

It also assists you with ensuring that your mangoes are naturally aged. In this manner, your trust in us grows stronger. 

To ripen your aams, place them in a dry, cold spot. Try not to wash or refrigerate them since it stops the aging cycle. 

You can utilize these green mangoes in your pickles, chutneys, salads, dips, and salsa. You can add it to your bhel or sev puri.

Many Konkani dishes such as curries, lentils, and fish marinades use green mangoes.

To purchase premium quality mangoes, click here.

Mango rates online

Hapus is the priciest of all mango. It is the most exported variant too.

Naturally, malpractices in the Hapus trade are rampant. Many merchants scam their customers by selling them chemical-loaded mangoes.

Some naive customers are sold other variants of aam in the name of Hapus for its hefty price.

Thus, it is important to know the signs of origin and purity of mangoes. Such a sign is a GI tag. Make sure you buy from GI-certified traders.

A peti or box of GI-certified naturally ripened Hapus aam costs around Rs. 1499 to 2199 in India. The cost depends on the size of the aam.

Hapus comes in a medium size and weighs around 150-300 grams. Some of our excellent quality Hapus weigh around 390-400 grams.

Click here to buy premium quality Hapus.

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