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Every time we say "the name is enough," it entirely fits in well with this. "Alphonso mango," aha haha!

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Whenever summer comes, we lose our sense of self. Of course, you too must lose, because of the mango season is coming; the king of fruits is coming.

Hapus aam among them. Every year, Alphonso mangoes from Maharashtra are the first choice, because of the taste, that's why it is so special. Many were just astonished at its beauty.

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Its golden yellow skin is attracting our eyes. Once the slice of alphonso mango falls on the tongue, the only sound comes from the mouth, "Wow, amazing."

Alphonso mango, commonly known as hapus aam is a popular fruit which grows in the hot summer. It is in honor of Afonso de Albuquerque, a military general from Portugal to set up colonies in India.

The rich, creamy pulp with great texture, low fiber contents which makes it health-friendly and its goldish yellow color makes it the king of fruits. 

They are generally available during the summer season.

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Buy Alphonso Mango Online


Hapus contains a high level of vitamin c, pectin's, and fibers, which control the cholesterol. It clears the skin and also strengthens the eyesight. It builds the immune system and even aids weight loss. It is mainly grown in Ratnagiri and Raigad in the Konkan region. Mango is the leading fruit crop of India and finds its way to the kitchen during the summers.

It is complicated for ordinary people to identify between a regular mango and an original alphonso mango.

Different varieties of mangoes cannot accomplish this.

According to research conducted by scientists, this Mango is from Devgad or Ratnagiri gives a characteristic smell that is recognizable from a separation. Indeed, even one mango kept in a room will occupy the life with its fragrance.

One mango, various uses

Everything we do with mango is cutting it into cuts, placing them in plates, and afterward a genuinely tasty nibble. Raw mangoes are used for making chutney, pickles, plans, and so on.

One can drink the juice of the hapus, which spins through the throat, and the stomach requests more.

The hapus other than being utilized for sweet are additionally used for setting up a few items like syrups, nectars, squashes, sticks, and jams, and so on. 

We care for your mangoes 

The excursion of the hapus begins from the large homesteads, tall mango trees.

The development starts from the long stretch of admirable. Ranchers put in the entirety of their endeavors to give that sweet taste and surface.

They never include quality.

The Alphonso become usually utilizing natural fertilizer. No utilization of hurtful manures occurs during the long and protracted procedure of growing a naturally sweet.

The ranchers deal with the mangoes like their kids. The organic products on the parts of the tree shielded from the parasites.

Each conceivable advance step has taken to shield the natural product from outer specialists.

The ripening procedure of this alphonso mango is regular. No synthetic concoctions utilized to age natural products. All the age mangoes appropriately pressed by request and sent to the customer.

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It is our firm belief that the customer is the king of the market.

We always try to benefit our customers by providing them the best quality of hapus mango.

The phone is in your hand so, what are you thinking about? Order a large number of mangoes at an affordable rate and enjoy your summer.