Malawi Mango - Buy Malawi mangoes online.

Rs. 3,200.00


6 Pcs Small size 6 pcs Medium size 6 Pcs Standard big size

Malawi Mango - Buy Malawi mangoes online.

Rs. 3,200.00


6 Pcs Small size 6 pcs Medium size 6 Pcs Standard big size
Product description

Malawi Mango: Buy Malawi mangoes online. 

The Malawi Mango, known as the king of fruits, is closely related to the Ratnagiri Alphonso mango, or Ratnagiri Mango.

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Malawi Alphonso Mango

Indians enjoy the world-famous Lake Malawi and Salima in the city as a feast after Diwali. In contrast to the Indian variety, which has its season, the Malawi Lake's season occurs from mid-November to mid-December.

They have tender, rich, creamy, yummy, tasty flesh and a delicate, juicy pulp with limited non-fibrous fibre.

The flesh of the fruit is a saffron yellow colour. The skin of a fully ripe mango is yellow with a red tinge and golden hue.

Malawi Mangoes Online

Although India's mango season is yet to begin, Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango and Devgad Alphonso Mango start from February to March.

While mango season in this city starts from November to December, which helps fussy eaters like us,

No Return, No Refund, No Replacement

Now, these tropical fruits are available from Africa easily and will be delivered right up to your home wherever you are.

They are called Malawi mangoes or Alphonso mangoes or Salima Mangoes, now available at Vashi's Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) market.

Malawi mango season

It is a feast in time to enjoy the illuminated sweetness with the golden yellow colour in Diwali festivals.

Buy Malawi Mango online.

A German, Britisher, and African loving agriculture and used to like Ratnagiri Alphonso's taste. 

They researched and planted grafts from Alphonso trees from Ratnagiri.

They carried sticks from Ratnagiri and planted Ratnagiri Hapus grafted in the Aam ki trees, giving birth to a tasty Mango.

A Big tropical farm for this yummy fruit planted in East African Country. They are the world's off-season mango supplier due to the current atmosphere. Tropical farms in Malawi have spread across 600 hectares.

Sanjay Pansare from the APMC market, a fruit market in Vashi Navi Mumbai, has started to import this fruit. A Pune-based company imports it. Now Crawford market, APMC and online websites like ours sell it. 

Our website delivers pan India. In the current coronavirus situation in India, you can get sanitized Alphonso Mangoes delivered to your home.

Buy Malawi Mangoes Online

A single farmer grows these fragrant and tasty fruits with the same yummy looks as the king of mangoes. A Pune-based company imports it.

Farmers from Germany, British, and Malawi have jointly grown this variety. Who started this as an agriculture startup in this African country. 

These farms have developed tropical fruits such as mangoes and bananas. 

This country boasts significant big lands, including baron lands that previously lacked plants and only had grass and weeds growing around them. 

king of mangoes

A team of farmers has developed this farm, considering the presence of wild animals and aiming to achieve the exotic taste of Ratnagiri Mango. 

They faced a significant challenge in keeping the water reserves intact on 600 hectares of land while ensuring nearby wild animals' survival. 

The cultivation teams continue to expand the size of this farm every year.

This farm size is still growing every year by their cultivation teams. These mangoes have been sent to multiple cities in India by our logistic team.

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  • Origin of Country – Malawi 
  • Farmers do sanitary and Phytosanitary tests before sending them to India.
  • While buying them, please ensure that fruits are not ripened using carbide or other chemicals. We provide our natural ripening process. 
  • The Natural Ripening Process matures and ripens these fruits.
  • We ensure these superb, tasty exotic fruits are carbide-free and ripened using the natural process.
  • We guarantee their freshness. 
  • Please note that the fruit's grammage and weight mentioned are indicative and may vary based on size.
  • Box Starts with 3 kg size.
  • Each box's net weight is 3 kg, and the gross weight is 3.5 kg.
  • The net weight of mangoes varies from 2.9 kg to 3.1 kg before shipping.
  • Weight reduces while transit as ripening starts weight might decrease by 15 to 20 % of the original weight mentioned (this is a standard process of development)
  • Fruits are packed in a box in either ten pcs, 12 pcs, or 18 pcs per box.
  • The fruits endure transport time in either unripe or semi-ripe states, as per their ripening system.
  • Our packing team decided on this state for fruit packing. 
  • After arrival, it will develop its full golden saffron hue colour, sweetness, and aroma within 3 to 4 days.
  • Usually, Alphonso fruits will take one to six days to ripen as per their ripening condition.
  • We send near-ripe fruits because the ripening process starts once we deliver the products to your home based on the transit time.
  • Could you open the fruit box and unpack it, which you can arrange on the floor?
  • Each fruit is covered with sleeves. 
  • Arrange the fruits on the floor with Hay's stack delivered with the mango peti.

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  • Please leave the fruits in a haystack, supplied in a box with mangoes. They will gradually ripen in 6 to 8 days.
  • Be wise and watch for any changes in the colour of your fruits.
  • We will pack the fruits according to the SOP and dispatch them while they are still semi-ripe. This process avoids ripening damage during transit.
  • Never refrigerate these fruits unless they are fully ripe and ready to cut in the next 15 to 30 minutes only as a thumb rule. 
  • Never refrigerate mangoes as they spoil the taste by refrigerating.
  • When you want to wash fruits before cutting, let rest them in the water bowl, and then you can cut them as you choose.
  • Get home delivered across Pan India Hassle-free.

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