King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango

King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango -

King of Alphonso Mangoes | Devgad Mango

Around 500 kilometers south of Mumbai is a quaint little district. This district has merely 98 villages.

Devgad Alphonso mangoes are considered to be the king of Alphonso mangoes. They are grown in Devgad, a small village in Maharashtra, India. Devgad mangoes are known for their sweet and juicy flesh, their thin skin, and their intense aroma. They are also relatively high in fiber and vitamin C.

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Devgad Mango

It has a tiny beach, a lighthouse, and a fort. This scenic little district, however, drives many people crazy each year.

Devgad Hapus Mango 

Devgad taluka produces the best quality Alphonso mangoes that are exported all across the planet.

The delicious taste of these mangoes makes hype about them worldwide.

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Once a humble harbor, the district has become a haven for mango trade and export.

Alphonso mango

Alphonso is the most loved variant of mangoes. It has a distinct aroma, beautiful yellow-orange skin, incredible taste, and rich texture.

India is the largest exporter of Hapus mangoes worldwide. Konkan region exclusively grows these.

Konkan's soil, climate, and terrain enhance the taste of Hapus.

This variant of aam was brought to India by a Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Alburquerque.

He also taught Indians the art of grafting, and Indians have now mastered it!

Hapus is not only tasty but also healthy! It improves skin, eyes, digestion, heart, and hair quality.

It acts as a natural alternative to artificial sugar. So, you can eat as many of these with zero guilt!

Why is Devgad Hapus special?

You might wonder, what is it that makes the Devgad Alphonso special? This variant of Hapus is much tastier than any other mango.

The fruit has thin skin. Its aroma, as well as taste, is much sweeter and richer. So, you get more pulp than usual.

Devgad Mango Online

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Also, this pulp is much juicier than other variants. That's what makes this variant special.

The superior quality of this variant has earned it a GI tag. GI tag is a benchmark of quality.

It is awarded to high-quality products that are grown in a specific region. Thus, the tag grants the producers a kind of intellectual rights.

Natural mangoes

The most appealing part of this variant is that it is naturally ripened. Usually, mango traders use a carbide chemical to speed the ripening process.

But the cultivars in Devgad taluka use natural means to ripen their produce. You may wonder, how do I know if my aam is naturally ripened?

There are a few indicators that you may use.

  1. Color: naturally ripened mangoes never have a plain or uniform shade. Only chemically ripened fruits have a single one-tone color.
  2. Smell: carbide-free aams have a strong aroma. Carbide-filled aams have a faint aroma that you can smell with effort. Just one aam is enough to fill your entire room with its aroma.
  3. Touch: a naturally ripe aam is yellow and soft to touch, like a peach or an avocado. A carbide-filled aam may look yellow but is hard.

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