Alphonso Mango for baby Recipe

Mango Baby Recipe

Alphonso mango baby recipe

Alphonso Mango for baby food Alphonso Mango recipes for your kid are the best tasty idea for your baby.

A healthy meal for the fussy eater, as this is a healthy alternative for them.

Homemade Alphonso Mango Puree

Basic mango recipe for your kids will love it as the first Mango.

Alphonso Mango is a king of fruit for your prince or princess.

Age Group – 8 Months+ 

Preparation time – 2 to 3 mins

Carrot Alphonso Mango Puree

Introduce Alphonso mango with many vegetables. You can start with carrots, and you can add apples and other leafy greens as per the choices later on. 

Age Group – 8 Months+ 

Preparation time – 2 to 3 mins

Alphonso Mango Aamras

A smooth puree of the nicest ripe Alphonso mangoes to enjoy this summer is always found in most of the Gujarati, Marwari, and Marathi families 

Age Group – 1 Year+ 

Preparation time – 8 to 10 mins