Does Alphonso Mango need to be cooked for Baby?

Do I serve my Baby Mango Cooked or uncooked? 

Since Alphonso Mango is natural to digest, it does not need to cook for your baby. It is easily digestible by babies choose the ripe Alphonso Mango from our delivery with a pleasant aroma and sweet fragrance.

Mango For Baby

Does Alphonso Mango need to be cooked for Baby?

A common question is asked to us by lots of our customers who have new baby, or kids who are just playing around. Then we usually have to ask our grandmother about such questions or a doctor.

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Cooking mango for baby food

How to prepare mango for baby

How to cook mango for baby food

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And much more, we are trying to answer some of the questions.

Introducing first Alphonso Mango (hapus) to your Kid  

First, select and buy the best quality mangoes for your kid.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango

Devgad Alphonso Mango

While introducing first Alphonso Mango for your baby, choose the naturally ripened Alphonso Mangoes, firmer flesh but a bit softer with a pleasant sweet aroma to the fruit.

Wash the mango under tap water; clean it for some time neatly.

Let the Alphonso mangoes to soak in a tub of water for some times as it might clean any impurities if they are still there in mango skin.

Peel the skin of Alphonso mango which is thin always with Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango Devgad Alphonso Mango.

Since the Alphonso mangoes are so soft and comfortable to digest your babies actually, don’t need the cooked or steamed Alphonso Mango.

It would be best if you gave Alphonso Mango directly without steaming or baking, but you can decide on the same as per your choice.

You may decide to steam or bake Alphonso mango softly to break it down for easy digest. 

There multiple other recipes using Alphonso Mango for your baby Please click here for more Alphonso Mango recipes

Special tip for First Alphonso Mango to your kid

    • Always clean Mango under tap water neat and clean.
    • Always keep Alphonso Mango soaking in water tub for twenty to thirty minutes before cutting and after washing.
    • Only one thing you need to take care of is to remove any fibre threads in the pulp as it won't be straightforward for your eight to ten-month baby to digest.
    • First, let the baby lick the pulp, and he will enjoy the taste.