what is alphonso mango

What is Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango 

Fruits had always favored rich tender and overpowering sweetness in the earlier days before sugar was not widely available.

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Fruits were valuable substitute sources of sweetness. 

Alphonso: A Healthy and Tasty Delight! 

Alphonso Mango loaded with a creamy sweet taste. Mango Pulp is with tender and delicate texture, little or non-fibrous fruit, with sweet and tangy juicy pulp.

Which country is famous for Alphonso mangoes?

When we speak of mangoes, we talk of Alphonso mangoes, which are the established sweethearts of every Indian household. We opulently display a wide range of premium handpicked Alphonso mangoes that satisfy your creamy sweet tooth, while making you crave for more. 

Do you know what Alphonso Mango and Origin

Are there any who haven't heard of the King of Mangoes' Alphonso Mango' in their lifetime? We don't think so. Portuguese started the sweet and rich flavor of the Alphonso mangoes grown during the mango season in the Western Ghats of India. 

Their Viceroy Afonso De Albuquerque, who conquers the state of Goa in the fifteenth century, established the presence of Portuguese in India. 

Mango in India 

Mango was grown since time undefined because of their reference found in Upanishads and other sacred religious texts of Hinduism. However, the specific Alphonso variant was Portuguese introduced with grafting on the Mango tree in Konkan.   

Alphonso Mango history is way behind from the 12th century. Still, it was more developed by Afonso de Albuquerque somewhere in 1508 he landed intending to gain control of all maritime trade routes for East.

Afonso de Albuquerque, who conquered Goa, wanted to make his Naval base in Goa against Muslim rulers. He first attempted Cochin and Tamil Nadu, but when he was a bit unsuccessful, he tried to attack Goa with his 23 ships. 

Afonso de Albuquerque did the naval base for diverting spice trade and use to supply Persian Horses to Hindu Kings in India.

He was Warrior by his career but farmer and researcher by heart while moving around western India. He found Mango in India in the Mango season and Indian Variety of mango trees. 

That time it was good n taste with firm flesh. Thought that these varieties of Mango could be traded on the spice route and send back to King & Queen of Portugal as there was abundant mango production in Konkan. 

He did a bit of research on this tree and developed new Variety with grafting on a mango tree, and he developed King of mangoes Alphonso Mango. These Mangoes was with firmer fleshy pulp and could withstand the transportation time on the sea.  

He contributed this Variety of Mango for which is now world-famous King of Mango. 

Since then, it is grown in the Western India Konkan area of Maharashtra, which is along with the western seacoast of India. This fruit is classified as best as well as expensive varieties of mangoes around the world.

There are certain varieties of Alphonso mangoes grown in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in Salem. But they are not as tasty and juicy as Konkan Alphonso mango.

Synonyms for this Mango

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango

Devgad Alphonso Mango

Hapus Mango

Ratnagiri Mango

Devgad Mango

Aapus Mango





Aam ki Keri

Amba, Hapus Amba

Mango Farmers in Konkan 

Our sourcing farmer's teams majorly focused in Western India in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, where you know mangoes are grown in abundance. These traditional Indian mangoes produced by the farmers in Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Devgad, Vijaydurg, Alibaug, Kelshi, and Pawas. 

At Alphonso Mango, we always handpick the varieties of Mango from the mango trees in our mango orchards and bring them at our units for further packaging.  

Mumbai's Crawford market

Most of us India may not be from Konkan, but the Crawford market helped in those days to make these mangoes world-famous globally to Mango lovers.

Mumbai Crawford market is a place where first Alphonso mango traded while summer approaching. These mangoes collected from Konkan in those days, and from there, it distributed earlier in pan India. 

Being able to gift and produce such kind of high-quality fruit mangoes was a sign of power and prosperity. Crawford market use to collect and even send it to England's Queen Victoria and lots of Indian Kings and rich peoples in those days. 

These Mango fruits were possible to face the recipient who was gifted as they were, recall them of the loved ones who have gifted.  

Now a day if Alphonso mango has to exported, it is done with hot water treatment. But those days, it was sent without any treatment directly to most of the destination. 

During the summer season was like mango season. Most of the wealthy, elite, as well as middle class and even poor class people, use to travel to Konkan and visit Mango orchards and mango trees. 

Those who were not having options to visit Konkan use to visit the Crawford market for purchasing the delightful Alphonso Mango. For the feast to the sweet tooth and taste buds.

Alphonso Mango Delivery 

Earlier, we use to deliver with multiple options directly to the customer like we use to send thru bus, train, or flight as per customer requirement because those customers who had our mangoes are our customers for multiple years.  

But since the new technology has developed, we have gradually become global Citizens with Netizens in us. We started to envisage that it would be much better to send mangoes directly from Farm to your doorstep as there was lots of trouble while sending mangoes to each and individual customers as well as wholesalers in pan India.

Talking about the delivery, you can be confident that your ordered boxes of mangoes will reach your doorstep without any damage in its prime condition. 

Our team has paired with the best delivery experts around Konkan and other Indian regions. These partners are Blue dart, Ekart, DHL, FedEx, Easyship, DTDC, and other local logistics partners who are panning India. 

All you need to do is, place an order, wait for delivery of premium Indian Variety of Alphonso mangoes on your doorstep. But before going further, let's see how Alphonso mangoes benefit you.

Alphonso Mango with GI tag

Our Alphonso Mangoes are GI tag approved now to answer your query 

What is GI Tag

GI Tag (Geographical Indication tag) is an indication used on products or particular products, fruits that have a specific geographical origin and specialty of that source or origin place, which have the property or fame, the prestige that is owing to that origin. 

Alphonso Mango is known for GI tag origin in Konkan. Means Alphonso Mango from Devgad, Sindhu Durga, Vijay Durga, Ratnagiri, Kelshi, Alibaug, Thane is pure and Authentic Hapus or Alphonso Mango. 

They bear and have the GI tag for its specialty and Geographical origin.

We have GI tag certification as trader, farmer, and to produce mango products in India. Hence any mangoes from Karnataka, Salem, or Assam cannot be called Alphonso Mango. 

We have the authenticity of these mangoes' origins.

Mango Season

The months of mango production in India are from March to June when the fruit is ripe and fresh to consume. The farmers at Alphonso Mango perform the grafting of Mango, a technique that helps in growing chemical-free and natural organic mangoes in their best taste.

Later, these mangoes also sold at Mumbai's Crawford Market and other premium locations. With the summer approaching, get ready to prepare mango pulp from the fresh organic Alphonso mangoes that will keep you craving for more. 

The mangoes we deliver in International locations have already gone through the hot water treatment that helps them destroy the heat inside the food, which slightly harms your body.

Health Benefits with Taste     

Alphonso mangoes are famous because of the health benefits that make them incomparable to their cousin varieties. 

Good for Pregnant ladies

When a pregnant woman consumes these organic mangoes, her body gets the full nutritional value of iron. This iron helps in proper growth of the fetus if consumed regularly. 

Helps in diseases like Cancer

The abundant phenolic compounds in Alphonso mangoes are excellent anti-oxidant for the human body. They help in fighting terminable diseases like Cancer.

Help keep a healthy digestion

Also, if you're facing digestion problems, consuming mangoes every day can improve your bowel movements and help you get rid of acidity. 

But, to reap these benefits, you need to select the best organic Alphonso mangoes available in the Mumbai market. Using our user-friendly interface on our website, you can smoothly place your order of Alphonso mangoes in seconds. 

The products we offer are at the best economical prices in the market as per the norms. Remember our name, Alphonso Mango, because we know you'll come back for more.

Culinary with Mango

Mango is a tasty delight for the whole family. You can make AamrasAmba Wadi (Amba Burfi, Mango Burfi)Amba Poli (Mango Poli, Aam papad, Mango leather)Amba Modak (Mango Modak)Mango Puree for your baby, Mango Lassi, Mango Almond Milkshake, Amra Khand (Mango Shrikhand), Mango Pudding, Mango chicken, and much more with our tasty mangoes.