Amrakhand | Mango Shrikhand Recipe

Aamrakhand a Maharashtrian & Gujarati fruit Shrikhand

Amrakhand is one of the best dessert enjoyed with most of the meals. The simply irresistible taste you will have at least two to three bowls.

Amrakhand, Mango Shrikhand, How to make amrakhand

Amrakhand ~ Mango Shrikhand taste of India

Plain curd in any form or blended with anything always tastes good. If you are in the east, you will always talk about mishit doi. If you are in the west, it is still Shrikhand, Amrakhand, or Mango Shrikhand or multiple fruit mix shrikhand. It is the best combination of mango, hung curd or yogurt, sugar, saffron strands, cardamom powder, and you could top it with chopped cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, and much more as per your taste.

History of Amrakhand Mango shrikhand

India's world-famous traditional curd as a base cuisines are globally known for there excellent tastes. These always can't stop you from eating one more bowl and please your pallets and palate buds, Shrikhand, which is with the origin of the Indian Subcontinent, called shrikhand.

As per the book 'The Historical Dictionary of Indian Food' by our experienced food historian Mr. KT Acharya. 

Shrikhand is the modified version of Shigran in Marathi or Shikran or Shikrani in Gujarati. There is a reference to Shrikhand since before 500 BC. 

Shrikhand's one of the oldest desserts in Indian history. 

Its roots of origin are Mahabharata. Where there are ancient stories that Bhim, who was working in the kitchen during there Vanwas he invented a recipe using hung curd as it was the favorite food of Lord Shri Krishna, and hence he named it after lord Shri Krishna, i.e., Shrikhand. 

Another reference say's that Shrikhand says that there is a reference of Bajirao Peshwa kitchen (Mudpaak Khana, मुदपाक खाना).

There are also references in ancient Gujarati-Jain literature from 7th to 14th century A.D like Shikharini (shrikhand).

Amrakhand a fermented dessert prepared from hung curd or yogurt. Great tongue twister, which acts as the best super cooling dessert during the meal in scorching summer as well in all seasons. It is a popular Indian traditional dessert.

Since Alphonso Mango loaded with a creamy, buttery sweet taste, Mango Pulp is with tender and delicate texture, little or non-fibrous fruit, with soft and sweet juicy Pulp.

Since then, if you blend mango with hung curd (chakka in Marathi) or hung yogurt, saffron strands, ground cardamom powder, sugar, ice cubes known as Mango shrikhand.

 Alphonso Mango loaded with a creamy taste sweet goes very well with Mango amrakhand. 

Mango Pulp is with tender and delicate texture, little or non-fibrous fruit, with sweet and tangy juicy Pulp.

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Amrakhand Recipe / Mango Shrikhand Recipe

It has multiple variants in Mango Shrikhand like

  1. Mango Shrikhand with ripe Alphonso mango – ripe mango
  2. Mango Shrikhand with canned mango pulp
  3. Mango Shrikhand with sweetened mango pulp
  4. Mango Shrikhand with low-fat cream curd
  5. Mango Shrikhand with vegan curd

Here I have taken Ripe Alphonso Mango as it is very less fiber. You may as well use Kesar mango pulp, but it is a bit of fibrous it might change your taste and color of amrakhand. You can choose ripe mango as per your choice. 

For any shrikhand know one thumb rule use always use fresh homemade curd or yogurt.

Hung the curd overnight in muslin cloth hang it in a hook in the kitchen somewhere, as the whey is a rich nutrient and you can use the same for making Piyush a Marathi sweet drink which made from the whey of hung curd.

For best result hung the curd for 12 to 14 hours as it leaves all the whey water and makes it bit thicker consistency.


  1. You can take 3 to 4 Alphonso mangoes peel it off and chop cubes. It will be nearly two to two and a half cups of alphonso mango cubes.
  2. As an alternate, you can use our Alphonso Mango pulp if it is offseason.
  3. Two to three tablespoons of malai (fresh cream) those who are more health-conscious can avoid if required.
  4. Hung Yogurt or Hung curd called as Chakka in Marathi nearly two to three cups (means almost 500 grams)
  5. Grounded cardamom powder half teaspoon
  6. Add sugar or jaggery or Honey or Stevia or Palm sugar as per your taste and choice because generally, Alphonso mangoes are a sweet delight. Still, you can take nearly three to five tablespoon of sugar.
  7. Add chopped cashew nuts, saffron strands, almonds (Badam), walnuts (akhrot), Anjeer (fig), and mint leaves for garnishing.
  8. Add a pinch of Kesar (Saffron) strands for taste.

How to Make Amrakhand

  • First, make a puree of alphonso mango cubes in a mixer or grinder or a bowl with a spoon by just smashing it. Gives a chunky taste and feel.
  • Now add the fresh cream first get it blended with mango puree. It could also be a tasty dessert as it becomes Alphonso Mango cream like what you get in Mahabaleshwar Strawberry cream. You can try this even once in this summer, a heavenly delight for your complete family).
  • Add chilled hung curd chakka in the same mix with some ice cubes; blend it for some seconds till it becomes mix-like preparation with bit thick consistency.
  • Add sugar or jaggery or Honey or Stevia or Palm sugar as per your taste and choice because generally, Alphonso mangoes are a sweet delight. Still, you can take nearly three to five tablespoons of sugar. Blend it for some time likely till four to five minutes.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of grounded cardamom powder.
  • Serve mango Shrikhand in a small bowl, garnish this with saffron strands chopped cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, Anjeer, dried rose petals, and mint leaves. Dry fruits, you can choose and change as per your taste.
  • If you need thin consistency, you can add more mangoes or mango pulp.

How to Make Mango Shrikhand with mango pulp

You need to replace step 1 in ingredients where you can add mango pulp to this Shrikhand instead of ripe mango or Alphonso Mango. It can be prepared in all seasons as preferably post-summer in the winter season and rainy season.

How to Make Mango Shrikhand with vegan curd

You can buy ready vegan curd, or you can search for any recipe which is dairy-free curd, something like smooth vegan lemon curd. You can also make vegan curd using cashew nut milk, which is a good substitute for dairy curd. You can also try some soya milk curd. It created with vinegar.

Amrakhand calories

It has nearly 526 calories, with 88 calories from fat. It has the right amount of Vitamin A, E, & C, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous, and Iron. So it is a healthy sweet dessert delight for your taste buds.

Some special tips

  1. You can use canned mango pulp in place of ripe mangoes, or you can even use homemade mango pulp.
  2. Mango Pulp is readily available in Indian stores, or you can buy directly from here authentic G.I. tag certified Alphonso Mango Pulp.
  3. Use sweet yogurt, which is less sour and thick, preferably fresh curd.
  4. Add Saffron strands in one to two teaspoons of milk for some 5 to 10 mins before starting your recipe so that it will give more aroma of saffron.
  5. Try roasted almonds and cashew instead of everyday dry fruits, which should finely chop.
  6. If you are making it for later servings may store it in the refrigerator before serving.
  7. You can keep this in ice cream cubes and store them in the freezer. You will enjoy this like an ice cream dessert.
  8. You can add sugar or honey or other sweeteners as per your choices, but since if the Alphonso Mango is ripe, then actually, I will not put any sweeteners like sugar.
  9. As an option, you can add a pinch of Saunth (dried ginger, sountha) for taste as it will make you feel heavy saunth (dried ginger, sountha) will help you digest.