Alphonso: A Healthy and Tasty Delight!
Alphonso Mango

Alphonso: A Healthy and Tasty Delight!

Alphonso: A Healthy and Tasty Delight!

The world has acknowledged that mango is the King of fruits. Many things justify this statement. The rich taste and aroma of mangoes rule people's hearts.

Mango A Day Keeps Doctor Away

It is the most popular subtype of mangoes. Not only is the Hapus tasty; it's incredibly healthy.

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It contains plethora of vitamins and minerals, which helps to reduce heat-related problems during summers. It helps boost your immunity in summers. Mango improves digestion with a high percentage of digestive fiber.

For Eye Health

Vitamin A in this amazing tropical fruit which helps to promote eye health.

Heart Friendly Fruit

A tropical fruit, which contains pectin and Vitamin C, helps lowering cholesterol levels. These help in reducing Lower Density Lipoprotein, which is harmful to the heart.

Wonder Fruit For Weight Gain

It comprises vitamins A, C, and Eplus beta-carotene. Hapus is incredible for your hair and skin health, and it just has six calories per gram. So, if weight gain is your aim, then Alphonso is your ace card!

It has a golden yellow, orange, and saffron color. With a slight red tinge that may spread over to the bottom. On the inside, it is saffron-yellow.

You don't need to worry about piling on the kilos while eating mangoes. They have negligible fats in them. They pack a lot of nutrition, along with vitamin C, which helps detox your body.

Its taste fantastic when barely chilled if not eaten straight from the tree. Another way of eating a mango is by dicing it and consuming it.

Ripe mango pulp is orangish and tender and has a uniform texture from soft to almost smooth. Many food recipes around the world use mango as an essential ingredient in various recipes.

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