Kimia dates for diabetics

Kimia Dates for Diabetes

Kimia dates for diabetics

Kimia dates contain natural sugar like fructose, glucose, Etc. 

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Dates are used as a natural sweetener.

People having diabetes can consume these dates as the nutrients present in them ensure that the dates are absorbed slowly into the blood.

Kimia Dates Glycemic Index 48

They, also known as mazafati dates, are medium-sized dates that have a dark hue.

They are soft, sweet, and fleshy. However, Eat only four dates must be consumed.

These dates can be easily squished using little pressure due to their high moisture content.

Dates have high potassium content, which helps control diarrhea.

The high fiber content enables them to do away with constipation and other issues related to the digestive system.

The dates are beneficial for treating anemia due to their high iron content.