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Aam Panna (Johra) - AlphonsoMango.in

Aam Panna (Johra)

Aam Panna- Aam Johra

Do you love mangoes? Did you spend your summer vacation at your grandparents' house? Or maybe your native village? Are you a 90s kid? Have you climbed up trees to steal mangoes from your neighbors' trees?

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Then you probably know what Aam Panna is! You will love it! Besides gaining a reputation as a refreshing summer drink, it has many health-related benefits. Raw mango is naturally deemed to be a delicious and healthy drink.Aam ka Panna has many essential minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.It is the green mango drink, which is an excellent drink for Indian summers. Popular in South Asia and India, this drink is both salty and sweet, with a slightly sour taste.Mango Panna is used for beating the heat in summer. It helps improve skin quality and eye health.It reduces depression and diarrhea, provides energy, and improves resistance to germs. It is a drink made from raw mango pulp.So, it needs a bright green mango, roasted cumin powder, or black pepper can be added to improve its flavor. It is easy to refrigerate for 3-4 days and utilize whenever needed.

Aam Panna recipe

Use fresh unripe mangoes for rich flavor in your drink. 

  • Wash and boil the mangoes or cook them in the pressure cooker.
  • You can boil them with its peel.
  • You may soak your mangoes in cold water before cooking them.
  • After taking them out, mash them after peeling the skin.
  • Jaggery can be used for a healthy version. Use jaggery when the puree is hot and mash it well.
  • Transfer them to another utensil and let them cool.
  • Add a few crushed fresh mint leaves to add a better flavor.
  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of salt or black salt, the Aam Panna concentrate, chilled water, and mix. Add some ice cubes.

This drink has lots of carbohydrates and vitamins. It improves digestion. It has high fiber content, so it will naturally be an excellent drink to digest.Also, it has substances such as aldehydes, which help in improving the body's digestive system. It contains Vitamin B, which helps to clean the bowels.It helps fight the disease and lowers blood sugar. It helps restore insulin in blood levels. It is believed to be a reliable solution to lowering high insulin levels.This refreshing drink takes you back to your childhood. Make this recipe and leap back to your childhood days.

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