Mango Cocktail
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Mango Cocktail

Mango Cocktail

Mango drinks are a typical beverage in India. This beverage is so delightful.

It takes you to your vacation days at a seashore on a sunny day. 

A mango margarita is a great summer drink to be had in the early evening. Thus, it is a common party drink.

Finish yours with mango, lime, or other tropical or nearby summer natural products. Serve something firm and crunchy like Thai Spring Rolls with this drink for a more wholesome experience.

On the other hand, do fiery things with some spicy Thai finger/party dishes, where the hot kinds of the beans are stewed with the aam's cool tones. 

Mango Cocktail with Vodka

You can likewise make the non-alcoholic variant. Aam is a simple organic product to plan.

Mango Cocktail Recipe

  • Two ripe mangoes/mango chunks
  • 1/2 cup vodka or lime soda
  • Lime juice
  • Salt 
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons teaspoons sugar  
  • One container of shimmering wine
  • Favored Garnish: Fresh lime or mint leaves
  • Ice cubes

Cut off fresh aam pieces and dispose of the skin, rather than skinning them and cutting afterward.

To begin with, slice sides of the aam to dodge the pit. Cut the piece into long squares and separate them from the skin.

Now trim the rest of the fruit from the seed. Blend all the materials.

Add the alcoholic drink or soda and grind to form a puree.

Presently attempt a taste, add sugar whenever wanted to give it a sweet, sour flavor.

Empty this bright drink into glasses and fill them midway.

Pick champagne, white wine, vodka, or water if you need no liquor.

Pour in the glasses and serve.

For non-alcoholic variants, supplant water or mango juice or any other tropical squeeze, for example, guava or pineapple juice with vodka.

Assuming fresh mangoes are not accessible, look in the cooler case for frozen cuts.

They are broadly available. Solidified or canned mango puree can likewise be found in stores.  

This is an incredible summer drink that you can enjoy at your home. You can avoid alcohol to make a cocktail for your children or even pregnant women.

Make sure you buy fresh, excellent quality fruit. This drink is the best way of enjoying the mango season.


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