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The Difference Between Pulp and Puree Explained - AlphonsoMango.in

The Difference Between Pulp and Puree Explained

The Difference Between Pulp and Puree Explained

If you're familiar with cooking and baking, chances are you've heard of puree and pulp.

But what is the difference between them?

In short, the pulp is coarser and less smooth than pureed fruits and vegetables.

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However, there are many more nuances to the differences between these two forms of producing fresh produce!

What is Mango Puree

A Mango puree is a cooking method that turns Mango fruits into a smooth, creamy substance. It's usually achieved by blending the mango produce or aamras with liquid, such as water or milk, until it becomes a uniform mass.

Once the Mango puree is made, you can adjust the consistency and texture of the tasty Mango Puree depending on your recipe. Let's say you are preparing mango lassiMango Cold Drinkand Mango Cocktail.

You can add the curd with ice cubes and make thinner consistency of the puree so that it gets blended into lassi. For example, some recipes call for a thick puree, while others require thinner consistencies.

What is a Mango Pulp?

On the other hand, a Mango pulp is crushed fresh Alphonso Mango produce without any additions or subtraction. The texture and size of the pieces can vary depending on your preference. It's typically used to add flavor and texture to a dish or recipe, such as: 

For example, for extra flavor, mango pulp is added to recipes like salsa or chutney.

How Do You Make Puree at Home?

Making Mango puree at home is simple! Please start by selecting a ripe Mango fruit and cutting it into small pieces. Place the Alphonso Mango pieces in a blender or food processor, and then add enough liquid (like water or juice) with honey or sugar, if required to help them blend.

Then, blend until it reaches a smooth, creamy consistency. Finally, strain out any remaining solids. Enjoy your freshly made puree!

How Do You Make Pulp at Home?

Hapus Mango Pulp is just as easy to make at home! Just like with puree, you start by cutting up the ripe fruit. Instead of putting them in a blender, please place them in a saucepan and mash them with a potato masher or spoon until they break down.

It will become chunky and thick. You can also add liquid if desired. The result should still be lumpy. This pulp can now be used for various cooking and baking projects and jams!

Difference Between Puree and Pulp In Recipes

Although both puree and pulp are made from fruits or vegetables, there is a substantial difference between them in terms of texture and consistency. Mango Puree is mostly smooth and silky, whereas Mango pulp has a thicker texture with small mango chunks of the fruit still visible. Depending on the recipe, one might work better than the other, so it's important to know what each is used for. You can use the puree for many Mango Recipes and desserts, while pulp works great for jams, pies, tarts, muffins, and other baked goods.

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