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Range of Lip Smacking Mango Dessert - AlphonsoMango.in

Range of Lip Smacking Mango Dessert

Range of Lip Smacking Mango Dessert

The mango is the king of mango. This Pulpy and tasty fruit comes to your house in many varieties, like the Hapus, Kesar, Chaunsa, Dasheri, Langra, and many more. 

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Mangoes can be eaten as a whole fruit or used to make mango kulfi, smoothies, salads, cakes, juices, sheeras, and even mango puree/mousse for your fussy little eaters. in the mango season, you can use mango to make multiple delightful mango deserts. Mango desserts are a way to enjoy summer heat with you and your loved ones. You can quench your thirst for mangoes with some of the recipes mentioned below.  

Mango Smoothie 

Mango smoothie is a mixture of mango, milk/yogurt, coconut milk(optional), sugar, saffron strands, cardamom powder, ice cubes, and ice cream garnished with chopped dry fruits for extra flavor and health benefits.  

Mango milkshake

This refreshing blend of smoothies is refreshing and tasty and has many health benefits. This smoothie shoots all your nutrients levels up and acts as an Aphrodisiac fruit by increasing libido.  Mango smoothie helps rebuild the lost nutrients during the workout and restore the glycogen store required to rebuild muscle tissues that are torn while working out. 

Mango Sheera

Mango is different from other mango dessert recipes like mango smoothies or puree. It is an Indian sweet dish known as Kesari or mango halwa.  The recipe to make mango sheera is very simple and does not take many ingredients. It needs 'rava'(semolina), milk, ghee/butter, sugar, some Kashmiri saffron as a food dye, and some dry fruits for garnishing.

Mango Halwa

The taste of sheera is delicious, but the mango flavor adds richness to the flavor. Mangoes are packed with healing materials that are beneficial for you. They are a store of vitamin A and Beta-carotene.  In some parts of India, mango sheera is also made for breakfast.

Mango Lassi

Mango lassi is a sweet and delicious mixture of mangoes, curd/yogurt, cardamom powder, some saffron strands, and dry fruits for flavor as per your choice.  The creamy sweet taste of Alphonso mango goes best with the lassi. The mango pulp has a tender and delicate texture. It is a non-fibrous fruit with a sweet and tangy flavor. Mango lassi has around 372 calories, of which 80 come from fats. It has the right amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. All these things make the mango lassi a very healthy and delightful drink. 

Mango Cheesecake

When the summer comes, the season of trying new desserts with fresh ripe mangoes is the king of fruits. With the help of juicy mangoes, you may make a delicious mango cake and cheesecake.   Making mango cake and cheesecake is like a cakewalk. This dish is another way of adding raw mangoes and sweet mangoes to your dessert.  The delicate and soft cake is rich in flavor and has a smooth taste of condensed milk.It only takes A block of mango or 1/2 cup of mango pieces, sugar, oil, vinegar, all-purpose flour, milk, baking soda, salt, and baking powder.  Serve with whipping cream on the top. You can also cover it with cream and decorate it with sprinkles and fruits.

Aam Panna 

You probably know what Aam Panna is. Besides its reputation as a refreshing summer drink, it is a drink with many health benefits.  Raw mangoes are deemed delicious, and when added to a drink, they become healthy. Aam Panna has many essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This drink is both sweet and salty and has a little sour taste. Aam Panna helps beat the summer heat and improves skin quality and eye health.It reduces depression and diarrhea, provides energy, and improves resistance to germs.It needs bright green mangoes, roasted cumin powder, and black pepper to add extra flavor to the drink. It is easy to refrigerate and store for 3-4 days and use whenever possible.This refreshing drink brings back all the childhood memories. 


Aamras is a famous dessert in Indian cuisine. Also known as mango pudding.It is a very soft and delicious dessert one can ever try. To make aamras, first, you need fresh mangoes, then wash them with tap water and refrigerate them so they will cool down. Then cut those mangoes into tiny pieces and then use a blender or hand squash them to make a pulp.If you need thinner consistency, you can add sugar and milk as per taste and add milk cream to add to your taste.To enjoy summer, you need mangoes and some mango recipes to make your mango desserts.Mango season is every connoisseur's dream. Try our entourage of recipes before the season chases away.

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