Hapus Ice Cream
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Hapus Ice cream

Hapus ice cream

Condensed milk-based ice cream is the best dessert for summer. The best puree utilized here comes from the sweetest Hapus mango.

Buy Mangoes For Ice Cream

Alphonso mangoes are regarded as stores of sweetness, richness, and flavor.

It has a long shelf existence of a week after it is ripe. Thus, the fruit is easy to export.

They are additionally the most luxurious kind. They are grown in western India.

It is in season April through May and weighs between 150g and 300g each. 

The following is a recipe for Hapus mango icecream.


  • Milk - 2.5 cups (250 ml cup) 
  • Mango puree - 2.5 tbsp 
  • Sugar - one cup 
  • Green cardamom (squashed) - 4/5 
  • Saffron - 1thread
  • Pistachios - 12-15 
  • Almond puree - 2–3 tbsp 
  • Rice flour - 2.5–3 tbsp 

Alphonso Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Heat the saffron and milk in a shallow skillet for around 15 minutes. Try not to steam.

Add sugar and mix until it breaks down. 

Blend the rice flour in with three tablespoons of milk and mix the saffron milk in it.

Continue mixing so that no lumps form. 

Cook over a low flame, blending until the concoction thickens. 

Switch off the gas and fold in the almond puree, blending and let this mixture cool. 

Include mango puree, cleaved pistachio pieces, and blend well. 

Empty the mango ice cream into serving bowls or ice cream molds.

Freeze for 10 hours. 

Serve cold.

Make this incredibly easy recipe to enjoy the mango season.