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Mango Cold Drink

Mango Cold Drink

Mango! Indeed, they are tasty, and most of the Indians love them. 

The cost of this fruit is not less, yet our love for it defeats all rationale! 

Buy Mangoes for Cold Drink

Another way to appreciate this fruit is by making mango drinks. We bet you already know about it and love it!

It is the most common soft drink made with sugar, salt, and sometimes different flavors. 

Another mainstream drink contains sweet mangoes blended in with yogurt or milk. 

For this drink recipe, we utilized fruit, yogurt, milk, sugar, and cardamom. 

You may add a little milk to this drink as it is excessively thick.

IF you are not fond of adding milk to your drink, you can use yogurt. 

You can sprinkle with saffron or rose water for extra flavor, but it is optional. 

It is thick, sweet, and velvety and perhaps an ideal way to appreciate this tropical fruit! 

You can even make this recipe vegan. You can use yogurt made from almond milk.

You can use any other non-dairy milk. Avoid yogurt made from coconut milk.

It has a robust nutty flavor that may change hide your fruit flavor. 


Step 1: In a cup or bowl, add 1 cup of mango puree. You can mash the fruit and blend it. 

If fresh fruit is not available, you may use canned fruit.

Step 2: In a similar bowl, add the yogurt. We prefer milk yogurt, but you may opt for vegan alternatives. 

Step 3: Now add cold milk (or water) to make it more slender. Add more sugar and cardamom powder. You can also add Nutmeg Powder.

Step 4: Mix everything until combined well. You may use a submersion blender. Empty the drink into the serving glasses and let cool prior to serving! 

You can garnish nuts and saffron strands prior to serving.



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