Mango smoothie for baby

Mango Smoothie for your Kids

Mango smoothie for your fussy eaters is a tasty delight with mango as kids love mangoes like anything.

Mango Smoothie for Baby

Mango smoothie for baby

Here we have taken Alphonso Mango or sweetened mango pulp made from Alphonso mangoes as it is with significantly less fiber or minimal fiber.

Mango Smoothie for Kids

You may as well use Kesar mango pulp, but it is a bit of fibrous it might change your taste and color of Smoothie. You can choose ripe Mango as per your choice.

Mango Smoothie Ingredients

Summertime is full of fun with you and your kids at home due to their holidays.

An ultra-creamy smoothie can be made with dairy or dairy-free as per your choice. If you are vegan, then you can make dairy-free.

As Mango smoothie is one of the most natural Mango recipes, it can take approximately two to three minutes. If everything is ready, you will love this Smoothie.

  1. You can take 3 to 4 Alphonso mangoes, peel it off and chop cubes. It will be nearly two to two and a half cups of alphonso mango cubes and mango chunks. As fresh, Mango always tastes better.
  2. For a toddler who means below two years they don’t like fibers in their mouth, please take a sieve and crush the pulp in it.
  3. If you don’t have fresh mangoes, you can order here with us. You can also choose frozen Mango, fresh or frozen, makes a bit different in the taste as I wouldn’t say I like Mango to be frozen. It changes the color of the pulp if it has frozen.
  4. If you are using fresh Mango, then you can add a frozen banana. It tastes fantastic.
  5. Two to three tablespoon of malai (fresh cream) and more health-conscious can be avoided if required.
  6. Milk half a cup you can use vegan milk like homemade cashew milk, almond milk, soya milk as per your choice here, I have taken dairy milk.
  7. Yogurt base or greek yogurt half cup or yogurt milk or Dahi (Curd) nearly half a cup
  8. Half a tablespoon of rose water, or you can use Gulkand (Gulqand, rose petal jam)
  9. Grounded cardamom powder half teaspoon
  10. Add sugar or jaggery or Honey or Stevia or Palm sugar as per your taste and choice because generally, Alphonso mangoes are a sweet delight. Still, you can take nearly three to five tablespoon of sugar.
  11. For your toddlers, you can avoid this to add chopped cashew nuts, saffron strands, almonds (Badam), walnuts (akhrot), Anjeer (fig), and mint leaves for garnishing. But if your kid is a bit bigger, then they will like it.
  12. You may add little Nutmeg powder to this on top of the same for better sleep of your baby
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    How to Make Mango Smoothie Recipe

    • First, make a puree of alphonso mango cubes or mango chunks in a blender and blending this first.
    • Now add the fresh cream first get it mixed with mango puree. 
    • If you have a toddler at home, but this mango puree in the sieve and crush it out. Some of the fibrous hairs will stay in the sieved puree.
    • You can also try our Mango pulp in the offseason when fresh mangoes are not available.
    • Add chilled curd or Greek yogurt, frozen banana in the same mix with some ice cubes; blend the blender for some seconds till it becomes smoothie-like preparation.
    • Add a pinch of grounded cardamom powder.
    • Serve mango smoothie in a glass or a bottle, garnish this with saffron strands, chopped cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, Anjeer, and mint leaves. Dry fruits, you can choose and change as per your taste.
    • You can make a thin consistency for the toddler. You can add more ice cubes or little water.

    Mango Smoothie essentials for your toddler

    Mango lassi has nearly 287 calories. It has the right amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Thiamin, Vitamin B2, Calcium, and Iron. So it is a healthy sweet drink delight for you.

    Some special tips

    1. You can use canned mango pulp in place of ripe mangoes or even use homemade mango pulp.
    2. Mango Pulp is readily available in any Indian stores, or you can buy directly from here authentic G.I. tag certified Alphonso Mango Pulp.
    3. Use sweet yogurt or Greek yogurt or curd, which is less sour and thick if its consistency is thin and then reduces ice cubes.
    4. Add Saffron strands in one to two teaspoons of milk for some 5 to 10 mins before starting your recipe so that it will give more aroma of saffron.
    5. Try roasted almonds and cashew instead of everyday dry fruits, which should finely chop.
    6. Don’t refrigerate it for small toddlers; instead, serve them after cooling it.
    7. You can add sugar or honey or other sweeteners as per your choices, but since if the Alphonso Mango is ripe, then actually, I will not put any sweeteners like sugar.

    As an option, you can add a pinch of Saunth (dried ginger, sountha) for taste as Mango lassi will make you feel heavy saunth (dried ginger, sountha) will help you digest.