How to make Mango Pulp

How to make Mango Pulp

Know-How to make mango pulp at home from fresh alphonso mango from us. store it for a complete year and enjoy the taste of mango around the year.

How to make Mango Pulp, How to store mango pulp, How to preserve mango pulp

Brace Your Taste Buds with Lip Smacking Mango Pulp

It’s mango season in India, with the start of summer.

How to make mango pulp?

And that’s when my mom brings loads of mangoes, makes a good, thick pulp (squash) out of those mangoes, and stores it in the refrigerator.

Times when my friends come over for lunch or dinners, my mom makes sure to make mango shake using the stored homemade mango pulp. Well, there always remains a question in all our minds as to:

How to store mango pulp?

How to preserve mango pulp?

You can order Alphonso Mango Online here, or you can also order our ready mango pulp.

Mango pulp may used to make delicious syrups, juice, and other products.

The mango pulp that we sell comes with a sweet flavor, texture, and fragrance. Mango increases the overall immunity and stops skin wrinkling prematurely.

The mango pulp has a genuine mango flavor. The pulp prepared is in the most hygienic conditions. We do offer excellent packaging at affordable prices.

We ensure that our mango pulp is only from the best breeds of mangoes like Alphonso and Totapuri and here’s the main part.

The flavor of the pulp depends on the type of mangoes that you use.

Choose the best mangoes to have a perfect pulp. Sweet and sour mangoes, varieties Alphonso, Raspuri are ideally suited for this pulp preparation.

However, if you can’t find Alphonso, Hapus, Payri, or Raspuri, you can prepare this mango pulp with any mango variety you can find locally, but if you want to order Alphonso mango online click here.

If the mangoes are sour, you will need to add more sugar when the pulp prepared.

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How To Make Mango Pulp?

Fresh juicy Alphonso mangoes get used for making mango pulp. It is indeed effortless to make mango pulp.

First of all, wash the mangoes and clean them. After that, peel them, cut them, and remove their seed. Blend it in a blender until its creamy.

How To Preserve Mango Pulp?

Now that you have made mango pulp for the whole year, it is also necessary that you preserve it.

Ensure that you do not add any water while you make the mango pulp.

Further, this mango pulp can be preserved for longer by adding sugar in it.

This sugar works as a preservative and keeps your mango pulp intact for a longer duration.

How To Store Mango Pulp?

We will have the luxury of consuming mangoes or their chutney, shakes, juices, cakes all year long.

Did you know that we can store mango pulp or any other fresh fruits and vegetables in the freezer for the whole year? In reality, you will find any Indian household’s freezer filled with pulps, purees, spices, which usually not readily available throughout the year.

Such items conveniently can be stored for 12 months in a fridge in an airtight jar or zip pouch.

Use the best of our Alphonso mangoes to make a lip-smacking mango pulp and store and preserve it for the whole year.