Amba Wadi Recipe | Mango Burfi recipe

Amba Wadi Recipe

Mango Burfi

A dessert from Konkan this are sweet and tangy dessert bars of Mango mania. We use to eat this in our homes in Konkan, mostly when we were on holiday. As our Paternal and Maternal Granny use to make it for all our kid's gang. A Fulltime enjoyment in summer days as those were days where we were not getting any burgers or subs in our village in those days.

Amba Wadi Recipe, Mango burfi recipe

Amba Wadi Recipe | Mango Burfi Recipe

A sweet dish which you will enjoy anytime. For the sweet tooth of your complete family. Prepare it at your home with easy steps.

Recipe of Amba Wadi

Duration: 8 to 10 mins


100 % pure Hapus Mango pulp

You can use canned Sugar or castor Sugar or Stevia as per your taste.

cow ghee

saffron strands optional


Step 1

Take a nonstick pan. Place it on medium flame. Open our Alphonso Mango Pulp, pours it into Pan, and stirring continuously. When it starts to bubble, reduce the flame to simmer.

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Step 2 

Now Mango pulp will reduce to half of what quantity you had taken. Add a Sugar or use Stevia or don't use any crushed sugar / Castor sugar as these are sweetened Mango Pulp as per your choice if you want to make it sugar-free or with lesser Sugar.

Now slowly mix the mixture on low flame. It thickens the mix add some saffron strands and cardamom powder if required. Just sauté for some time on low flame once the mixture thickens.

Step 3

Grease a mold plate with pure cow ghee pour this mixture on greased tray let it settle for 5 to 10 mins.

Step 4

As an optional step, you can add poppy seeds if required, add dried ginger powder (सुंठ ) in a mixture if you like the taste.

Step 5

Now use knife mark it with straight lines in your love shapes. Now, these wadi is ready to eat.


  • As an optional step, you can add or sprinkle this wadi into poppy seeds.
  • if required, add dried ginger powder (सुंठ) in a mixture or sprinkle on top of it
  • You can store this in an airtight container. 

Nutrition Facts about Mango Burfi- Ambawadi

This dessert is with Alphonso Mango, which contains Sugar of 20 gms, with 92 Calories, with Saturated fat of 2mg, Potassium of 22.1 gm, Sodium of 246 mg, and total fat of 0.6 gm. It also contains Dietary fiber of nearly 2.4 gm, which s good for digestion. 

It contains Sugar of 20 gms, with Carbohydrate of 22 gm, and Protein of 1.2 gm, which keeps your kids and you rock. 

For Calorie Conscious People

Activities needed to burn these seven calories are:- 

  • 1-minute cycling
  • 2 minutes of cleaning
  • 0 minutes of running 

A healthy diet for you and your family, while evening snack, after leaving the office with an excellent taste or after dinner for your sweet tooth.