Where Mango Grows

Where Mango Grows

Where Mango Grows

When you pass through the roads of Konkan from Mumbai you will always feel where are you where have you landed yourself its a lush green lands where Mango Grows.

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Mango tree grows in a tropical climate of India. They are not only source of mango but it is a big housing society for birds also.

Mango Grows across India but King of Mango Alphonso Mango grows in Konkan which is now Geographical Tag Certified.

It is one of the best living thing which gives multiple things to the mother earth and people who live on the planet.

A mango tree which grow quite high, Now a days with some research it is always pruned to maintain the height and harvesting easily.

Mango Tree Height 

Most of the mangoes which are well grown are with a height of 70 feet to 100 feet or even more.

Which covers the circumference of the tree which spreads across 28 feet to 38 feet or more.

Now a days with some latest technology in mind these trees are cultivation with pruning technology which helps easier harvesting of the mangoes.

The leaves which are bit leathery texture varies from 4 to 18 inches in length, and last on the tree for more than a year or even more.

Flowers which is  called as mohor in Marathi they blossom at end with a groups 4 to 16 inches long.

Flowers of mango tree a mild sweet aroma and small in shape with white petals.

Pollination of flowers done by honey bees and insects and less than 1 percent of the flowers will mature to form a fruit.

India which is known as Mango first country who produces 50% of worlds Mango.

There are lots of other mango producing countries include Mexico, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria( which was planted by Indians who travelled) Brazil, and Egypt.

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In which season mango grows in India

This king of fruit tree starts flowering in December to February and starts bearing fruits from the Month of February.

But the proper season of Mango in India is from March to June end and some varieties of mangoes are up to July end or august starts like Dasheri. While

Alphonso Mango season is up to May end.