Gir Kesar Mangoes Online....

Rs. 2,699.00

Gir Kesar Mangoes Online....

Rs. 2,699.00
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Gir Kesar Mango Buy Online

Did you know that Gir Kesar mangoes are a type of fruit grown in the Gir region of Gujarat, India? These mangoes are renowned for their deliciously sweet, creamy taste and bright, beautiful orange colour. They're considered some of the world's best Aam, often called Gir Kesariya Aam.

Kesar Mango One Dozen Mix Size

Kesar Mango is grown in Gujarat and Maharashtra, with a sweet taste and aroma of firm saffron-coloured pulp.

What is kesar Mango, and what makes it unique?

It is a type of mango famous for its sweet, fragrant flavour and smooth, fiberless texture. This variety originated in the Gir region of Gujarat, India. Its vibrant orange colour, unique aroma, and rich taste combine sweetness with a hint of tartness.

Kesar Mango Online

They are delicious fruits that many people enjoy. They can have a sour taste if they are still fresh. But once they ripen, they are a great source of nutrition. Tropical fruit trees are grown on over 20,000 hectares of land in India, specifically in the foothills of mountains in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

These areas have fertile soil rich in minerals like calcium and potassium, which help the Aamrai trees grow and produce juicy, tasty fruit. When buying mangoes online, make sure they have a fruity smell and are soft to the touch, which means they are ripe and ready to eat.

Ripe mangoes, including the popular variety of raw Aam known as Kesar, are great for juices and shakes and can help prevent internal bleeding and treat acidity. Other varieties of mangoes available online include Banganapalli, Totapuri, and the highly sought-after raw mango.

Keshar Amba

It is also known as Keshar Amba, or Kesar Mango Pulp, a popular fruit in India's Gujarat and Maharashtra regions. People love it for its unique characteristics that set it apart from other kinds of Aam.

The pulp of this fruit is a beautiful saffron colour. It has a sweet aroma that makes it even more appealing.

One of the things that sets it apart from other mangos is its smooth texture, without any fibrous strands. Eating makes it a joy; you can savour its velvety flesh without interruptions.

Buy Kesar Mango Online India

Are you a fan of mangos? If so, you can now order the famous Gir Kesar mangoes online and enjoy their juicy texture and delicious taste right from the comfort of your home. And suppose you're looking for mangoes perfect for making pickles and chutneys.

In that case, you can find raw mangoes online from trustworthy sellers like us. These raw mangoes have a tangy and slightly sour taste that uniquely flavour your dishes. So, why not give them a try and explore new, delicious recipes?

Don't wait any longer. Order your mangoes today and treat your taste buds!

Kesar Mangoes Online Delivery with Carton Packaging from our Orchards to Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore. Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida and Pan India

Have you ever tasted a delicious aam fruit from India? A special type of fruit is called Kesar, which is grown in Aam Bagh.

These mangoes are small to medium-sized with a curved shape and a yellow colour with a little green shade when semi-ripe. They have a delicious, juicy, and sweet taste that people in India love. Due to their unique taste, other countries also import them.

Kesar Mango Price

Are you craving for a sweet and juicy Amba? Then you should try them! It's a delicious Kesar Mango Price that will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you're wondering how much it costs, we can help you. 

It is often called the Yellow organic Kesar mango, naturally grown by us and cultivated in the western part of India in the foothills of Girnar. In 2011, authorities officially recognized it as a special type of mango due to its bright orange-coloured flesh.

The biggest market for this is Talala Gir, which is around 45 km from Gir National Park in western India, near Mira Road. People also call this place the Mango Market Yard, where the cultivation and production of Yellow organic Kesar mangoes begin in October after the monsoon season.

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Kesar Mango 1 Kg Price

The price of Kesariya Aam can vary depending on where and when you buy it. In India, the best ones can cost between Rs 400 to Rs 700 per kilogram during the peak season from February to July. But the mangos sold by roadside vendors might be different from one another.

You can also find deals and discounts on this, such as the -4% discount on Alphonso Hapus Pulp Sweetened (Aamras) – 850 gm, currently priced at ₹ 590.

If you're buying Kesariya Aam outside of India, it can be much pricier because of shipping costs and limited supply. It's a good idea to check our website for current prices before you buy. Also, remember that the quality of these, where they come from, and how ripe they are can all affect their cost.

Kesar Mango Box in Ahmedabad

If you love them, you must try the Kesar Mango Box, which is quite famous in Ahmedabad. The box contains delicious and juicy mangoes known for their unique taste. You can get these boxes during summer when the Kesar variety of mangoes is in high demand.

So, if you are in Ahmedabad during summer, grab a Kesar Mango Box and enjoy the taste of these amazing mangoes.

GIR kesar Mango Gujarat

You can buy boxes of delicious green kesar fresh mangoes from local markets or vendors in cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Junagadh, Surat, Bengaluru, Talala, Navi Mumbai, and others.

Different packaging sizes for mangoes include one dozen, 5 kg, 10-20 kg, or 20-30 kg, and people often give them as gifts on special occasions. They are extremely popular and eagerly awaited by many.

especially the green kesar fresh mango variety from Gujarat's Gir region. These mangoes are known for their unique packaging type of corrugated boxes, jute bags, and wooden cartons.

Indulge in the Sweetness of Summer with Kesar Amba Delivery

Are you looking for the sweetest and most delicious Kesar mangoes this season? You're in luck! Our Delivery brings the taste of sunshine straight to your doorstep, delivering perfectly ripe Green Kesar mangoes all over India. They deliver to Pune, Thane, and Hyderabad. 

Whether you live in Anand Park, Chintamani Nagar, Charholi Budruk or any other area, you can enjoy these mangoes as they arrive fresh and ready to eat.

Tropical fruit Delivery carefully selects only the finest, hand-picked fruits, ensuring you get the best quality.

These mangoes are pure and delicious, whether you want to enjoy them alone, share them with your loved ones, or use them to make yummy summer treats. Get your box of Kesar Mangoes today and discover the true essence of this seasonal delight!

History of Kesar Mango કેસર કેરી

In 1931, Wazir Sale Bhai planted 75 seedlings of a fruit variety on the hills in Girnar, near Junagadh in India. The Nawab Muhammad Mahabar Khan III presented this fruit and called it Gir Kairi. This fruit has a sweet, thick, yellow-orange pulp that is soft and aromatic. 

Kesar Aam

Kesar Aam is a variety that stands out amidst the vast array of mangoes. It is renowned for its distinct flavour, captivating aroma, and vibrant golden colour. You will be transported to a realm of pure bliss as you bite into its juicy flesh.

The Kesar Mango holds a significant place in Indian culture and history. Its origins can be traced back to Gujarat, where it was first cultivated on the hills of Girnar in 1931 by Wazir Sale Bhai. This fruit was so cherished that Nawab Muhammad Mahabar Khan Aam from Gujarat one of the wonders in taste.

People call it by names such as Kesar aam, Kesar no Kairi, and Kesar Amba. With the hot summer ending, you will love eating these mangoes. Mangoes are known to be the king of fruits.

Suppose you get both Saffron and tropical aam combined in taste buds with the natural flavour of real mangoes. In that case, it is a truly delightful experience.

Queen of Fruit with Lovely Flavour, Sweet and Sour taste with Saffron Colour Hue

It is a type of fruit called Kesariya from the Girnar forest. It has a lovely flavour and is light orange with a saffron smell. People consider Kesar one of the best types of fruit in the world, and it can remain fresh for 6 to 8 days after picking.

You can enjoy it by peeling, cutting, or squeezing the pulp directly into your mouth. People use Kesar to make many different things, such as Aam papad, Aamras, Cheesecakes, Ice cream, jams, and juice. It also produces sweet treats like Pulp, nectar, smoothies, and squash.

Another related product is Alphonso Hapus Pulp Sweetened, which you can purchase by adding it to your cart for ₹320. It has a 5.00 Rating.

Buy GI tag Certified Alphonso Mango Pulp.

Buy Aam Kesari Online the Mango from Girnar

Buy Kesar Mango Online and Experience the Taste of Gujarat

If you want to savour Gujarat's authentic taste, then buying Kesar Mango online is the way to go. Known for its sweet and sour flavour with a hint of saffron, this fruit is a delight for your taste buds. Kesar Mango stands out among other mango varieties with its vibrant orange colour and unique aroma.

But it's not just about the taste; Kesar Mango has also earned its place in history. It originates from Girnar in Gujarat and has become a symbol of pride for the state. Aam Kesari Online the Mango from Girnar

Health Benefits of Mangoes

This fruit is good for you! It has much copper, which helps keep your body healthy. Plus, it can help improve your sex drive, help you go to the bathroom easier, and even make you remember things better. It's also good for your heart because it can lower your cholesterol. So, if you eat this fruit, it can make you feel better and healthier!

Aam Kesari, another name for the Queen of Mangoes

Have you ever heard of the Queen of Mangoes? It's a famous variety of mango from India called Aam Kesari, sourced directly from our mango orchards in Gir, Gujarat, India. This type of mango is known for its bright orange colour and juicy, sweet flesh.

People love Aam Kesari because of its unique and delicious flavour. It's one of India's most popular mango varieties, and it's easy to see why! Welcome to us, your one-stop shop for the finest quality Gir Kesari Aam and Kutch Kesari Aam!

Whether you're looking to satisfy your cravings or share the gift of mangoes with others, Kesari Aam has you covered.

Is Kesar mango better than Alphonso?

Different people like different types of mangoes, so it depends on personal taste. It is known for its bright colour, sweet and sour taste, and pleasant smell. It has a slightly rough texture but is still enjoyable to eat.

Another type of mango known as "Alphonso" is very smooth and soft, with a rich taste and is very sweet. People often call it the best mango and look for it eagerly. Whether someone likes Kesar or Alphonso mangoes is a matter of personal choice. Try both types to decide which one you want more.

They are great for desserts, smoothies, and other dishes. Aam Kesari is tasty and rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy choice for any diet.

Key Points About This Fruit

  • Chemical and Carbide free ripened mango.
  • Discover the sweet, juicy goodness of mangoes straight from the orchards of Maharashtra and Gujarat, India!
  • We ensure our Mangoes are not ripe using chemicals like Carbide or other ripening chemicals.
  • They are grown naturally chemical-free.
  • With Freshness Guaranteed
  • Box packing Starts with
  • The packers place them in unripe or semi-ripe conditions to withstand travel time.
  • Fruits will be ripe to a whole yellow-orange saffron Hue colour.
  • Experience the delightful aroma that greets you upon arrival due to their meticulous ageing process.
  • Generally, it takes one to four days to ripen once it reaches home.
  • Please open the box to arrange all mangoes on the floor with a haystack with a mango box. In 6 to 8 days, these processed ripe fruits watch mangoes.
  • Packed as per SOP and sent in semi-ripe, it avoids Fruit damage due to ripening in transport.
  • As a standard guide, never refrigerate the mangoes. Refrigerate only when they are ready and ripe. Mature and ready to eat in the next 30 minutes.

Please don't spoil the mangoes' taste by cooling them. Before eating, please put them in a cold water bucket and then cut them for a lovely experience.

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    S.Velmurugan, .

    Yes, It was so tasty and well packed dispatched to me , So happy on taste and quality

    Santosh Devanallikar
    Well, Looked like Gir Kesar but they tasted like good quality Alphonso.

    Packaging, transport/delivery, payment, service is all seamless and pretty good. The cost was also relatively less compared to other comparable sites.

    But the Mangoes tasted/smelled like decent quality Alphonso, rather than Gir Kesar. They had appearance like Gir Kesar though. So I guess, it is some hybrid or cross-pollination

    Perhaps the company can be more careful, have good qualifying tests to make sure that Gir Kesar, would mean exactly that when they source their mangoes.

    M Akshita
    Very nice.

    Mangoes are good but it took 15 days to come to an eating position

    Nipun Gupta, Ramkunj, Vallabhbhai Patel Road, Santacruz(West)

    Quality of Mango was great. That's why ordered again. Keep it up

    Dr rishna Ram

    Once ordered the consignment is delivered to you within three or four days.
    The mangoes ripen two per day, which suits a family of two. So a dozen can be easily be enjoyed!
    It will be great if a customer can buy six at a time