Alphonso Mango in Pune

Buy Alphonso Mangoes in Pune 

Our Initiative is Alphonso Mangoes directly from our farms in Konkan to your home in Pune. Our Mangoes are Geographical Indication tag certified by the farmer and even as a trader. Tasty, juicy, delectable King of Mangoes directly to your home on a click away. 

Alphonso Mango in Pune

Alphonso Mango in Pune

Pune the second biggest city in Maharashtra, it was the base of Peshwas of Maratha kingdom.  It is the 9th largest populated city of Maharashtra. It called Vidyeche Maher Ghar in Marathi.

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People in Pune love various varieties of Alphonso mango as it is the nearest city from Konkan after Mumbai.

Alphonso Mango rate in Pune | mangoes rate in Pune

This Luxurious King of fruit with golden yellow and red ting, with saffron hued pulpy tasty fruit, has the prestige to be offered at the Lord’s Dagdushet halwai Ganpati feet on each Akshaya Tritiya as ‘naivedya’ to Shri Ganesh.

Buy Alphonso Mango in Pune Online 

Alphonso Mangoes, a Healthy king of fruit during scorching summers of Pune, has been linked to multiple health benefits. Some of them are weight loss, lower cholesterol, weight gain, helps in digestion and food assimilation by promoting a healthy gut.

Lowers risk of cardiac disease, healthy eyesight, clearer skin also helps in overcoming several vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Naturally Ripened without Calcium Carbide

What option Pune could get better than going to the market, sifting your hands on a heap of mangoes, or buying Alphonso mangoes at a click of the mouse or you’re mobile with the ease of your home.

You might get cheaper options in the local market. Still, you don’t know whether they are Karnataka mango or authentic Alphonso Mango as in market lots of people mix pure Alphonso mango with Karnataka mango and offer you a lower price. Local marker mangoes usually are not naturally ripened; they ripened using chemicals.

Alphonso Mango is grown naturally.

Our Alphonso Mangoes, which have a distinct aroma that can be recognized even from a distance as well when you eat mangoes and wash your hands, the fragrance will still be there to your hands. Our mangoes ripened in a natural way wherein no chemicals used to ripen mangoes.

Our farms in Ratnagiri and Devgad uses organic methods to grow these tasty mangoes. We use mango leaves waste, Vegetation waste, paddy straw, rice straw, wood bark, cow dung, urine in the composting ponds.

Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Price in Pune 

Where we prepare natural compost, and it used for the mango trees before the rainy season. So that mangoes are grown with excellent golden yellow color and firmer pulp with tangy-sweet taste.

Our Alphonso mangoes satisfy you from the first bite with a taste and aroma.

Alphonso Mango store in Pune

We have our mango store in Pune in Narayan Peth from where we use to sell. Earlier, we use to trade only in wholesale directly from farmers to wholesalers from this year onwards we have started to sell online.

Alphonso Mango in Pune, Buy Hapus in Pune

You can buy Alphonso mangoes online instantly from the farmers wherein you can choose your grade of mangoes as per your consumption and requirements. Mangoes graded as per the sizes and locations.

Alphonso Mango In Pune

You can also order our five-week plan or ten-week plan or fifteen-week plan as per your requirement so that you keep on getting mangoes every week on your desired weekday so that mangoes don't get spoiled and overstocked at your home, and you can enjoy only mangoes what you require for the week.

Alphonso Mango Hinjewadi

You can also order our five-week plan or ten-week plan or fifteen-week plan as per your requirement so that you keep on getting mangoes every week on the desired weekday of your choice so that mangoes do not get spoiled.

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    Alphonso mango home delivery Pune

    Our farmers harvest Alphonso mangoes on Brahma Muhurta in Konkan, and further, it is cleaned and washed manually. These mangoes are sorted and graded as per size and quality. It packed in the mango box (Ambyachi Peti)

    Our mangoes are delivered in semi-ripe conditions so that it ripens at your home naturally, which you can store for a longer time.

    Our team handles mango home delivery Pune by road directly from Konkan like Devgad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga, and Alibaug to Pune city and covers nearly all pin codes in Pune.

    GI tag certified Alphonso Mangoes in Pune.

    Our Mangoes certified with Geographical Indication Tag approved by the Indian Government, wherein each farmer is certified with GI tag as well.

    We are also certified as a Geographical Indication approved Alphonso Mango traders by the Indian Government.

    These Alphonso mangoes accompany a copy of Geographical Indication tag certificate, and QR code, which printed on the box, helps you’re to know the origin of Alphonso Mango and aamrai (mango orchard) location.

    Amba Mahotsav Pune

    Amba Mahotsav in Pune starts with the offering of nearly 11,000 mangoes to Lord Shrimant Dagdu shet Halwai Ganpati by Desai Bandhu on Akshay Tritiya every year. The vast amount of mangoes later distributed to the Lord Ganesha followers who visit the next day.

    Amba Mahotsav in Pune

    is organized in Kothrud in Pune on the 25th of April last year. It is an opportunity for mango enthusiasts to buy mangoes directly from Mahila bachat sanghatana to you.

    But this mango festival starts on April 25, or rather the end of April, start buying Alphonso mangoes directly from us online with a luxury of the buying and get delivery at doorsteps.

    It helps you to get authentic yummy succulent, juicy Alphonso mangoes delivered at your home in Pune. Thus people in Pune get a chance to buy pure Hapus directly from the farms to your home.

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    You can also prepare Aam Panna Crush with raw Mangoes.

    Want to know how our Mangoes are processed and packed