How are the mangoes processed and packed?

Alphonso Mango packing and processing is determined as per the final destination of delivery and it is sorted stage of ripened mangoes which helps for time to deliver & ripeness of fruit.
how are the mangoes processed and packed?

How are the mangoes processed and packed?

At Alphonso Mango is a Delicacy which is handled always with care and delicately.

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Each step is complete by the team of experts Farmers themselves who want to sale their years of experience Alphonso Mango. So they take utmost care as it is not only the Alphonso Mango Fruit but like a baby. 

  1. It starts from plucking the best quality Alphonso Mangoes as per your order (Since has large Bank of farmers in Devgad and Ratnagiri)
  2. Each Alphonso Mango is scanned and examined thoroughly for any skin flaw or spots 
  3. The Stage Ripened Mangoes are considered by the time taken for delivery from our Mumbai Delivery center to customer location it might be Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai or Dubai. As per the  location Mangoes are decide for packing
  4. Organic Alphonso Mangoes are wrapped in cushy foam net or with butter paper
  5. Organic Alphonso Mangoes which are Wrapped with cushy foam net are put in the 5 ply Card Box in each compartment in a way they are not in communication with each other like they are divided in compartments.
  6. Further to this there is packing of bubble sheet are put in between above and below mangoes the ventilation cut of the Alphonso Mangoes 5 ply box are made open for easy ventilation during transit. Each box is tested for strength check of the box for stacking in courier.
  7. has a Plan and predefined process as per the city pin code the Mangoes are packed which starts from semi ripe to near ripe as per the transit time.

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  1. Till the time Organic Alphonso Mangoes reaches customer they are near to ripe on some customers special request we send unripe mangoes.
  2. Process flow of logistics is Once above process is ready the customized packed Alphonso Mangoes are shipped as per five defined regions and shipped to Mumbai like :
    1. Western India - for eg. Mumbai, Pune, nashik, Ahmedabad, Gujarat….  
    2. Northern India – For eg Delhi, Chandigarh, Gurugram, Chandigarh…. 
    3. Southern India – Chennai, Bengalaru, kerala, Cochin, Hyderabad…….  
    4. Eastern India – Bengal, Kolkatta, mizhoram,…. 
    5. International Location – Dubai, UAE, USA 
  3. This all regions packages are transported to Mumbai delivery center in night to avoid the excessive over heat and pre mature ripening due to heat. Till the time packages are stored in the open shades with fans and airy location in storage at Devgad and Ratnagiri location.or
  4. This packages reaches our Mumbai Delivery center in early morning and at the same location this parcels are sorted as per region in our airy storage location which doesnot have any air conditioning or cooling space. 
  5. As per customer Pin code the shipping process flow is considered by the best TAT who is offering like DTDC, Blue Dart, Aramex. The shipping partner is chosen who can deliver fastest and parcels are sorted to different couriers 
    1. For Non Mumbai locations this parcels are dispatched immediately by Air to the nearest regional hub of the courier partners
    2. For Mumbai location it is immediately shipped to the customer location on ASAP Basis

With all the above process your mango is delivered to you with juiciest heavenly tasty,with prominent Aroma of natural ripe Alphonso Mangoes with Orangish yellow or golden yellow with saffron shade.

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You might be staging in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, mumbai, pune, Nashik or anywhere in India You will get the same taste as like you are eating Alphonso Mangoes in Devgad.

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