Alphonso Mango GI TAG

Alphonso Mango GI TAG

Alphonso Mango GI TAG

A geographical indication (GI) is a mark used on specific products or products that have an individual or particular area of origin and have specific properties or characteristics of that place or fame, prestige available, or known for that origin.

GI is a sign for that function produce or product, a sign which will make to identify a product from where it is originating and its place of origin.

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Geographical Indication as per Intellectual likes Design, Trademarks, Patents property right It was started or Originated worldwide since the year 1994.


The first product of India to get the GI tag was Darjeeling tea in the year 2004.


In a Geographical region, there are specific facts considered on the grounds of its features like:

  • Climatic conditions
  • Culture the production process gets unique characteristics
  • Quality like color
  • Taste and aroma

 Alphonso Mango GI

Maintained for the long term, then this kind of product is registered in Geographical Indication Register Office, which is situated in Chennai by the Indian Government.


With this, It helps restrict and Protects from the production of unauthorized products in other locations or geographical regions. It also helps to stop adulteration, which is sold at a lower price than what is a fair price of that location for the next ten years and helps to protect period which can renew.


Creates fair practice and helps to identify multiple opportunities for the then local producers from that particular geographical region to get more financial benefits for what he has tried to make the GI.


However, this requires strict compliance with the regulations and rules in regards to means of production and required standards.

Some Products and states which have received GI tags


  • Handicraft products - Tamil Nadu leads the number of GI tags, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala.
  • Agricultural products - Maharashtra leads in the number of GI-tagged farm produce or products, Karnataka and Kerala
  • Foodstuff – West Bengal for Darjeeling tea, Himachal Pradesh for Kangra tea, Odisha Rasgulla, Tirupati Laddu, Dharwad pedda
  • Fruits which have received GI tags some examples
    • Allahabad Surkha Guava – Uttar Pradesh
    • Beed Custard Apple – Maharashtra
    • Changalikodan Banana – Kerala
    • Coorg Orange – Karnataka
    • Dahanu Gholvad Chikoo – Maharashtra
    • Ganganagar Kinnow – Rajasthan
    • Jalgaon Banana – Maharashtra
    • Jalna Sweet Orange – Maharashtra
    • Kachai Lemon – Manipur
    • Mahabaleshwar Strawberry – Maharashtra
    • Mosambi (Citrus limetta) – Andhra Pradesh
    • Nagpur Orange – Maharashtra
    • Nanjanagud Banana – Karnataka
    • Nashik Grapes – Maharashtra
    • Shahi Litchi – Bihar
    • Sirumalai hill banana - Tamil Nadu
    • Solapur Pomegranate – Maharashtra
    • Tezpur Litchi – Assam
    • Vazhakulam Pineapple – Kerala
    • Vengurla Cashew – Maharashtra
    • Virupakshi hill banana - Tamil Nadu


Type of Mangoes – which has received GI TAG?

    • Alphonso Mango (Hapus) - Maharashtra (Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Palghar & Thane district)
    • Gir Kesar - Gujarat
    • Jardalu Mango – Bihar
    • Laxman Bhog Mango – West Bengal
    • Himsagar (Khirsapati) Mango– West Bengal
    • Fazli Mango – West Bengal
    • Malihabadi Dussheri Mango – Uttar Pradesh
    • Appemidi Mango – Karnataka
    • Banaganapalle Mango – Andhra Pradesh


Alphonso Mango GI TAG

King of mango Alphonso Mango commonly known in the world as Hapus, Haapus, Aapus, Hapus Aam, Aapus Aam, Alphonso Aam in Maharashtra

This fruit is in demand not only in India but also in international markets. It is famous for its mesmerizing taste, vibrant saffron hue yellow color, and pleasant fragrance.

Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango GI tag which state - Maharashtra

A common question always asked by lots of people in India. Nevertheless, for their awareness, Alphonso Mango, which is grown In Maharashtra Like Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga, Raigad, Plaghar, & Thane districts, are only GI tagged others like Karnataka Mango which is a look-alike of Alphonso Mango. However, it is not Hapus, Aapus, Alphonso. It portrayed as well as used for adulteration of pure Alphonso mango, which is not a fair practice, and they sold at cheaper rates.

Alphonso Mango GI

These Alphonso mangoes are one of the world's most popular fruit. Mangoes from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga, Raigad, Palghar & Thane in Maharashtra exported to various countries, including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Korea, Europe, and Japan. New export markets like Australia and the United States of America.

GI tag for Alphonso Mango from Konkan Maharashtra Gov GI Tagged

The Government has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag to the Alphonso Mango from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga, and other adjoining areas in Maharashtra, a move that will help identify the authenticity of this variety of fruit. owned by Powle Home foods

Powle Home food is a GI tag authorized user and trader with GI Tag user number AU/5974/GI/139/260. Authorized user for Alphonso Mango or Hapus, Aapus, hapus aam are five major

GI Tag Alphonso Mango

  • The director of research, Dr. Balasahed Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Ratnagiri
  • M/s Konkan Hapus Amba Utpadak ani Vikrete Sahkari Sanstha Vengurla
  • M/s Devgad Taluka Amba Upadak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Devgad, Sindhudurga
  • M/s Kelshi Amba Utpadak Sangha Maryadit Kelshi, Ratnagiri  

We source Alphonso Mango from GI tag certified mango farmers in Ratnagiri and Devgad as well as some times from Devgad Taluka Amba Upadak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Devgad, and Sindhudurga. Our mangoes collected from a group of farmers in Devgad, Ratnagiri.