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How to gain weight Fast and safely with Mango for Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely with Mango for weight gain 

India is a country with a population of 130 crores has some of them are health conscious, which counts to nearly 90 Million as per studies. Among this, there are ~5% of people who are obese or overweight.

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Mangoes for Gaining Weight

Mango is a National fruit of India. It is although fruit for summers it is available in form of mango pulp all around the year 

However, India is home to many people with the opposite problem of being too thin or Underweight or Lean people. If you read multiple surveys, you will find, on the other hand.

India has a large number of people who are underweight adults in comparison with a global adult who is thin.

Both overweight and underweight are connected directly or indirectly with increased risks of poor health and mortality.

What is the meaning of an Underweight or skinny Person?

Underweight is defined in natural terms as a skinny body with body mass index (BMI) lesser than 18.5, which is associated with adverse health quality with the risk of life. Which outcomes poor health, including mortality.

This concern will always be there by our parents like what if you are underweight. It can be the same as your health as obese.

There are plenty of people who want weight gain being Underweight even all of the above this there are people those who are not medically or technically underweight still always want to gain some muscle and body.


How to Gain weight naturally with Mango, BMI chart for Weight Gain

Some people have a very skinny body physique, but still, they are as healthy as a common man. Being underweight according to BMI index doesn't mean that you may have a health-related problem.

Weight Gain

Most of the girls and women in India are being underweight, which is 2 to 3 times more than skinny men. It also means increase your calories intake.

Health Problems due to Underweight or skinny body

Being Underweight doesn't mean that you will have specific health problems, but this is possibilities of health risk during underweight are as follows:

  • Vitamin deficiencies, or anemia
  • Eating disorders by restricting food intake.
  • Underweight weakens bone in both women and men to Osteoporosis to the bone, which is due to lack of vitamin D and calcium.
  • Malnutrition
  • Fertility issues during irregular menstrual cycles, that's why in India underweight girls prefer to put on weight before pregnancy.
  • Weak immune System in underweight is more predisposed to infections and diseases which compared to others.
  • The higher threat for difficulty or risk from surgery
  • Cognitive Human development issues compared to height and weight, specifically in adults, teenagers, and children.
  • Being underweight may be worse for men.
  • People who are underweight in higher degrees may face elder age-related muscle loss(sarcopenia) and maybe at most risk of memory loss, dementia, language, problem-solving.

What causes to become Underweight

There are multiple reasons for underweight. It could be underweight hereditary, are numerous health conditions which may result in unhealthy weight loss other than since birth also:

  • A genetically skinny person whose parents have a history of underweight
  • Anorexia nervosa in natural language eating disorder in some people who are obsessed with increase the calories, weight, carbs in their food what they eat is a severe mental disorder.
  • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) leads to metabolism-boosting. In turn, it results in unhealthy weight loss.
  • Celiac disease an immune reaction to eating gluten due to gluten intolerance in some people, a protein at nachani, barley, red rice, wheat, and rye. Most of the people who are suffering from celiac disease don't know that they have celiac disease.
  • Diabetes, mainly type-1 uncontrolled diabetes, can tend to severe weight loss.
  • Malignant tumors cancerous tumors usually burn a significant number of calories, which may make somebody lose a large amount of weight and become underweight with immunity disorders.
  • Various Infections can cause someone to become lose weight severely and become underweight. Due to multiple parasitic diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

How to Gain Weight Naturally

There are lots of ways you can weight gain and get healthy, and it's entirely vital to consume healthy foods and live a healthy swasthya shailee (Lifestyle):

  • Increase the frequency of your diet: When you need to increase your weight, then you need to consume more than six to seven meals continuously in a day rather than only breakfast, dinner, and lunch.
  • Exercise for Underweight. Do exercise, yoga, which will help to strengthen your body, which can help you Weight gain by building up your muscles. Do those exercise which will help to encourage your hunger.
  • Try Mango smoothies and shakes. Don't feel anything have healthy Mango Milkshake twice a day.
  • Mangoes are fat free.
  • It is rich in fibre which helps for easy bowel movements without constipating you.
  • You can even eat Aamras once daily, drink Mango smoothies prepared with milk and fresh Mangoes, or Mango pulp you can try other fruit for this add grounded flaxseed powder in the milkshake.
  • In some instances, a meal replacement with liquid for one to two meals during your five to six meals may be recommended—sip high calories beverages like shakes and smoothies for snacks. You can also drink it 30 minutes after a meal. It may work well for you.
  • Choose nutrient-rich foods: You need to add healthy eating by skipping junk foods you should eat roti, cereals, Mango and Mango Pulp, various other fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts and seeds in your free time as a biter.
  • If you're lean, you need to gain and compensate your muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. But you should not gain unhealthy belly fat.
  • Make every mouthful bite count, Snack of Quinoa, Cashew nuts, almonds, peanut butter, nuts cashew milk, sliced vegetables, and fruits lean meat or cheese you can have before your bedtime.
  • Top it off. Add all double course extras to your recipes and dishes for more calories, something like cheese, scrambled eggs, and casseroles.
  • Have time to time treat. Think multiple times even if you are underweight don't consume excessive fat and sugar. Most of the gifts to yourself should be naturally healthy, which provides you a bouquet of nutrients in addition to calories for the best example. Always try Mangoes. Granola bars, Aam papad, Amba Poli, yogurt, muffins, and tasty but healthy biter are still good choices.

Change your food pattern to understand how much body burns, consume extra Calories.

The Biggest thing you need to gain weight is to create a surplus calorie intake. In natural language, eat more calories than your body needs with surplus calories in multiple meals.

Compare calories consumed versus burned by the body. You can check your calorie requirements using this calorie calculator.

  • Slowly and steadily, weight gain targets your food with an extra 300–500 calories other than you burn daily by checking with a calorie calculator.
  • Fast weight gain, you can target for nearly 650–1,050 calories other than you burn daily by checking with a calorie calculator.
  • Bear in mind such calorie calculators are for estimates only.
  • Your actual health and physique may need to vary by the body to body by several hundreds of calories take or give per day.
  • Several calorie calculator tools are available online out there to help you.

Mango for Weight Gain

We from Konkan never had an underweight problem as our parents use to give abundant mango and mango products, which aid in weight gain.

Mango is a tasty and delicious fruit which is always called as King of Fruits globally.

They are salt free. 

Mangoes have a Glycemic Index of 51 hence they will not affect blood glucose levels in your body a lot.

Mango addition to shakes, amrakhand, smoothies, Mango Rava, salsas, and summer salads are always tasty and with a bag of minerals and vitamins which you cannot resist. Try consuming fresh Alphonso mango with peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts as they are higher-calorie ingredients. If weight gain is your goal, you can even try this offseason as our Alphonso mango pulp helps suffice your mango cravings the whole year.

There are multiple causes behind, like in India, and people eat mangoes with a meal or after the meal. It might be aamras or mango milkshake or Mango smoothie or plain mango puree, which helps consuming more calories than your intake other than planned diet. A medium-sized mango flesh is approximately 150 grams to 165 grams after cutting and removing skin and seeds. The additional calories will give rise to weight gain.

One cup of mango provides the following nutrients health benefits:

Calories: 103

Carbs: 28 grams

Protein: 1.6 grams

Fat: 0.68 grams

Fiber: 3.4 grams

Vitamin C: 68% of the DV

Folate: 19% of the DV

Also, mango is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B, A, and E, as well as Zinc, Copper, beta carotene and other minerals and vitamins in mango.

Weight Gain Recipes

There are multiple recipes on the internet for weight gain. We have gathered here most of the methods which are tasty with and around us with mango only.

Homemade Protein Shakes and smoothies

Drinking homemade protein shakes and smoothies will always be highly beneficial with a pack of nutrients that are required to gain weight.

Making your smoothies with multiple option post your meal is the best way since commercial versions which you may buy outside are lacking for nutrients and full of sweetness only. It also gives you complete control over the flavor and nutrient content. All these shakes and smoothies are healthy, which you can prepare with coconut milk, cashew nut milk, almond milk, or walnut milk, all protein abundant like mangoes.

Mango Smoothie for Weight Gain

Mango milkshake for Weight Gain 

Mango Lassi for Weight Gain

Mango Blackberry Smoothie for Weight Gain 

Mango Banana smoothie for Weight Gain 

Dragon fruit Mango smoothie for Weight Gain 

Banana Orange Smoothie for Weight Gain 

Homemade Mango Recipes for Weight Gain

Mango puree for Weight Gain

Aamras for Weight Gain

Amrakhand for Weight Gain

Amba Wadi for Weight Gain

Amba Poli for Weight Gain

Mango chili salsa for Weight Gain

Mango Pudding for Weight Gain

Mango Kulfi for Weight Gain 

Mango Mousse for Weight Gain

You can also Buy Amba Poli Online for Weight Gain Know how to make it over here.

Every person's body is not the same, so it might take some time to effect. The above article states our views, and Please consult your doctor before starting any process.


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