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Side Effects and Precaution of Nutmeg for Baby - AlphonsoMango.in

Side Effects and Precaution of Nutmeg for Baby

Side effects of Nutmeg for Baby

If you want to spice up your baby with Nutmeg, follow these precautions and side effects.

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What precautions and Side Effects you should take for Jaiphal to Your Baby

Before you add this lovely Spice to your baby food, you should check the following precautions:

  • Consult your doctor take his advice, and start this Spice with your baby
  • You should not increase the limits of the quantity in which you are giving it to your baby. No doubt, it has multiple benefits to offer to your baby. But never give in more than the recommended dosage by the doctor.
  • It may have an allergic reaction in a few kids. If your baby is facing any issues, or symptoms, avoid or stop serving this Spice to them again. And consult with your doctor for the same.
  • Always keep a habit of grating or grinding it fresh when you serve your baby.
  • Always wash your hands and wash and clean this Spice thoroughly. To get rid of any dirt on this Spice that might have accumulated and settled on this.
  • Make sure after grinding by just moving your hand on the mix when you grind the Spice well, as there may be small particles of this Spice in the mix so that your baby may not choke on the small pieces of the Spice.
  • Each kid and the human body are different by nature; thus, it may react differently to different spices and foods, so be careful and take care of your baby! It is familiar to generate body heat, and some babies might be unable to resist such changes, so keep observing for any symptoms and stop using this Spice.
  •  This article is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor before starting anything for you and your baby.

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Side Effects and Precaution of Nutmeg for Baby


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