Healthy Nutmeg for Baby

Healthy Nutmeg for Baby -

Healthy Nutmeg for Baby

Now that you know the different health benefits of this lovely Spice from Konkan and Kerala, we know you must be delighted to add this Spice to your baby's food and want know-how.

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Nutmeg For Baby 

Nutmeg for teething babies is given for pain reliving while teething of baby.

This Jaiphal has the very best health benefits for your baby

To add this lovely aromatic and flavor Jatiphala to your baby's diet, you first have to grate it.

Option 1

Use the washed grinding stone, clean your nutmeg with water, put some drops of milk, or even use milk or water drops on the grinding stone to grind it in circular and oval motion to and fro.

Jaiphal Health Benefits - Nutmeg Health Benefits

For some minutes, you will get thick, like the uniformity of the spice mix. You can take this paste in a bowl or a bottle of milk and add it to your baby's milk, cereal, soup, porridge, etc.

Option 2

Wash the Grater, wash your Spice and hands grate it on small wholes you will start to get the powder to take a pinch in small quantities or add it to your baby's milk, cereal, soup, porridge, etc.

What Is the Recommended Dosage?

The uses of Jaiphal for babies are immense, however, when it concerns your fussy little eater. It would help if you did all great caution and precautions.

You should not give your baby this or any other food or beverage after six months.

If your baby is above six months of age, you can give 0.5 mg of jaiphal (means lesser than a small pinch) once a day during summers and 0.5 mg two times a day in winters.

However, please include this in his diet only after consulting your doctor.

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