How to Cut a Mango
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How to cut a mango?

How to cut a mango?

Lately, the world is witnessing a change in eating habits. People have now started eating healthy, locally produced, naturally grown products.

Many people are adopting vegetarian and vegan diets. As a result, more and more people are now eating fruits and veggies.

For a world that has always been non-vegetarian, selecting, storing, chopping, and cooking veggies and fruits is difficult.

How to Cut a mango is not skill it is easy

Also, many western countries have recently discovered various Asian fruits.

One such fruit is this tropical fruit.

We are here to aid you to learn how to cut this delicious fruit step by step.

How to Cut a Mango

Selection and Storage

Before we get to the chopping part, let's look at a few important things about selecting and storing this delicious fruit.

  1. Touch can tell you if your fruit is ripe or not. You can feel the pulp or the flesh of a ripe mango. The touch of a ripe aam is similar to ripe pear or avocado.
  2. Color does not tell if your fruit is ripe. The color of the fruit can be controlled. A chemical called carbide is used to ripen the fruit.
  3. This fruit turns ripe at room temperature. You don't require anything special.
  4. Don't spray the fruit with water or clean it when it is turning ripe.
  5. If you think your fruit has aged too much, store it in a fridge.
  6. Always keep your aam in a dry place that is off the light.
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    Cutting a mango

    To chop your fruit, you'll need a few things. They are:

    • A sharp knife
    • A paring knife
    • A cutting board

    You can have your fruit with or without the skin.

    Let's first take a look at a few ways you can have this delicious fruit with the skin.

    You don't necessarily have to cut this fruit to enjoy it. Hold the fruit horizontally across a firm surface, preferably a table or kitchen table.

    Roll your fruit while gently squeezing it. This helps loosen the pulp and makes it easier to for you to enjoy this fruit.

    Use a paring knife to chop the stem off the fruit. Gently squeeze out the sticky gum from the fruit.

    There isn't much gum in the fruit, to begin with. So, you don't want to squeeze hard.

    Once you have squeezed the gum out, you can have the pulp directly from the fruit by sucking on it.

    You can also squeeze the pulp out in a bowl before enjoying it.

    Another way of enjoying this fruit is by chopping it. On a cutting board, place your fruit.

    Holding the fruit firmly, make cuts on it lengthwise using a sharp knife. Make sure you cut around the seed and not on the seed.

    Making cuts around the seed makes it simpler to cut. You will now get long slices of the fruit.

    You can make dice these slices or make smaller slices. Use a paring knife for removing the skin of the fruit is you wish to.

    how to cut a mango into cubes

    If you want a designer cubes of this it is really very easy to cut  keep your Aam straight in 90 degrees make the straight marking line and cut similar sized lines perpendicular to the other lines.

    Now you need to create a cross to cross type.

    Be careful don't cut through the Aam skin.

    Score the two smaller sides similarly for slices or cubes.

    And now your yummy fruit cubes are ready.

    Indian Aam

    India is the biggest supplier of aam globally. Out of the total 25 million tons of aam produced globally, India produces 14 million.

    Thus, India contributes the total production by 56 %

    Of the 14 million tons produced, 60,000 tons are exported.

    In India, there are more than a thousand varieties of this fruit. Out of these, Alphonso is the best variant.

    All love this variant. Be it a baby or an older adult, everyone in India and abroad love this type of aam.

    Aam is a seasonal fruit. It is available in markets for a short period. Thus, it costs a big buck.

    Many sellers loot their customers because of the limited season of this fruit.

    Thus, you must buy this fruit from a seller you trust. You can also buy this fruit online.

    But make sure you read the terms and policies of the website carefully.

    If you are buying from a website for the first time, place a pay-on-delivery order. This will ensure that your money is not wasted.

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