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Hapus mango in Delhi

People in Delhi enjoy the richness of mango sitting in their homes. 

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Delhi is officially known as the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. It's a union territory of India consisting of New Delhi, India's Capital.

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Delhi is the second-highest in India, next to Mumbai in population.

The National Capital Region (NCP). It has an estimated population of 26 million people, the planet's second-largest urban area. 

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Delhi is also the second richest city in India, with 18 Big Crorepati with an asset value of more than Billions and 23,000 millionaires.

It has a majority of Punjabis and can see its essence in people's culture, style, and clothing. 

It also has 1 of 25 high courts in India. Also, it comes under the Paris Convention.  

Alphonso mango in Delhi online

Now you can enjoy the richness of mango anywhere in Delhi. You must be craving the lip-smacking taste of the King of mangoes, the Alphonso mango. 

The best place to buy Mangoes in Delhi is now with us.

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As we deliver you the King of fruits, we got you covered with the fresh mangoes from the fields of Ratnagiri and Devgad.

Naturally grown and harvested by teams of experts, and with our logistic partner's help, we get it safely delivered to your doorstep.

Alphonso Mango in Delhi - Alphonso Mango Delhi

Delhi people love mango as they love their city and their street food.

Delhi is the place for great culture, historical monuments, and foody people, and nothing can beat a cup of mangoes after a long day of sightseeing and enjoying street food.

GI tag certified mangoes.

Our mangoes come with the geographical indication of goods registration & protection like fruit origin Authenticity, known as geographic indication Gi tag.

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Gi is a sign that helps you know mango's authenticity, a party whose product doesn't come with geographical indication tags cannot be trusted.

Gi tags in India are used as a product sign to know the geographic origins. It helps track down the specific geographical origin and authenticate the mangoes, their qualities, or their reputation. 

Origin of Alphonso mango

The beloved Alphonso mango was brought to India by the Portuguese in the 1500s. They had large trade going on around the world. 

Accordingly, ships returned from the Brazilian port to Goa's port with a common variant of Brazilian mangoes.

The Portuguese farmers thought of this as an excellent opportunity to combine Brazilian mangoes' shoots with Indian mangoes. 

They planted these seeds in their backyard in Goa; after years, they bore fruits. So out of excitement, they planted more mango seeds. 

After this, they came to know they had found a gem. The fruit of these new seeds showed remarkable plasticity as they showed different characteristics respective to the area in which they are grown.  

Many mangoes showed the same color and shape as the Alphonso mango but didn't give out the delicious aroma and gave an awful smell when pressed hard against the nose.  

This mango is only grown by grafting and is majorly grown in Ratnagiri, Vijaydurga, Alibaug, and Devgad.

It is usually known as the Ratnagiri and Devgad Alphonso Mango. 

Mango delivery to Delhi

You might be staying in Delhi / have a relative or your loved one there.

Now you can gift them or yourself with the sweetness of mangoes by sitting at your home or anywhere worldwide.

Our mangoes come with Gi tag certification and QR codes. They are naturally ripened and chemical as well as carbide free. 

A team of expert farmers harvests these mangoes from 3.20 am, known as the Brahma muhurta, and is cleaned for dust and exported to Delhi via flight and then, with the logistic partner's help, sent to your doorstep. 

Indians love to give mango boxes as a sign of eternal love and summer memories to their loved ones. 

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You can choose and buy Alphonso mango from our collection's wide range of mangoes and mango pulp and gift it to your loved ones and yourself in Delhi or anywhere globally.

We select the best high-quality mangoes for you and get them delivered in a mango box known as mango peti.

Mango courier charges from Mumbai to Delhi are high, and you don't know what you are buying here, so be rest assured that order with us, and we will deliver the best Mangoes to Delhi.

Alphonso mango pulp in Delhi.

We have a wide range of mango pulp in our collections.

These mango pulps are made of high-quality mangoes and are hand peeled to obtain that tender-golden pulp. 

It makes many dishes such as lassi, aamrakhanda, yogurt, milkshakes, mango pudding, black rice salad, and milkshakes. 

All we want to deliver is the best of mangoes to you, so you get on that sweetness and divine of these tropical fruits anywhere in the world. 

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