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Godambi Price

Affordable Godambi Prices: High-Quality Options

High-Quality Godambi Price.

Are you seeking a healthy, delicious snack that won't break the bank? Look no further than high-quality godambi, also known as bhilawa seeds!

Not only are they packed with nutrition, but they are also available at affordable prices, making them a fantastic choice for anyone on a budget. I

We will explore the many health benefits of this dry fruit, the different varieties available, trusted brands, and where to purchase them, whether online or offline. So, let's dive in and discover why it is the perfect snack for you! 

Buy Godambi Online

Why Godambi dry fruits?

When it comes to godambi, quality is essential. High quality ensures you get the best nutritional value and taste. Choosing the free from additives and preservatives is vital, providing a pure and natural snacking experience.

With affordable prices, incorporating high-quality this into your diet is an easy and cost-effective way to improve overall health.

Health Benefits

Also known as bhilawa seeds, they are packed with health benefits. These little nuts are a great source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. They contain essential nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, contributing to our well-being.

Regular consumption of this dried fruit is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, they can help promote weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. With all these health benefits, everyone should consider it a superfood in their diet.

Current market godambi price per kg?

The current market price for godambi varies depending on location, quality, and demand. You should check with local markets or online platforms for the most up-to-date price information.

Nutritional benefits

Also known as roasted bhilawa seeds, they are tasty and highly nutritious. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Their high protein content can help lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease.

They are also a great snack option for those seeking to maintain a healthy weight, providing a sense of fullness and energy. Moreover, they help lower blood glucose levels, thanks to their excellent medicinal properties like Anacardic acid and bhilawanols. So, whether you're looking for a quick energy boost or a nutritious addition to your diet, it is the way to go.

What is the price of godambi compared to other nuts?

Godambi price is an affordable seed or nut. It is a near cousin of the Kaju, which has more benefits than others—obtained from Bibba fruit, it is hand cut. Please compare this option with other nuts available in the market.

Its high quality and competitive price provide excellent value for consumers looking for a delicious and nutritious snack.

Nutritional Value of Godambi

They are delicious and packed with essential nutrients. They are an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, including vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium.

It have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, making them a valuable addition to any diet.

When choosing them, look for premium quality brands that offer pure, additive-free nuts, ensuring you get the maximum nutritional benefits from every bite.

Whether you enjoy them as a snack, in salads, or as godambi butter, you can't go wrong with this nutrient-rich superfood.

Benefits during Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is crucial for pregnancy and can be a valuable addition to a pregnant woman's diet. They are also known as almonds and are packed with healthy fats, protein, fibre, and essential nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium.

Eating them during pregnancy can help with fetal development, prevent congenital disabilities, and boost brain function in the baby. Additionally, they can help regulate blood sugar levels, preventing gestational diabetes.

It's also an excellent snack for pregnancy cravings, helping keep hunger pangs at bay. For an extra health boost during pregnancy and postpartum, which can be added to energy laddus made with dink.

Benefits in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy them, as they offer numerous benefits during the colder months.

They boost the immune system, thanks to their antioxidants, zinc, and vitamin E, and they also help keep the body warm and provide energy, as they are high in calories, protein, and healthy fats.

Additionally, it helps ensure a proper magnesium balance, essential for maintaining overall health, especially during winter. So, stock up on them this winter and enjoy their many benefits while staying warm and nourished.

Prices of Godambi Per kg

Regarding godambi price, quality doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. You can find high-quality of them at affordable prices, making them accessible to everyone.

With godambi price, you don't have to compromise quality for cost, as plenty of options offer premium quality nuts at budget-friendly prices. Whether buying godambi per kg or 1kg pouches, you can enjoy their goodness without burning a hole in your pocket.

Comparing 1 kg Godambi Prices

When shopping for godambi, comparing prices to ensure you get the best deal is always a good idea. Different brands and sellers may offer this dry fruit at varying prices, so reaching out can save you money in the long run.

Look for godambi price per kg or 1kg options, as these are often more cost-effective, especially if you consume them frequently. By comparing prices, you can find one that fits your budget and meets your quality standards, ensuring Value for Your Money.

While price is essential, ensuring you're getting value when purchasing them is equally crucial. Look for trusted brands offering premium quality godambi prices, ensuring you get the best taste and nutritional value.

Reading customer reviews and ratings can also provide valuable insights into the quality and satisfaction levels of brands like alphonsomango.in. By choosing a them that offers both quality and affordability, you can enjoy the benefits of this superfood without compromising on taste or your budget.

It comes in various varieties, each offering unique flavours and textures. Whether you prefer whole, broken, or flavoured, there's something for everyone's taste. Let's explore these different varieties and find the perfect dry fruit for you.

Godambi price 1kg

The is a popular choice for snacking and cooking. It offers a satisfying crunch and is rich in essential nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. With premium quality whole dry fruit, you can enjoy the natural goodness of these nuts, whether you're enjoying them as a snack or incorporating them into your favourite recipes.

The super saver 1kg pouches provide convenience and value, ensuring you always have this healthy snack.

Godambi 1kg price

It is the way to go if you want to add a crunchy texture to your dishes. These nuts are perfect for sprinkling over salads, stir-fries, or desserts, adding a delightful crunch to every bite.

They are also a great source of copper, making it a healthy and nutritious snack option. With trusted brands offering broken ones at affordable prices, you can enjoy premium nuts without compromising taste or quality. Choose from smaller pouches, ensuring freshness with every purchase.

Trusted Brands

Our brand is trusted because all our products are hand-harvested and hand-cut. It's important to choose trusted brands prioritising quality and customer satisfaction.

Let's take a closer look at some famous brands, their offerings, and customer reviews, ensuring you make an informed choice when purchasing them.

Dive into insightful reviews of famous brands, providing valuable information about their quality, taste, and price per kg. Learn about the unique offerings of different brands, helping you choose the perfect nuts for your snacking needs.

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in determining the overall satisfaction and quality of this, so explore the reviews for each brand.

You can find the best brands that deliver on taste, quality, and affordability by considering the ratings and customer feedback.

Please find out about the ratings and customer feedback for different brands, offering insights into their quality and overall satisfaction. Genuine customer experiences can help guide you towards the alphonsomango.in brands that consistently deliver premium quality nuts. By exploring the ratings and customer feedback, you can make an informed decision, ensuring you choose a dry fruit that meets your expectations regarding taste, quality, and price per kg.

Purchasing Online vs Offline

When it comes to purchasing them, you have the option of buying online or offline. Both options have advantages, so let's explore the benefits of each to help you make the right choice.

Buying godambi online offers convenience, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home and have godambi delivered right to your doorstep. Online platforms offer various dry fruit options, ensuring you find what you want. You can also take advantage of special online offers and discounts, making your purchases more cost-effective.

Additionally, online shopping allows you to compare 1 kg godambi price per kg or pouch, helping you find the best deal. Enjoy the convenience of ordering premium quality godambi with just a few clicks.

Buying godambi offline from local stores offers a hands-on shopping experience. You can inspect the quality of godambi before purchasing, ensuring that you get premium nuts.

Offline shopping also provides immediate availability, but you may need to be assured of the best one, like us, so you can satisfy your cravings whenever possible.

While waiting for delivery is not an issue, spontaneous purchases are possible when buying offline. Explore the accessibility of this, with nearby stores offering godambi price per kg or per pouch, making it easy to grab a pack whenever you need a nutritious snack.

How to Store Godambi?

Proper storage is vital to maintaining the freshness and quality of godambi price. Here are some effective techniques to ensure that your bhilawa seed stays in its best condition:

Can We Store for a Long Time?

Yes, they can be stored for a long time if stored properly. Here are some tips for keeping them to maintain its freshness:

Recipe of Healthy Laddu with Godambi

Looking for a nutritious and delicious treat? Try this simple recipe for healthy laddus:

During pregnancy, cravings for sweet treats are common, but choosing healthy options that benefit both the mother and baby is essential. Godambi laddu, made with roasted wheat flour and jaggery, provides a delicious and nutritious snack that satisfies cravings without compromising health.


  • 1 cup roasted wheat flour 
  • 1 cup godambi chopped
  • 1/2 cup grated organic jaggery
  • 1/4 cup chopped almonds
  • 1/4 cup chopped cashews
  • 1/4 cup chopped dried dates
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnut
  • 1/2 teaspoon organic cardamom powder
  • One tablespoon of organic ghee
  • 1/4 cup milk (optional)


  1. Heat the ghee in a pan over medium heat. Add the roasted wheat flour and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant and golden brown.
  2. Reduce the heat to low and add the grated jaggery. Cook, stirring constantly, until the jaggery melts and the mixture becomes sticky.
  3. Add the chopped almonds, cashews, dates, walnuts, and cardamom powder. Stir well to combine.
  4. If the mixture is too dry, add the milk gradually until it reaches the desired consistency.
  5. Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool slightly.
  6. Once cool enough to handle, roll the mixture into small balls.
  7. Enjoy your healthy and delicious godambi laddu!


  • Add a tablespoon of flaxseed powder to the mixture for added nutrition.
  • You can also add a pinch of saffron for a luxurious flavour.
  • Store the laddu in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. They can last for up to a week.

Nutritional Information:

One laddu (approximately 20 grams) contains about:

  • Calories: 125
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 22 grams
  • Protein: 3 grams

How many godambi to eat per day

The recommended daily intake of almonds is about 1 ounce or 23 nuts. It's essential to stay within this amount, as godambi are calorie-dense. Consuming godambi in moderation can provide numerous health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol levels and improving heart health. However, individual dietary needs may vary, so it's always best to consult a healthcare professional before significantly changing your diet.

Godambi in Pregnancy

Godambi, also known as almonds, can be a healthy and nutritious snack option for pregnant women. Here are some tips for incorporating godambi into your pregnancy diet.

Premium Quality Kaju Cashew Pouch online


To summarise, high-quality Godambi is delicious and packed with numerous health benefits. It is rich in nutrients and can be a great addition to your diet. Whether you are pregnant or looking for a healthy snack option during winter, Godambi is the perfect choice. The best part is that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy this nutritious snack.

Many affordable options are available, ensuring you get value for your money. Depending on your preference, you can choose from various varieties, including whole, broken, and flavoured Godambi.

Trusted brands offer a wide range of options, and you can read reviews and customer feedback to make an informed decision.

Whether you prefer buying online or offline, there are advantages to both. Lastly, store Godambi properly to maintain its freshness and taste. So go ahead, indulge in this healthy and tasty snack, and reap all its benefits!

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Alphonso Mango Price In India - AlphonsoMango.in

Alphonso Mango Price In India

Alphonso Mango Price In India

Alphonso mangoes are considered the King of Mangoes and are widely popular in India for their sweet and unique flavor. The price of Alphonso mangoes in India varies in season and location.

It is a popular variety of mango primarily grown in the Devgad taluka of the Sindhudurg district and Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra, India. This variety of mangoes is known for its unique taste, aroma, and texture, making it highly sought after by mango lovers worldwide.

They are oval-shaped and have thin, yellowish-green skin that turns golden yellow as the fruit ripens with a juicy, sweet, and fibreless pulp making it ideal for eating fresh or using in various dishes like smoothies, Ice creams, desserts, and salads.

Alphonso Mango Rate In India

Discover the unique taste of Devgad Hapus Mango and Ratnagiri Hapus Mango. This sweet and tangy fruit delicacy has made it famous across India. Buy yours now to get the taste of purity from India's finest farms today!

Buy Devgad mango Online. It is grown in Devgad with Saffron & Yellow color gradients with a sweet & fascinating taste.

During the peak season, which typically runs from March to June, the prices of Alphonso mangoes are relatively higher due to their high demand. In some cities, the prices can be as high as Rs. 2,000 per dozen. However, prices can also vary depending on the mangoes' quality and size.

In contrast, during the off-season, the prices of Alphonso mangoes are lower due to the lower demand. The prices can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 per dozen, depending on the location.

It is worth noting that transportation costs, storage costs, and market demand also influence the prices of Alphonso mangoes. Therefore, the prices can fluctuate significantly throughout the year.


While the prices of Alphonso mangoes in India vary greatly depending on the season and location, they are generally considered luxury fruit worth the price for their delicious taste and unique flavor.

Hapus Mangoes

Get the world-renowned sweetness and aroma of Devgad Mangos delivered to your door wherever you are in India. Devgad mango is an exquisite variety of Indian mango characterized by its bright red color and firm texture. It is perfect for savoring in aamras or simply eating it fresh! Enjoy this delicious treat.

GI Certificate: AU/5974/GI/139/260

FSSAI Registration Number: 10020022011783

A King of fruits with the scientific name Mangifera Indica, A pleasant fruity fruit. Yellowish-sweet flesh, fragrance, and stiffness are known as the best Mangos. The delightful taste makes these fruit favorite among those who love them. King of Mangoes is now available online.

Mangoes are one of the most loved fruits worldwide. They are delicious and packed with essential nutrients that can benefit the body in various ways. In India, the Hapus mango, also known as Alphonso mango, is one of the most famous varieties of mangoes widely consumed and enjoyed by people. This article will explore the Hapus mango, its taste, benefits, and more.

Tasty King of Fruit

Hapus mangoes are medium-sized, oval-shaped fruits with yellowish-orange skin and a reddish tinge. The fruit's flesh is smooth, creamy, and juicy, with a bright yellow color. The Hapus mango has a unique and pleasant aroma that can fill a room, and its taste is sweet and tangy, with a slight honey-like flavor. The fruit has a high sugar content, which gives it a rich and satisfying taste.

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Affordable Alphonso Mango 1kg Price - AlphonsoMango.in

Affordable Alphonso Mango 1kg Price

Affordable Alphonso Mango 1kg Price

Scorching summer is here, and with it comes the arrival of Alphonso mangoes, also known as the King of Mangoes or Hapus Mangoes. These deliciously sweet and juicy fruits are a staple of the Indian summer. People of all ages enjoy them. In this blog post, we're going to share some of the best ways to enjoy Alphonso mangoes this season.

You might be staying anywhere in India. 

Alphonso mango, also known as Hapus or King of Mangoes, is considered one of the world's finest varieties of mangoes. It is famous for its sweet and luscious taste, rich aroma, and juicy texture. One of the most sought-after products is the 1kg package of Alphonso mangoes.

Alphonso mango 1kg price, where to buy it, and how to ensure you get the best quality Alphonso mangoes at your doorstep. We deliver direct from our farms in Ratnagiri and Devgad to your home.

We deliver Pan India nearly 20,000 Plus Pin codes. Air delivers our mangoes; hence in Metro cities, we deliver the next day only.

The Alphonso Mango 1kg Price

The price of Alphonso mangoes varies depending on the fruit's location, season, and quality. On average, you can pay between 1000 Rs to 1200 Rs for a 1kg package of Alphonso mangoes.

However, it is always important to keep in mind that the price may be higher during the peak of the mango season and lower during the off-season. It's also worth noting that the price of Alphonso mangoes may vary depending on the retailer or vendor you're buying from.

Where to Buy Alphonso Mango

The best place to buy Alphonso mangoes is directly from a reputable GI Tag Certified farmer like us. This way, you can ensure that you're getting high-quality fruit at a fair price. You can also find Alphonso mangoes in Indian and some Asian grocery stores. Still, it's important to check the quality and ripeness of the fruit before purchasing.

Ensuring Quality When Purchasing Alphonso Mango

When purchasing Alphonso mangoes, it's important to look for plump and fragrant fruit with a slightly soft but not mushy texture. Avoid any fruit with bruises or discoloration. It's also important to ensure that the mangoes are grown in good condition, reflected in their taste, color, and aroma. It's also recommended to go for the organic variety.

Alphonso mangoes are a delicious and sought-after fruit. Still, the price of the Alphonso mango 1kg can vary depending on the season, location, and quality of the fruit. You can get the best Alphonso mangoes at a fair price by knowing where to buy them and ensuring quality. Always opt for local farmers like us, Alphonsomango.in organic varieties for the best taste and quality.

Hapus Mango Recipes

Alphonso mangoes are a delicious and versatile fruit enjoyed in various ways. Whether you prefer to eat them as is, blend them into a smoothie, or use them to make a chutney or dessert, there's no doubt that Alphonso mangoes are the perfect addition to any summer meal.

Eat them as is: The simplest and most traditional way to enjoy Alphonso mangoes is to slice them and eat them. They are incredibly sweet and juicy, making them the delicious, tastebud tantalizing snack for a hot summer day.

Make a smoothie: Another great way to enjoy Alphonso mangoes is to blend them into a smoothie. Add yogurt, honey, and ice to a blender and blend until smooth. For added flavor, you can add other fruits like Anjeer, Strawberries, or Pineapple.

Make a salad: Alphonso mangoes can also be added for a sweet and refreshing twist. Slice the mangoes and add them to a mix of greens, nuts, and cheese for a delicious salad.

Make a chutney: Alphonso mangoes can also be used to make a chutney, a popular Indian condiment made from fruits and spices. Blend the mangoes with ginger, garlic, and spices to make a delicious chutney that can be used as a dip or spread.

Make desserts: Alphonso mangoes can also be used to make a range of lip-smacking desserts, such as ice cream, sorbet, and even cheesecake.

Hapus Mangoes Price

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Alphonso Mango Price Delhi - AlphonsoMango.in

Get to Know Alphonso Mango Price Delhi

Alphonso Mango Price in Delhi

Several factors influence Mango price in delhi, including supply and demand, weather impacting crops, transportation costs, and mangos quality. Additionally, variations in Aam varieties and seasonal changes can also affect the pricing in the Fruit market.

With its evolving food scene and numerous restaurants and cafes, It is an exciting destination for gourmet enthusiasts. Additionally, as the capital of India, It is renowned for its rich history, culture, architecture, landmarks such as the Red Fort and Qutub Minar, street food culture, and shopping destinations. Mangos are particularly popular among locals and visitors alike.

हापूस आंबा - फळांचा राजा

 People enjoy a wide variety of mangos, especially during the summer months. People can enjoy Varieties like Alphonso, Dasheri, Langra, Chausa, and Kesar can be enjoyed raw, ripe, or as juice. It is a key ingredient in traditional dishes like Aam Panna and Aam lassi.

Hapus, known for its sweetness in terms of sweetness, is a favourite among mango lovers who can enjoy various mango festivals in the city. You'll best experience the unique flavour of these mangos by eating them raw. They're a must-try delicacy!

What factors affect the mango price in Delhi?

Various factors affect mango price in Delhi, including variety, seasonality, demand-supply dynamics, quality, size, and ripeness. Additionally, transportation costs, weather conditions impacting harvests, and import/export regulations etc can influence mangos prices in the fruit market.

Buy yours now to get the taste of purity from India's finest farms today!

All residents can enjoy an abundance of mangos from the comfort of their homes!

How? By visiting Alphonso Mango's online website. 

Wide range of mango Flavour & its Alphonso Mango Price in Delhi by kilogram (kg)

You can find mangos varieties like Ratnagiri, Devgad, Kesar, and Gir Kesar for sale. Powle Home Foods offers these flavorful mangos with juicy pulp and rich texture. Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri and Devgad farms are air-shipped and are popular globally.

These sweet fruits, locally known as "Aam," are best enjoyed in summer. Prices start at Rs. 2800 for 130-180 grams of Ratnagiri and Devgad Aam and go up to Rs. 1800 or more for Gir Kesar Aam, with an approximate price of Rs. 800 per kilogram.

Alphonso Mango Delivery in Delhi Best Traders & Packaging

It is known in Hindi locally as Hapus Aam. People locally call it Hapus Aam in Hindi. These fruits aren't grown locally but are available in the market during the summer season. Suppliers deliver them from Maharashtra and other states where they are grown.

The demand for mangoes is high. Due to their unique and mesmerizing taste and reputation, they are considered a premium Mangos product. The price of Hapus mangoes, also known as the king of mangoes, can vary depending on the time of the season, but they tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum comparing local mangoes.

The Alphonso hapus, known for its distinct flavour aroma and delicious taste, is only available for a limited time from late April to the end of June. During this time, vendors and traders fill the streets and markets, selling juicy, ripe mangoes.

The fruit has a bright orange-yellow skin and a smooth, creamy texture, making it a delight to eat. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy choice for people of all ages.

Alphonso Mango rate in Delhi / Alphonso Mango Price Delhi

You can also order with us online. We deliver GI-tag-certified mangos to your doorstep.

The Alphonso Hapus is a highly sought-after variety of mangos. They are known for their unique taste and quality. They are relatively expensive compared to other local varieties. But, due to their important nature and taste.

Try the sweet fruits with a mouth-watering and luscious texture. 

Mangoes are low in fat and high in dietary fibre. An average Alphonso hapus ranges from 130 to 300 grams. At the same time, Devgad amba weighs around 130 to 350 grams. 

But now you can get freshly harvested fruits directly from Konkan after harvesting in two days from the farm. So, fruit lovers can choose any variety of mangos according to their taste from us online.

Health Benefits of Alphonso Mangoes:

Alphonso is rich in vitamins B6 and C, iron, and fibre. The fruit has a high water content, which keeps the body hydrated. This sweet fruit contains high lipids and is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Thus, it has immense medicinal value. 

 Recipe and Uses of Mangoes:

You can make juice, smoothies, lassi, and fruit salads using mesmerizing fruits like Aam. Fresh Hapus has good hygiene properties. More than just the flesh, even the mango's skin boasts a lovely and appealing smell, making it a great addition to recipes like dried mangoes and desserts.

How to select Alphonso Mangoes?

Fresh, premium-quality mangos are best for health. It would be best if you opted for such Aams that are bright in colour and have no spots on them.

Mango rate in Delhi

Mango price in Delhi market is approximately Rs. 2800 per dozen. You will get the Devgad & Ratnagiri alphonso mango price at 1600 INR (130 to 180 grams). 

It is a lovable fruit, symbolizing sweet summer with scorching heat and a treat to your taste buds. This mangos is cultivated in many parts of the world but has gained immense popularity in India. You can easily buy Mangoes in Gurgaon, Noida, and nearby areas from various grocery stores or online services.

Mangoes are yummy and sweet, and it's no surprise they're the most loved fruit. Get ripened mangoes now from your preferred grocery store or online service, such as Alphonsomango.in, where you can buy fresh mangoes online directly from the farms of Ratnagiri and Devgad. They offer various mangoes, including Alphonso, Totapuri, Salem, and other varieties. You will always be satisfied with the fresh and delicious mangoes delivered to your doorstep.

Our website helps you to choose online from the range of mangoes like:

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes in Delhi

Devgad Alphonso Mangoes in Delhi

Hapus Mango in Delhi

Alphonso Mango Delhi

Kesar Mango in Delhi

Gir Kesar Mango in Delhi

Alphonso Mango Pulp Delhi

Payari Mango in Delhi - Pairi Mango in Delhi

Kashmiri Kesar in Delhi 

Naturally Ripened Organic Mangoes are now in Delhi

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Price of Himalayan Pink Salt - AlphonsoMango.in

Price of Himalayan Pink Salt

Price of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink rock Salt is a kind of rock salt found in the Himalayan mountains.

It is pink in color due to the presence of trace minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium.

Buy Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink rock Salt is said to have several health benefits.

These include aiding digestion, improving blood circulation, and helping to relieve respiratory problems. 

It is also beneficial for skin health. 

Using a bath like a body scrub can help detoxify the skin and remove impurities.

It is a great option during recipes if you want a unique way to flavor your food.

Replaced in place of regular table salt in recipes. 

It is also a beautiful addition to any table setting.

Amazing Salt makes a lovely and unique gift for someone special in your life.

Himalayan pink Salt is a healthy and delicious way to add flavor to your food. 

Cost about Rs 300 to 350. Give it a try today!

Found in grocery stores or online stores like ours.

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Akhrot Price per Kg - AlphonsoMango.in

Akhrot Price per Kg

Akhrot Price per Kg

Akhrot Price per Kg

Walnuts, also known as "akhrot," are a delectable treat and a powerhouse of nutrition, making them an excellent choice for snacking or incorporating into various recipes. They serve as a healthy alternative to junk food for mid-day meals or evening snacks due to their satisfying crunch and rich flavour.

Walnuts are packed with essential nutrients, such as B, that offer numerous health benefits. These nutrient-dense nuts can help support brain health, improve heart functions, aid in weight management, and boost overall immunity. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, incorporating walnuts into your diet can contribute to better B and promote healthy ageing.

Whether enjoyed on their own as a quick snack or added to salads, baked goods, or oatmeal for an extra nutritional boost, walnuts are versatile ingredients that can elevate the flavour and health benefits of your meals. Next time you reach for a snack, consider grabbing a handful of Akhrot to satisfy your cravings while nourishing your body with essential nutrients.

Buy Akhrot

Akhrot, also known as walnuts, are a b and nutrient-dense food that offers numerous health benefits. They serve as a natural vegan source of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals while being low in calories, making them an excellent addition to a balanced diet. These nuts are readily available throughout the year; however, their peak season typically falls between October and December, when they are freshest and most abundant.

Fluctuations in Akhrot Price Per Kg

The akhrot price per kg can fluctuate based on seasonal variations and the availability of the nuts in the market. During peak harvest season, you can often find the best prices on akhrot (walnut) per kg. Understanding these seasonal trends and the different packaging types, such as plastic boxes and packing size, can help consumers decide when to purchase walnut for both cost-effectiveness and optimal freshness.

Popular Walnut

Walnuts are a popular nut known for their nutritional benefits and versatility in cooking. Harvesting walnuts at the optimal time allows for storage in cold facilities, preserving their freshness and quality for longer without spoilage.

Walnut Price Per Kg

During its peak season, which typically falls between October to December, walnuts may be pricier due to higher demand and limited availability. However, outside of this period, you can usually find them at standard akhrot price per kg making them a relatively affordable and accessible nut option for consumers.

Various Dishes of Walnut

People love using walnut in salads, baked goods, and desserts for their rich flavour and crunchy texture. They are also packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthy addition to your diet. Whether enjoyed as a convenient snack or incorporated into your favourite recipes, walnut are a nutritious choice that can benefit your overall well-being.

Akhrot Price Per Kg in Mumbai

When purchasing items like nuts and dried fruits, buying in bulk or taking advantage of sales promotions can often lead to significant cost savings per kilogram. Inspecting the expiration date before purchasing and opting for reputable sources to ensure quality is advisable. Proper storage in a cool, dry place can help maintain the freshness of these products for up to six months. Additionally, considering factors like packaging quality and handling during transportation can also impact the overall quality and shelf life of nuts and dried fruits. For example, Popular Walnut Products include Brown Shelled Walnuts from Jammu & Kashmir with a shelf life of 12 months and an akhrot price per kg range of Rs 500 - Rs 800 per kilogram, depending on the packaging size.

What factors influence the Akhrot kg Price?

Factors that influence Akhrot price per kg include the quality of the nuts, global supply and demand, harvest season, processing costs, transportation expenses, and market trends. Quality grades, certifications like organic or fair trade, and packaging can also impact Akhrot's price per kg.

Walnuts history

The walnut, a deciduous tree from the Balkans to the Himalayas and southwest China, has a rich migration history across continents. It entered England during the mid-16th century after being introduced from Italy. Subsequently, English settlers brought the walnut tree to America in the early b

Walnuts Value

Walnut trees are valued not only for their tasty nuts but also for their beautiful wood, which is used in furniture making and woodworking. The nuts themselves are nutrient-dense and packed with healthy fats, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals. Studies link walnut to improved heart health, better brain function, and reduced inflammation.

Bhas have become widespread globally due to their versatile uses and nutritional value. Today, they are grown in various regions worldwide, including California in the United States, known for their high-quality walnut production.

Walnuts: A Nutritional Powerhouse for Your Health

Walnuts are a versatile nut cultivated in various regions across the globe, including India's Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. These areas provide ideal conditions for walnut trees to thrive and produce high-quality nuts. Walnut are delicious and packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Adding walnut to your diet can offer numerous health benefits, such as improving heart health, supporting brain function, and aiding in weight management. Whether enjoyed as a snack or incorporated into salads, baked goods, or desserts, walnuts are a flavorful and nutritious addition to any diet, especially in regions like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Surat. Next time you're looking for a wholesome snack, consider reaching for some delicious walnuts to satisfy your cravings and boost your overall well-being.

Who is the largest grower of walnuts in the world, Along with India

Walnuts are popular and nutritious nuts grown in several countries around the world. The United States is the largest producer of walnut globally, accounting for approximately 60 per cent of the total walnut production. Following the United States, other major walnut-producing countries include Turkey, China, and India. Each country plays a significant role in meeting the global demand for walnut' akhrot price per kg.

Walnut Production in California

California, in particular, is renowned for its walnut production within the United States. The state's favourable climate conditions allow walnut trees to thrive and yield high-quality nuts. The state's vast orchards contribute substantially to the nation's overall walnut output.

Walnut Production in Turkey

In Turkey, walnuts are also a prominent agricultural product, with regions like Giresun and Ordu being well-known for their walnut cultivation. Turkish walnuts attract people with their rich flavour and superior quality.

Walnut Production in China

Similarly, China is another key player in the global walnut market, with significant production levels that contribute to meeting both domestic and international demands for this nutritious nut. The country's diverse agricultural landscape allows for the successful cultivation of walnuts, making it a valuable contributor to the worldwide walnut industry. China and India have seen significant growth in their walnut industries recently. These countries cater to domestic consumption and export walnuts to various parts of the world.

The Global Walnut Market

The global walnut market continues to expand as more people recognize walnuts' health benefits and versatility in cooking and snacking. With increasing consumer awareness of walnuts' nutritional value, demand is expected to rise, prompting producers in these key countries to ramp up cultivation efforts and use vacuum bags for packaging to meet market needs.

Primary Producer of Walnut

California is renowned for being the primary producer of walnuts and has a good akhrot price per kg in the United States. In addition to California, Turkey also plays a significant role in walnut production. Our partners source walnuts from the United States and Turkey, ensuring a diverse and reliable supply of this nutritious nut. By importing walnuts from these top producers, we can guarantee freshness and superior quality in every batch of walnuts we provide to our customers.

Kernel Walnut Health Benefits

Hemp seed oil is an excellent vegan source of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals crucial for overall health. These fatty acids support heart health, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy skin. Furthermore, hemp seed oil contains all nine essential amino acids required by the body, making it a complete protein source for vegetarians and vegans.

Promotes gut health

Its high fibre content aids digestion and promotes gut health. Moreover, hemp seed oil is packed with vitamins, such as vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium are also essential for maintaining proper bodily functions and overall well-being. Incorporating hemp seed oil into your diet can offer many health benefits and support a balanced plant-based lifestyle.

Akhrot An Amazon

In addition to its numerous health benefits, such as being rich in essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil is a great option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet while still reaping the nutritional advantages it offers. You can enjoy its nutrient-rich properties without worrying about excessive caloric intake by incorporating hemp seed oil into your meals or as a supplement.

How to Maximize the Shelf Life of Akhrot?

It is important to keep items in a cool and dry place to maintain their quality. Goods can typically be stored for up to six months under these conditions for optimal longevity. This practice applies to various products, including food items, medications, and household goods. By following proper storage guidelines, you can ensure that your belongings remain in good condition and are ready for use when needed. Remember to check the specific storage recommendations for each item to maximize its shelf life.

Akhrot Price Per Kg Gluten-Free

Walnuts are versatile and nutritious nuts in various popular varieties, each with unique characteristics. Among the most well-known types are Chandler walnuts, known for their large size and sweet flavor profile. Howard walnuts, on the other hand, are favoured for their ease of cracking and mild taste. Franquette walnuts / akhrot price per kg is prized for their rich, earthy flavour and thin shells, making them a popular choice for culinary uses.

Hartley Walnuts a Premium Walnut

Hartley walnuts are known for their high yield and excellent quality kernels, while People enjoy the unique flavour and versatility of Payne walnuts in dishes ranging from salads to desserts. Each variety of walnuts offers a different taste and texture, making them a delightful addition to various recipes and snacks.

Cashew Nut Diversity in India

Cashew nuts in India fall into four main categories based on shell thickness and texture variations. These categories include thin-shelled cashews, paper-shelled (kanji), medium-shelled cashews, and hard-shelled cashews. Each type has unique characteristics and uses in various culinary dishes and preparations. Thin-shelled cashews are prized for their delicate texture and are often used in desserts or eaten as a snack. Paper-shelled cashews, also known as kanji cashews, have a very thin outer shell that is easy to crack open, making them popular for snacking. Medium-shelled cashews balance thin and hard shells, offering versatility in cooking applications. Hard-shelled cashews have a thicker shell that requires more of the fort to crack but often has a richer flavour profile.

 Walnut uses & Health Benefits.

Walnuts are versatile nuts that can be used in myriad ways, adding flavour and nutrition to dishes, whether sweet or savoury. In sweet recipes, walnuts can be chopped and sprinkled over yoghurt or oatmeal for added crunch, incorporated into baked goods such as brownies or banana bread for a nutty texture, or even candied and used as a topping for desserts like ice cream or cakes.

Explore the Savory Side of Walnuts

In savoury dishes, walnuts can be toasted and added to salads for a satisfying crunch, ground up and used as a coating for proteins like chicken or fish, or mixed into pasta dishes for extra depth of flavour. Drizzle walnut oil over roasted vegetables for a rich, nutty flavour, or add it to salad dressings for a unique twist.

Packaging of Essential Nutrients: Walnut

Apart from their culinary uses, walnuts are also packed with essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, making them a healthy addition to any diet. Including walnuts in your meals enhances the taste and provides numerous health benefits.

Uses of Akhrot in Traditional Indian Desserts

Indian sweet dishes like kheer, laddu, halwa, and barfi frequently feature these versatile ingredients due to their natural sweetness and rich texture. Additionally, they are popularly incorporated into Western-style baking recipes like cookies, chikki, cakes, and brownies to add a unique flavour and nutritional boost. The diverse applications of these ingredients showcase their adaptability in both Indian and international culinary creations.

Walnuts Uses in Baking Sweet Dish

Hemp seeds offer nutritional benefits and a unique flavour when added to savoury dishes, in addition to their use in sweet treats and baked goods. Sprinkle hemp seeds on top of salads for a crunchy texture and nutty taste, or mix them into pasta dishes for an extra boost of protein and essential fatty acids. Hemp seed pesto is another delicious option, replacing traditional pine nuts with nutrient-dense hemp seeds for a unique twist on a classic recipe. Incorporating hemp seeds into savoury meals is a simple way to elevate the nutritional content of your dishes while enjoying their mild, earthy flavour profile.

The versatility of Indian Walnuts

Walnuts can be enjoyed in many delicious ways. They can be raw, roasted, or candied for a sweet and crunchy touch to your dishes. Indian cuisine incorporates cashews in various desserts like kheer, payasam, laddu, and barfi. Walnuts add a savoury twist to muhammara, a Middle Eastern red pepper and spice dip, showcasing their versatility. The rich and creamy texture of walnuts makes them a great choice for topping mousses or blending into walnut butter for a delicious spread.

A Raisins Packet of Nutrients

Walnuts are a tasty snack and a nutrient-packed addition to your diet. These brain-shaped nuts contain essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Incorporating walnuts into your daily meals can offer numerous health benefits, including improved heart health, brain function, and overall well-being. With a net weight of 1 kg and vacuum-packed for freshness, these best-quality walnut kernels are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. A handful of these nutritious nuts can provide a raisin packet of nutrients to energize you throughout the day.

A good Source of Protein

Moreover, walnuts are a good source of plant-based protein, fibre, magnesium, and vitamin E. They make for a convenient and satisfying snack that keeps you full and energized throughout the day.

Whether you sprinkle them on top of your morning oatmeal, toss them in a salad for extra crunch, or enjoy them as a snack, walnuts are a versatile ingredient that can enhance any dish's flavour and nutritional value. So savour the goodness of walnuts to boost your health and add a delightful crunch to your meals!

From Where To Buy Walnut, Almonds, Kaju, Giri and Other Dryfruit?

Are you looking for high-quality dry fruits to add a nutritious boost to your diet? Look no further than Alphonsomango for the best akhrot price per kg. This online retailer offers a wide selection of premium dry fruits sourced from trusted suppliers in Gujarat. Whether you crave the rich sweetness of dates, the nutty flavour of cashews, or the delightful crunch of almonds, Alphonsomango. It has everything you need. They prioritize quality, ensuring you receive the freshest and most delicious dry fruits delivered to your doorstep. Their convenient online ordering system and secure payment options make the entire shopping experience a breeze. If you want exceptional dry fruits without the hassle, Alphonsomango. in is a clear choice.

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Pumpkin seeds price - AlphonsoMango.in

Pumpkin seeds price

Pumpkin seeds price

It can be purchased raw, roasted, or sprouted.

They are typically sold in bulk at a lower price per ounce.

Buy Pumpkin Seed

Additionally, pumpkin seed products, such as these oil or flour, may be more expensive.

They are a nutritious food that is enjoyed in many different ways.

Pumpkin seeds benefits for female

Including these seeds as part of a healthy diet may offer various health benefits.

They are typically sold in bulk at a lower price per ounce.

Pumpkin seeds nutrition:

They are a good source of magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

It also contains antioxidants, including vitamin E.

Including these amazing seeds as part of your healthy diet may help to improve heart health, boost immunity, support bone health, aid in weight loss, and improve skin health.

Pumpkin seed's side effects:

They are generally safe to eat.

However, eating too many of these at once can cause digestive issues, such as gas or bloating.

Additionally, they may contain compounds that can interact with certain medications.

Therefore, speaking with a healthcare provider before adding them to your diet is important.

They are nutritious food that may offer various health benefits.

However, eating too many of them at once can cause digestive issues, such as gas or bloating.

Additionally, they may contain compounds that can interact with certain medications.

Therefore, speaking with a healthcare provider before adding pumpkin seeds to your diet is important.

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Walnut Kernel Price - AlphonsoMango.in

Walnut Kernel Price

Walnut Kernel Price

If you want to buy & looking for a great price on walnut kernels, you've come to the right place.

Walnut Kernel Price

Our Walnuts are directly imported from the United States of America. 

They are handpicked and de-shelled here in India.

At Alphonsomango. In, we offer the highest quality nuts at the best prices around.

We also have a wide variety of other nuts and seeds to choose from, so you might be sure to find what you're looking for.

Alphonsomango. is the leading online supplier of premium nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and more.

Walnut Milk

We offer free shipping on Dry fruit orders, and our friendly customer service team is always here to help.

So why wait? Order your walnut kernels today!

Akhrot giri 1 kg price

If you're looking for akhrot giri 1 kg price, you've come to the right place.

 Here at our website, we offer the best prices on various akhrot giri products.

Walnut kernel 1 kg price

We have covered you for a better price whether you're looking for bulk purchase or just a single kilogram. 

With our competitive prices and wide selection, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

So look around and find the perfect akhrot giri product for your needs.

Thank you for choosing our website!

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Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Price in Pune

Ratnagiri Hapus Pune: Know the Current Prices

Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Price in Pune: Latest Update

Ratnagiri Hapus, also known as Alphonso mangoes, are highly sought-after for their sweet and juicy flavour. If you're in Pune and looking to purchase some, you must know the current prices.

As of today, the price of a dozen Ratnagiri Hapus mango price in Pune is around Rs. 1800 to Rs. 1000, depending on their size and quality. Buying from a trusted vendor like us is always a good idea to ensure you get the best value.

Ratnagiri Hapus Mango is a widespread variety of mango grown in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is known for its sweet and juicy taste and is highly sought after by mango lovers.

The Ratnagiri Hapus Mango price in Pune can vary depending on the season, availability, and demand.

Typically, during peak season (February to June), the prices can range from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 1000 per dozen, whereas off-season prices can be higher. Before purchasing, it's always advisable to check with local vendors or markets for the latest prices.

Discovering the History and Culture Behind Ratnagiri Hapus Mangoes in Pune know Mango Cost in Pune

Ratnagiri Hapus Mangoes are a unique fruit grown in Maharashtra for centuries. They have gained popularity since the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj era.

They were transported by bullock cart and delivered to the city on those days. They are known for their sweet, unique flavour.

These mangoes are an essential part of Maharashtra's culture and traditions. They are often given as gifts or used in traditional dishes. So, the next time you enjoy a juicy Ratnagiri Hapus Mango, take a moment to appreciate its rich history and culture.

Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Price in Pune

Residents of Pune, located around 300 kilometers away from Ratnagiri, have a fondness for the various types of mangoes grown in this region, and they often go on a hunt for the famous Ratnagiri Hapus Mangoes.

But now, you can quickly get your hands on this sweet, aromatic, and yellow fruit with just a click.

You can check the Ratnagiri Hapus Mango price in Pune and even order it to be delivered anywhere in India. Our products are certified with the GI tag, ensuring their authenticity.

We are the GI Tag-certified growers, farmers, and traders of Hapus Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Devgad.

Our mangoes are naturally ripened without using any harmful chemicals like Calcium carbide. We use grass haystacks to mature our mangoes, making them safe and naturally ripened for consumption.

Love of Ratnagiri Hapus Pune Distinct food by the City

Punekars have a deep love for food. The City is known for its diverse cuisine, which includes a mix of Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian, and international dishes.

They are also known to be very experimental with their food choices and are always willing to try new things.

There are many reasons why they love food so much. One reason is that the City has a rich culinary history. It has been a centre of trade and commerce for centuries, leading to a cross-pollination of cultures and cuisines.

As a result, They have been exposed to a wide variety of foods from all over India and the world.

Another reason why they love food is that the City has a vibrant food scene.

Many restaurants, cafes, and street food vendors in this City offer various cuisines. This City also loves to cook at home, and they often take pride in their culinary skills.

Devgad Mango in Pune

Punekars' love for food is also evident in the many festivals held in the City throughout the year. These festivals celebrate the City's diverse cuisine and offer the vibrant City a chance to try new foods and meet other food lovers.

It, also known as Hapus from this district Ratnagiri, is one of India's most sought-after fruit varieties.

It is known as the king of mangoes and is widely regarded as the best mango variety in the country. Its rich and sweet flavour excites the senses of your dream and tantalizes this Hapus. 

India succeeds in the philosophy of To each his own. This philosophy can be used even for them.

With our company, you can enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of this aam in the beautiful City without leaving the comfort of your home.

The company prides itself on offering high-quality, fresh GI tag-certified, chemical-free, naturally grown handpicked from the best farms in the district.

It is named after the region in which it is grown, the Ratnagiri district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

This variety has a rich history, with records of its cultivation dating back over 520 years since Portugal general Alfonso De Albuquerque landed in India.

Today, it is one of the most popular amba varieties in India. It is widely exported to other countries as well.

Alphonso Mango Pune from Konkan

Alphonsomango.in is a widespread variety of mango traders and growers for selling known Hapus grown in Ratnagiri and Devgad, which is on a call of 5 to 10 hours journey from the education city and known for its unique taste and aroma.

A city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra is one of the significant lovers of Hapus. The City gets Hapus from our Aamrai orchards in Ratnagiri and Devgad, where the fruit is grown using traditional methods and harvested by hand.

Pune loves Alphonso Mangoes widely sought after both locally and internationally for their superior quality and taste.

Ratnagiri Hapus Pune

Alphonsomango.in is the ideal place for traders and retail users to purchase Ratnagiri Hapus and Devgad Alphonso Mango in Pune - 411044, known for their superior quality, natural growth, and heavenly aroma.

The GI tag certification ensures that the mangoes originate from the region and adhere to strict quality standards. Additionally, we offer a hassle-free buying experience, with easy online ordering and doorstep delivery.

Buy Ratnagiri Hapus Pune Online

With our commitment to providing only the best quality mangoes, including Alphonso Mango Pulp, you can be assured of a delightful experience with every purchase.

Alphonsomango.in offers Alphonso mangoes in different packaging sizes such as half dozen, one dozen, two dozen, 40-50 kg wholesale, etc., so you can choose the packaging size that suits your requirements.

What is Ratnagiri Hapus mango price in Pune, and why is it famous in Pune?

Ratnagiri Hapus is a variety of mango grown in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. It is famous for its sweet taste, vibrant colour, and lovely fragrance.

The mangoes are considered to be of very high quality and have a unique flavour that is loved by mango lovers all over the world.

The farmers who grow the Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes use traditional methods and take great care during the ripening process to ensure that the mangoes are of the best quality.

These mangoes have become famous globally and essential to the local economy.

In Pune, where people are known for knowledge, Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes are very popular, and locals love eating them. These mangoes have become an essential part of the city's culture and are enjoyed by many people.

If You want to know Ratnagiri Hapus's price in Pune or you want to know the Mango cost in Pune, you are right on our website; click on the order, and we will get it delivered to your home.

Hapus mango rate in Pune

Discover the current rate of Hapus Mangoes in Pune! Get your hands on the juiciest and most delicious mangoes in town by staying updated on the current market rate. Please share the details with us by ordering online.

Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Price in Pune

We used to deliver these fantastic fruits to wholesalers and retailers in this incredible City of education, IT & much more. They decide the price and send it to the customer's home. 

We found certain malpractices that our wholesalers used to offer substandard fruits to us and were selling them to retailers.

Then we decided that we should start in retail. Hence, we started our retail practice in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Nagpur, Surat, Ahmedabad, and all metro and major cities in India.

Generally, the Gultekdi APMC market yard is used to decide the Ratnagiri & Devgad Mango Prices.  

Ratnagiri Hapus is a variety of mango grown in the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra, India. It is famous in Pune and across India for its exceptional taste, aroma, and texture.

The rich flavour and sweetness of Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes make them highly sought after during the mango season in the City and Globally.

Indian Mangoes in Pune

India has many Aam varieties, from Dasheri north to Neelam south. You can find various Indian types; everyone can choose if they love them.

Alphonso Mango rate in Pune | Mangoes rate in Pune

But there's one Universal type that is loved by all.

Ratnagiri Hapus in Pune

That beloved variant is the Alphonso or Hapus. It is rich in sweetness and aroma. It is packed with flavour and healthy nutrients and has beautiful yellow skin. It is a natural alternative to artificial sugar.

It improves digestion and blood circulation, prevents cancer, and is excellent for hair and skin.

Origin of Alphonso

Alphonso de Albuquerque, a military officer from Portugal, introduced this fruit to India and also shared his knowledge of grafting with the locals. The cultivation of this plant is limited to the Konkan region due to its dependency on the specific soil type for its unique taste.

Konkan's volcanic soil with red laterite stone and hot-humid climate significantly enhance this fruit's flavour. Despite attempts by other states, Konkan remains unbeatable in producing the best quality.

Among Punekars, two specific districts in Konkan are well-known for their Hapus variety.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango in Pune

In Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, aamrai bags are spread across 8208 square kilometres. This 8208 sq km produces the best fruit. 

These aams are prized for their distinct aroma, taste, flavour, and texture. Unlike Devgad Hapus, this variant has bright golden yellow skin.

Mango Delivery in Pune

All you need to do is order on our website and deliver them to your doorstep.

Whether you're looking for a sweet and juicy treat, it might be for yourself or your parents, relatives, family, and friends.

We have covered for you. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy your favourite amba variety or a gift for a loved one, Alphonsomango has everything you need to make your Amba shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

From start to finish, our company ensures you receive the best possible fruits delivered right to your door. 

Our depots in Sadashiv Peth, Koregaon Park, & Hadapsar team will fulfil your cravings by delivering the best products in your city.

GI Tag certified Hapus.

Its superior quality has earned it a GI tag. GI tag is the ultimate benchmark for our quality. It is awarded to select quality products produced in a specific region.

Chemical Free & Carbide Free Naturally Ripened Ratnagiri Hapus Pune

The best part about this fruit is that they are carbide-free mangoes. Carbide is a chemical compound that speeds up the ripening process. 

As a result, these fruit turns yellow but is hard to touch. When naturally ripened, an aam turns soft like a pear or avocado when fully ripe.

You can now buy premium quality fresh fruits online at alphonsomangoes. in. We specialize in delivering naturally ripened Devgad and Ratnagiri Alphonso straight from farms to your doorstep.

Ratnagiri Hapus Pune Mango Market

Ratnagiri Market was a significant market our ancestors used to sell. They used to come to Crawford Market in Mumbai or Gul Tekdi Market in Pune. Now, the Market has just been there for visitors and residents visit the City. 

From Ratnagiri Hapus to the Best of India: Pune to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, & Bangalore

Our Mumbai packhouse ensures direct delivery of Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and other cities via air transportation.

The fruits are harvested early at 3.20 am in Ratnagiri district and transported to Mumbai packing house in unique air-cooled vans. In Mumbai, our team members sort the fruits according to their weights and pack them in small boxes of half dozen, one dozen, and two dozen.

These packed boxes are then shipped to various cities using the next available air flights to Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad and also for pan India and international shipping.

Buy premium quality mangoes.

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Hapus Mango Pune

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Alphonso Mango in Pune

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Mango Rate Today - AlphonsoMango.in

Mango Rate Today

Today's Mango Rate

What's your favorite season? I love the summer season for it's an ideal opportunity to relax. It's an ideal opportunity to take some time off and have a good time. 

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Price of Saffron - AlphonsoMango.in

Price of Saffron

Price of Saffron

The fact that a pound of Saffron costs around $500 to $5000 makes Saffron the world's most expensive spice. 

Kesar Price

The annual saffron production worldwide is estimated at 300 tons.

Buy saffron online

Buy the best quality Saffron Online from farms of Kashmir.

Buy Kesar Online

Saffron is a valuable spice known for its delicate flavor, delicious texture, and bitter taste. This soft spice is procured from the Crocus Sativus flower's dried stigmas, which have a unique texture, taste, and flavor.

Price of Saffron

Why is Saffron an expensive spice? 

The answer lies in the cycle of Saffron creation. Saffron fields need to be kept empty until the next Saffron season arrives.

Reaping another plant for the rest of the time is not something farmers can do. Thus, the cost of production in itself is so taxing. 

1 gram saffron price in India

Each Saffron plant is hand-planted individually. Furthermore, it's a tedious and delicate cycle.

Each Saffron plant yields 2-3 Saffron flowers, and each flower produces three strings of Saffron.

Because of their fragile and delicate nature, the Crocus Sativus flower and Saffron strings must be hand-plucked.

Price of Saffron in India per Kg

About 75,000 Saffron Crocus flowers are needed to get one pound of Saffron Kesar.

This tedious process of plucking the Saffron stigmas by hand is why Saffron is such an expensive spice.

Saffron plantation and production are immensely labor-intensive.

When the flowers blossom in October, they are carefully picked, and the precious stigmas are hand plucked. Then the stigmas are dried. 

One Saffron Crocus flower weighs about 2mg, usually has three strands, and is sold worldwide in grams.

The red strings or stigmas are then dried in a dry, dark place.

 It takes Saffron flowers worth a kilogram to produce merely 8-10 grams of pure Saffron.

Buy Premium Best Quality Saffron of India

High-quality saffron yields are usually low.

The greater the amount of various non-stigma parts added to the Saffron, the lower the Saffron's quality.

Thus, Saffron production requires massive amounts of human resources, making Saffron the world's priciest spice.

Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron cultivation spans around 3,800 hectares in Kashmir. Pampore and Pulwama produce the highest amount of Saffron in Kashmir. In the Pampore village, Saffron fields spread over 90% of the village land, with only 10% of the land being utilized for other purposes. 

Kashmiri Saffron plant is bulbous, often with rounded corns, which have a height of 15-20 cm. Each plant yields two to three lilac-purple flowers with 3.5 5 cm perianth segments and 2.5 - 3.2 cm style branches with six to ten leaves. Annually, India cultivates 40 tons of Saffron.

The yellow style is divided further into stigmata with a bright red color. It grows around September-October each year, and the planting procedure usually commences around October or November.

Kashmiri Saffron accounts for the best variety of Saffron in India. Grown in the high altitudes of Kashmir, the Saffron is of very high quality. It is handpicked and dried thoroughly.

 Many brands provide Kashmiri saffron for approx. Rs 230-Rs 290 per gram.

The quality of Saffron is of utmost importance, especially when consumed during pregnancy. Grade 1 certification Saffron is the purest Saffron you can get.

Kashmiri Saffron is ISO tested and has proven free of additional flavors and artificial coloring agents. 

You can blindly purchase Grade 1 certified ISO-tested Kashmiri Saffron, which is excellent for health and beauty. 

Saffron accounts for 70% of Kashmir's total cash crop production. However, climate change and global warming have lowered the production of Saffron. Consequently, the price of Saffron has risen by 60-80%.

Iran exports the most amount of Saffron, consigning Saffron worth $51 million. India and Spain also import massive amounts of pure Saffron from Iran.

 About 20 tons of Saffron is imported to India annually, half of which comes from Iran and other leading producers like China and Spain.

However, some traders blend cheap Saffron imported from Iran with local Saffron to make more profit while selling less pure Saffron. One kilogram of pure Saffron or Kesar currently sells for Rs.250,000 to Rs. 270,000 in the Indian market.

Uses of Saffron

  1. Cooking

Spice Saffron is used in cooking and dyeing cottage cheese, chicken and meat, mayonnaise, drinks, and cordials. Saffron can be utilized for special bread, cakes, pastries, and dishes of Mughlai cuisine.

You can even add some Saffron to your green tea to elevate the taste of the healthy beverage. 

  1. Medication

Recently reports of the medical and therapeutic usage of Saffron have surfaced. Not only does it add an excellent flavor to your food, but Saffron has proven to be an essential source of many vitamins and minerals.

Saffron may treat depression, asthma, menstrual cramps, cancer, and more. 

Allopathy and Ayurveda are two of the most popular forms of medication. Saffron has a special place in both kinds of medication.

In allopathic medicine, Saffron treats fever, melancholia, and spleen and liver augmentation. Saffron in Ayurvedic medicine is used for treating arthritis, impotence, and fertility.

Saffron Production

Most Saffron is harvested by retailers in Spain, France, Italy, and Iran. These countries have sophisticated and well-designed packaging systems and distribution channels. 

Developing countries such as Afghanistan find it challenging to establish their mark in the private market's distribution arena because retailers control the existing distribution channels.

The total production of dry Saffron on earth is estimated at 325 tons per year. Iran produces 90% of the total Saffron production. 90% of the Iranian Saffron is grown in the Khorasan province. 

In India, Saffron is grown exclusively in Kashmir to date. Recent reports suggest attempts cultivate Saffron are being made in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

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