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Amazing Kashmiri Kesar Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron Online

Essence of Kashmiri Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron: The Essence of Luxury and Wellness

Kashmir saffron is known as the finest Saffron in the world due to its cultivation in the perfect climate conditions of the Kashmir Valley.

The crocus flowers are harvested at their peak in October and November. The stigmas are dried precisely to achieve the desired taste and aroma.

The essence of Kashmiri saffron is its unique flavor and aroma. It is a delicate spice with a slightly sweet and floral taste. Kashmiri saffron is also known for its vibrant red color, which comes from the crocin compound.

Kesar Benefits during Pregnancy

Kesar is a deep red colour with a strong, sweet fragrance. It is used in dishes such as Biryani, Pulao, Milk, Stews, Soup, and desserts. You can also add Kashmir saffron to tea or Masala milk.

Every strand of Kashmir saffron is sourced from the valleys of pampore in Kashmir.

Saffron Fields in Kashmir

Our Kashmiri Kesar(Red Gold, Kesar) is exclusively renowned for its rich colour, lovely aroma, and exceptional taste. 

Boost your recipe creations with this precious spice that has graced the tables of the royal food experience for centuries.

It is often used on special occasions and festive dishes in India and worldwide.

Kashmiri Kesar, also known as Red Gold Kesar, is one of the most popular spices in India and worldwide. Its rich colour, beautiful aroma, and extraordinary taste make it one of the best spices to add to your recipe creations. It has been used in the royal food experiences for centuries. It is often used on special occasions and in festive dishes.

Take a journey to the saffron fields of Kashmir and start your virtual journey. Surrounded by lush fields of purple flowers near the bank of the Jhelum River, you can be sure that you are on your way to one of the best saffron farms in the world. 

The soft breeze carries the sweet aroma of the saffron blossoms. Our skilled workers handpick each useful flower with great care and attention to detail.

We only source our red spice from trusted local farmers in the Pampore area of Kashmir. Our farmers grow and harvest the spice in natural and sustainable ways, guaranteeing that the spice's quality will not be compromised.

What is the price of Kashmiri Saffron?

Kashmiri saffron, also known as Lachha saffron or Guchhi saffron, is among the most expensive spices in the world, valued at Rs. 3,50,000-3,75,000 per kg wholesale. 

This spice is used in various dishes, such as biryani, drinks, and traditional herbal medicines. Traditionally, Saffron has been produced in Iran, Spain, India and Greece, and these countries continue to control the global trade market for Saffron.

To make one gram of dry Saffron, approximately 150 flowers have to be harvested. Consider if you want to harvest one kg of Saffron; a football pitch-sized farm is required.

The high cost of Kashmiri saffron is due to the difficult task of manually pulling out the three small stigmas in the flower of the saffron plant, which gives the Saffron its aroma and flavour.

It is one of the main reasons why the price of authentic Saffron is so high at Alphonsomango. We guarantee premium quality saffron by sticking to traditional standards with no impurity.

Treat Yourself with Pure Luxury

Indulge in the rich, aromatic flavour of Kashmiri Kesar in your favourite dishes such as Biryani and Kesar Milk. Adding a pinch of this precious spice can change your dish's colour, aroma and flavour profile from ordinary to exceptional.

Keshar is a red spice used in various dishes, from the scrumptious basmati rice biryani to the delicacies of payasam and shrikhand. It takes any recipe to the next level and becomes an unforgettable experience.

But it's not just about the taste; our Keshar brings a sense of satisfaction and well-being to your dining table.

As you savour the recipe you're indulging in, you'll indulge in luxurious and health-friendly spices.

Where can I buy Kashmiri Saffron?

Welcome to the world of fine flavours and wellness! 

Look no further than us if you're wondering where to find the best. Our store is your gateway to the rich red spice treasure that decorates your recipe with taste, colour, and aroma with magic to your recipe.

You can easily buy Kashmiri Keshar right here with us with just a few clicks. 

Our online platform lets you easily explore and choose from various high-quality saffron products, such as dry fruits, mangoes, spices and more.

Each strand of Saffron has been handpicked from the fields of Kashmir for a unique quality that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Authenticity and purity are at the top of our list. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you are getting the real thing with no additives or artificial improvements. This red gold has an aroma and tastes just like the real thing. 

Enhancing your food's visual appeal is the beginning of a start with the finest aroma and taste possible. 

Our Keshar offers many health benefits based on centuries of traditional wisdom. 

Take your cooking to the next level and transform ordinary recipes into delicious recipes. 

Let's make some unforgettable memories at the dining table! 

The Benefits of Kashmiri Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron has many health benefits besides its delicious flavor. 

It is known to be a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect cells from damage. 

It can also improve brain function, understanding, remembering, and learning.

Keshar can be used to treat mild to moderate depression, which is similar to some antidepressants. It can also help with mood and anxiety.

Kesare has been shown to increase white blood cell production, which can help protect the immune system from infection. 

It can also reduce inflammation, which can help with chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and more.

It can also improve sleep quality, reducing the time taken to fall asleep and increasing the duration of deep sleep.

How to Use Kashmiri Saffron in Indian Kitchen

You can also soak the Saffron in milk or grind it into a fine powder. The quantity of Saffron used will depend on the type of dish you are preparing. 

There are several ways to use Saffron from Kashmir in Indian cuisine. Here are some of the most common ways:

 You can use a mortar and pestle or an electric coffee grinder for grinding.

  • Rice dishes: Kesar is commonly used in rice dishes like biryani, pulao, kheer, Etc. How to soak Kesar: A few strands of Kesar can be soaked in hot water before adding them to rice. It can also be soaked overnight to extract the aroma and colour of Keshar.
  • In desserts, Saffron is one of the most commonly used spices. It is used in many desserts, such as Gulab jamun, Rabdi, Payasam, Ras malai, and Kulfi. Dissolve a few strands in warm milk or water to use Saffron in          desserts. It will help in extracting the flavor and colour.
  • In Drinks, You can also use Drinks in drinks like masala milk or masala tea, dry fruit lassi, Etc. Heat some milk, add a few strands, and soak a few in hot water for several minutes to make this delicious tea.
  • In marinades: You can use it for meat, fish and vegetables. Add a few strands of marinade to the meat and mix it with other spices like pepper, cumin and turmeric.

Traditional Cultivation Methods for Kashmiri Saffron

One of the most expensive and well-known spices in the world. Kashmir is also one of the best-known regions for cultivating saffron.

The traditional methods of cultivation used by the local farmers are passed down through generations.

They are very important for the production of high-quality Keshar products.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the soil for saffron cultivation. The soil should be properly drained and weed-free. You can add organic matter like manure or compost to increase soil fertility.

Saffron plants are planted in autumn after the soil cools down. The saffron plant should be planted in rows with a 15 cm spacing between the plants and the corms about 5 cm deep.

Saffron plants need around 600-800 mm of rainfall annually. If the rainfall is too low, the saffron plant may require irrigation. The plants should also receive full sun.

Harvesting period of Kashmiri Keshar

Kashmiri Keshar is a type of saffron that blooms in the fall. It's usually harvested in October or November, and the flowers are harvested by hand, with the stigmas removed and dried.

It's one of the best saffron spices in the world, and the farmers who grow it in Kashmir are skilled.

Check out our website to learn more about it and to order some! We have threads, powder, tea, and more. Plus, we offer free shipping for dry fruits and spices on all orders.


Saffron from Kashmir is one of the most luxurious and versatile spices that can add an elegant touch to any food. It also has many health benefits, as it is a powerful antioxidant.

Kashmiri saffron will be a great choice if you want a spice that can improve your cooking and health.

Kesar Benefits during Pregnancy

Black Raisin Price

Black Raisin

Check out our sight for more information

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Authentic Kesar Online - AlphonsoMango.in

Authentic Kesar Online

Authentic Kesar Online

Kashmiri Kesar is a traditional spice that comes from the crocus flower.

Many of us are aware of the multiple health benefits of saffron.

However, acknowledge pure red spice threads from Kashmir as many people sell online and offline, but do you know if they are authentic?

Multiple forms of them can be difficult.

Authentic Kesar Price

Given its price, it isn't easy to understand what you are spending for and to ensure that you are getting the best out of your money.

Are you getting a top-quality product with the best taste, aroma, and color?

How to test Authentic Saffron

The original one is a Stigma of Crocus Sativus flower. While the flower is saffron color but the stigma is red.

What normal trader's adulterate it with corn silk threads, horse-dried hairs, coconuts filaments, or even a shredded paper sprayed for color?

It is also mixed with authentic exotic Saffron spice to reduce the buying cost, offer multiple discounted prices, or gain more profit.

There are certain stages in how you recognize it like

  • Smell
  • Appearance
  • Taste
  • Time for color release in water
  • How it reacts in baking soda
  • Price


It smells floral and sweet; sometimes, it smells like a honey trace, grassy, or hay like a small hint.


High-quality ones of this will be intensely red in color.

It has a component called crocin which releases color in water.

The trumpet-shaped means one end will be broad while the other will be tapered. If a Keshar thread has not bulged at one end, it's a fake exotic spice.

If you rub real ones between your two fingers, your finger skin will turn orange-yellow.

Taste of Kashmiri Saffron

If you take a strand of this spice, keep it on your tongue, and get a sweet taste, surely it's fake.

While the fact of the story is that it smells sweet, it should not taste sweet.

The original one will have a bitter, sweet, floral, subtly, grassy, and earthy taste.

The taste is crude and has a knotty nuanced flavor of the spice.

Water test with the spice 

You can take a tea cup filled with water and put some saffron. Please keep it for at least 1 to 2 hours. It will slowly color the water.

Fake ones do the same thing. Removing them from the water will entirely lose the extra color.

The original one will retain color. 

Another water test with Baking Soda

If you plan to test the same's authenticity, you can add some baking soda to the water.

Add some Saffron Strands to it. If you have purchased the original one, water will turn the water color yellow.

While the fake one, water will turn to pale crimson color. 

Time for color release in water

The color of the water comes from the pigment in the flower's stigma, also called a thread. It is added to many Indian dishes like kheer, basundi, and halwa to add flavor and color.

It is a popular spice for festive occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and Holi.

The spice is bought fresh or dried.

A fresh one is more potent and has a brighter color than a dried exotic spice.

As a test process, take some water in a white cup or glass jar and put some of these exotic spice threads in it.

Wait for 1o to 20 mins real one will release some yellowish color and turn the water to yellow actual color change may take up to one to two hours.

Authentic Keshar threads retain their red color.

Fake ones

A fake one will change water color immediately, or your water turns red or may not change the color.

In fake ones, there are chances that the threads may lose their color.

It is not your loved one, Kashmiri saffron. 

Authentic Kesar Price

Very few of us consider ourselves to buy remarkable Kashmiri Saffron because what we see which one is cheaper one we try to buy; therefore, we normally tend to overlook what makes us unique.

Being authentic is our daring to be your genuine product buy irrespective of what people think.

But do you know what you are buying and what makes you unique?

If it is not too expensive, then there are good chances that it is not authentic.

As you might be aware that in one acre, you can harvest only 6 to 7 kgs naturally,

Why are we a bit costly comparing other cheaper Kashmiri spices?

We normally source from GI tag certified farmers.

We source this high-quality red spice directly from Pampore Kashmir, known worldwide for its best quality saffron

The color of the keshar water comes from the pigment in the flower's stigma.

It is used in multiple cuisines like Indian and Arabic dishes to add flavor and color.

It has a floral, sweet flavor that is similar to saffron.

It is used in sweets, desserts, and savory dishes.

It is a popular spice for festive occasions such as Ganesh Utsav, Navratri, Diwali, Holi, Eid, and Christmas all-time spice in a whole year known for its aroma and coloring qualities.

It is used in many traditional sweets and desserts. 

It is also used in savory dishes such as rice and vegetables.

We've got a wide range of products at great prices so that you can find the perfect treat for your loved ones.

We've covered whether you're looking for traditional sweets or something a little more unusual.

So why not look today and see what Festivetreat has to offer? You won't be disappointed!

Traditional Authentic farming spice from Pampore Kashmir

It is a traditional spice that comes from the crocus flower.

It has a sweet, floral flavor that is similar to this exotic spice. It is used in sweets, desserts, and savory dishes.

Where does Kesar come from?

In India, It is grown primarily in Kashmir and some parts of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and some parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra states.

Some people also try to grow it in hydroponic farming, but there are not so many records available that it might help to get more yield than traditional ones, but it is yet to come. 

Although it is not that successful in Kashmir, trials in other states are still going on.

The plant grows wild in the Himalayas and produces small yellow flowers with red stamens.

After harvesting, the flower's three stigmas are removed, and the best part is selected for Original Premium grade Kashmiri Kesar must be dried and soaked in water to release the flavor of the Keshar.

Why is saffron so expensive?

Because saffron is such a rare commodity, its price fluctuates wildly.

Prices can vary by more than 100 percent per year.

It makes it difficult for farmers to plan their crops and keep up with demand.

How much does saffron cost?

In 2022, the average price of saffron was $3,000 per kilogram.

A kilo of this exotic spice (2.2 pounds) costs about $7,000. In Indian Rupees, It costs INR 300,000.

Is saffron worth the price?

If you're looking to buy saffron online, there are some things you should consider before making a purchase.

First, make sure you're buying a real authentic one.

The fake one is often dyed with other colors, such as turmeric and sold at lower prices.

Second, check out the quality of the saffron.

Look for bright orange threads that are tightly packed together.

Third, make sure you're getting the right quantity.

You don't need much saffron to color a dish, just enough to give it a subtle hint of flavor.

Finally, make sure you are paying a fair price. Check out our guide to buying red spice online to learn more.

When it comes to price, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. But it's also one of the most popular, and for a good reason.

It has a unique flavor that any other spice can't replicate.

It's also amazingly flexible and can be used in sweet or savory dishes.

So if you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your cooking, saffron is definitely worth the price.

How to know about authentic Original Kesar?

The crocus stigma from which saffron is obtained is very delicate, measuring just 2-4mm in length.

Kashmiri Saffron is the best exotic spice in the world, and it is this saffron that we use to sell on our website.

When buying saffron, it is important to look for certain things that indicate its quality.

The threads should be long and orange in color, with a deep crimson hue.

They should also be dry and not damp or humid.

The aroma should be strong and penetrating, with a slightly bitter taste. If the saffron has no smell or taste, it is not authentic.

When buying saffron, it is important to look for certain things that indicate its quality.

The threads should be long and orange in color, with a deep crimson hue.

They should also be dry and not damp or humid.

The aroma should be strong and penetrating, with a slightly bitter taste.

If the saffron has no smell or taste, it is not authentic.

How much saffron do I need?

You don't need much saffron to flavor a dish; just a few threads will do. Using too much saffron can make a dish taste bitter.

If you're using saffron in a recipe that serves 4-6 people, we recommend using just 2-3 threads.

For a recipe that serves 8-10 people, use 4-5 threads.

And for a recipe that serves 12 or more, use 6-8 threads.

How do I store saffron?

Keshar should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

We recommend storing it in an airtight container in your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

You can also store saffron in the fridge, which is unnecessary if you refrigerate it.

How is saffron used?

It is used in many different ways. It is often used to flavor food or as a natural dye.

Keshar is also used in traditional medicine and cosmetics.

What are the benefits of saffron?

There are many purported benefits of saffron.

These include its ability to improve mood, relieve stress, and boost libido.

Keshar is also said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Looking for the best keshar price this festive season? Look no further than us!

We've got a wide range of keshar products at great prices so that you can find the perfect treat for your loved ones.

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Saffron During Pregnancy - AlphonsoMango.in

Saffron During Pregnancy

Saffron During Pregnancy

Saffron, sometimes known as Kesar, is a flavorful and vibrant red spice popular in several cuisines.

Buy Kashmiri Saffron Pregnancy Pack 

Red spice, which comes from the Crocus sativus flowers stigma, has medicinal purposes and is used in Ayurvedic treatments.

Many women believe they must consume kesar during pregnancy for a fair baby.

Saffron for Baby Skin Color

However, it must be noted that a child’s skin color is genetically determined, and it hasn’t been scientifically proven whether saffron (Kesar) can impact the complexion of a newborn baby or not.

Saffron Benefits during Pregnancy

Yet, Kesar is highly recommended in India for pregnant women, and they stand to reap the benefits of drinking kesar milk during pregnancy when taken in prescribed quantities.

Kesar, or Kashmiri saffron, is a beautiful and unique spice with a long history of use in traditional medicine. 

Kesar has many health benefits, including improving fertility and treating certain pregnancy-related conditions like nausea and vomiting.

Although some scientific evidence supports using kesar during pregnancy, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider before using any herbal remedy, as they can interact with other medications you may be taking.

Kesar should also be used with caution if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Saffron Milk during Pregnancy

Saffron milk is a popular home remedy for pregnant women in India. 

To make saffron milk, steep a few strands of kesar in hot milk for several minutes. 

You can sweeten the kesar milk with honey if you like.

Some research suggests that drinking saffron milk during pregnancy can help to ease nausea and vomiting. 

In one study, 70% of pregnant women who drank saffron milk daily reported improvement in their symptoms after just five days.

According to Ayurveda texts, most doctors advise pregnant ladies to start taking saffron after they feel their baby move. 

Many also suggest avoiding it during the first trimester since saffron has hot potency.

It’s important to note that while some research supports using kesar during pregnancy, more studies are needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn. 

If you’re interested in trying saffron milk, speak with your healthcare provider first.

Kesar for Fertility

In addition to its use during pregnancy, kesar has been traditionally used to improve fertility. 

It is thought to increase circulation and stimulate the production of hormones like progesterone, which is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re considering taking kesar for fertility, speak with your healthcare provider first. 

Herbal supplements like Kesar can interact with other medications you may be taking and may not be safe for everyone.

Kesar for Nausea and Vomiting

It has long been used as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting, both common during pregnancy. 

It is known to work by stimulating the production of digestive juices and helping to move food through the gastrointestinal tract more quickly.

One study found that kesar was as effective as ginger in relieving pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. 

However, it’s important to understand that this study was small and that more research is required before any firm decision on consumption benefits during pregnancy for nausea and vomiting can be taken.

If you’re considering using kesar for nausea or vomiting, speak with your healthcare provider first.

Kesar can interact with some medications and may not be safe for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Kesar, or Kashmiri saffron, is a beautiful and unique spice with a long history of use in traditional medicine. 

It has many health benefits, including improving fertility and treating certain pregnancy-related conditions like nausea and vomiting.

If you’re interested in trying kesar milk during pregnancy, speak with your doctor first. 

Although some scientific evidence supports using kesar during pregnancy, it is important to speak to your gynecologist doctor before using any herbal saffron remedy, as they can interact with other medications you may be taking. 

Kesar should also be used with caution if you have any underlying medical conditions.

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FAQ about Kashmiri Kesar - AlphonsoMango.in

FAQ about Kashmiri Kesar

Product FAQ about Kashmiri Kesar

FAQ About Kashmiri Kesar

Here's everything you need to know about this incredible spice.

 Buy the best premium quality Kashmiri Kesar online.

It suffices your spicy snack cravings during hunger pangs.

It helps in mental illnesses like Anxiety and Stress. It also has a soothing and healing effect on the nerve system.

It improves your stamina, vigor, and strength. 

Threads are not water-soluble or milk.

It is used as a food dye for some cuisines.

This spice helps boost your Immunity level in the current COVID19 pandemic.

They are widely used to recover from energy loss, and it is the best energy booster for winning back body force and strength.

It has low-fat content, which helps lower harmful LDL cholesterol.

Why is it so expensive?

It is costly since:

  • Each flower has three stigmas or threads.
  • It blooms only once a year and for one week.
  • Even though the technology in the world is advanced, it is still hand-harvested.
  • It is hand-plucked, collected, and dried. 
  • Nearly 150 flowers are hand plucked to produce one gram of the spice.
  • This expensive and loved spice has a long useful life.
  • Until the next harvest, we can't use our Farms.

Growing the spice is a labor-intensive process that should get a reasonable price.

Mood swings

It has an anti-depressant quality, which helps balance serotonin and dopamine, norepinephrine, which impact the mood.

But, it has adverse effects if taken in large amounts.

How does it taste

You may use it to color (dye) your food. It glazes red or orange color.

It has a unique taste and color, making it easy to spot in a dish. It pairs well with many flavors and meats.

It is used in rice cuisines such as biryani or paella. The spice is also added to desserts and ice creams. 

When to feed this spice to your Baby

You can feed it to babies over six months of age, and they can be given a single thread or stigma of this, mixed with mother's milk.

Where do I buy this spice?

You are at the right place. 

We believe in delivering the best quality products right to your home. We offer GI tag certified keshar.

Have you ever thought about why it is so?

It is not just spice, but it is a medicine too. Due to weather, expensive labor, and availability in Kashmir, it is expensive for an authentic version.

What is it used for? 

It has multiple uses basic use. It is used as a color die (enhancers) for food, fragrance & taste enhancer.

Health benefits like 

It is used in multiple health-related issues like Alzheimer's disease, hardening of the arteries(atherosclerosis), spitting up blood (hemoptysis), premenstrual syndrome (PMS) related issues, dry skin, heartburn, shock, pain, intestinal gas (flatulence), depression, fright, for sleep-related problems like insomnia, natural supplement for cancer, Women use saffron for menstrual cramps.

What does it taste like?

It has a sweet floral taste.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the best premium export quality with us from Pampore, Kashmir, India.

How do you add it to your dish?

Just a pinch of it threads with milk, stock (boiled water of meat or vegetables), warm water, Tea, or white wine.

The mix is soaked nearly for 45 mins before use. For best results, you can soak the same overnight.

Kashmiri Kahwa recipe

If you still have some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Saffron Strands

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Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits - AlphonsoMango.in

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

The spice adds taste & supports boosting healthy with your food. It has medicinal benefits, such as:

Saffron for Weight Loss | Kesar For Weight Loss 

  • It is full of antioxidants, which leads you to keep cancer cells at bay.
  • It acts like an aphrodisiac that boosts your libido and promotes sexual wellness.
  • It helps treat erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • It benefits in handling premature ejaculation or orgasm and infertility.
  • It helps in combating the damage due to free radicals within the body.
  • It helps you ease mood swings.
  • It leads to an improved Mood.
  • It also facilitates treating mild to moderate depression and depressive episodes.

Medically reviewed, some doctors advise you to eat around 25 to 30 mg daily.

Weight Loss and Appetite Management

It aids weight loss and can be used as an effective supplement.

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

During Premenstrual Syndrome

It is a warm-natured spice. Thus, it effectively helps reduce and manage premenstrual syndrome (PMS) signs. The effect of this spice helps in PMS symptoms.

For Hypertension

Did you know that this spice can improve your heart health? It impacts the vital markers which impact heart health.

Benefits of Kesar in Pregnancy

  • It helps to lower hypertension.
  • It also helps to limit cholesterol.
  • It helps maintain blood glucose levels and acts as a natural BGR Blood glucose regulator.

Excellent Memory Enhancer

Saffranol is a commonly found agent in spices. It enhances people's memory who go through Alzheimer's disease. 


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Saffron is from what flower - AlphonsoMango.in

Saffron is from what flower

Saffron Spice is from what flower.

It is a million-dollar question to lots of people like us. 

Buy Saffron Spice Online

Saffron, Where does it come from? 

It comes from Crocus Sativa with thread-like red stigmas, which add a lovely taste and smell to your dish.

Along with the yellow-red hue, they add a rich taste and flavor to your food.

There are many stories about Its origin, but it is still debated.

Some say it came from Iran, while others say it is from Spain.

But the truth is that it is from Greece.

Some stories suggest that Arhat Buddhist monk Madhyântika (or Majjhantika) was sent to Kashmir in the 5th century BC.

He planted the first Kashmiri spice supplementation crop in India.

From then onwards, It spread throughout the country.

Some people say that Sufi saints brought spice to India. Others believe that it's a much ancient spice.

Known as Crocus Sativus, it is the hand-picked spice of the world.

The spice comes from a purple flower and has a crimson-red colored stigma.

It dyes your food orange-red with its aroma and taste, and you may use milk to soften the color.

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Indian Kashmiri Saffron 1 gram - AlphonsoMango.in

Indian Kashmiri Saffron 1 gram

Indian Kashmiri Saffron 1 gram

Perfect Indian Saffron(Kesar) is elaborate and considered one of the most valuable spices you can find today.

Buy saffron online

Indian Saffron Crocus

It, also known as crocus, is a valuable spice acquired from the sativus flower.

Indian Saffron

Many rogue distributors have tried to rediscover theirs by adding almost the same ingredients or low-quality saffron fibers throughout history.

Saffron for Face

The color of a crocus sativus flower, which does not contain anything else mixed with this spice, does not contain any ingredients. In ancient times, it was also used for medicinal purposes. 

Even during this period, used to treat various diseases. Some European people believed they were the first to use it as a condiment in their cooking.

Saffron is expensive without additives.

The color varies from brownish red to dark orange. His dyeing skills come from the red part of the threads of this spice, not the yellow part that is not cut into low-quality.

It is also helpful to choose these threads over powdered kesar because its medicinal properties improve as the threads taste best.

Do you know

It takes 70,000 flowers to make 1 pound of Saffron. 

By collecting three tiny stigmas from each flower, you focus on your efforts and do so with the most expensive flavor on the planet.

Saffron strands | Kashmiri Saffron | Saffron Threads

This fragrance begins with the plant, which develops mainly in countries with long and scorching summers. 

It develops in Center East, Spain, and India.

The first (or most important) expresses that trade this flavor.

A part of the top-quality Kesar starts from Center East and India, but simultaneously, it's found in Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt. This spice has an entering, very sweet-smelling, and unpleasant taste.

A minimal sum will make the most energetic brilliant tone. Showed as different nice-smelling or firmly improved vegetable cause substances, flavors usually get out of (related to areas near the hot and humid) plants and are generally used as sauces.

They are commonly dried barks, berries, seeds, or roots. Spices are usually represented as the plant's beautiful parts used for seasoning.

History of Indian Kesar

Most likely first developed in Asia Minor, this spice was used by the eastern Mediterranean old public establishments, the Romans, and the Egyptians. Afterward, it was developed in Spain, and in the eleventh century, it arrived in Germany, Britain, and France.

Powdered Kashmiri Saffron 

It should be avoided as it's easily contaminated with turmeric, pomegranate leaves alone, paprika, and red vegetables, and even with the scentless, boring stamens of the Crocus blossoms.

The Top-quality of it is shown with a deep tone. Bunches of yellow marks of disgrace bring down its quality.

One of the main things you should consider when finding total with nothing else mixed in this is its smell. For example, ten-year-old red Saffron is not of high quality.

Old and low-quality products lose their smell, and, more often than not, their smell is not pleasing. Good quality and total with nothing else mixed in this are entirely red, and it has a pleasant smell. 

When getting this, it is essential to know that nothing else mixed in this spice is to choose the right one to give you the most benefits.

Since it is one of the most (make fake things) spices today, it is important to research it and get it from reliable sources or suppliers.

Thanks to its natural aroma and excellent color, food is plentiful. When you talk about red gold spices, the first food that come to mind is saffron rice. 

Both have become popular in Spain, especially in La Manza and elsewhere. 

This wonderful spice is used in the best restaurants in a particular country and worldwide. 

Kesar Nowadays purchased online 

Many companies online sell you this spice; to get the best taste of its recipes, you should buy it here. 

Whenever you are looking to buy Saffron, you have to think carefully. Buying this means not only tasting food but also reaping many benefits. If you want to reap the benefits of using this in your diet, then you have no doubt.

Think about how much happiness you can get from food and the health benefits of spices. There are many health benefits to eating Kashmir saffron.

Many (extra things you eat or drink) contain this fantastic spice that has been proven effective for weight loss. Studies show that it can help you lose weight. Cooking with this herb spice gives the same benefits. It will help reduce your desire to eat something.

Some health experts say it can increase serotonin's chemical known to control mood. It can prevent you from overeating. They are used as an ingredient, and in addition, this wonderful spice (helps increase in a good way) weight loss by controlling or reducing food desires.

If you do not eat much, it shows that you will lose weight naturally without any side effects.

Losing weight with this spice is an excellent way to get fitness and reduce your fats what you want. It shows that spices' uses not only provide you with delicious food but also bring you benefits. It is the perfect fit for your healthy diet.

To (accomplish or gain with effort) weight loss, cooking with this, or buying extra ingredients with saffron juice will make your dream come true. 

You can buy this herb or this product using the internet. All you have to do is search for the best provider online and do your transaction. The price of this herb spice will decide the best filler.

You need to think about the quality to get the best product you can use. It is perfect not only for your food but also for your body. It would help if you thought about the essential things to ensure they are worth your money.

Digestion: It effectively boosts digestion in cows as it helps increase circulation to your digestive system. It helps to comfort the membranes of your stomach and your colon (stomach- and intestine-related) (how much acid something has) and colon.

It is very effective in curing liver and urine problems and liver sickness. It is also carefully thought of and believed as a blood purifier.

These spice herbs' benefits are very effective in helping with (how much acid something has) and gas-related problems.

Sleep-related problems: it is used for sleeping problems and to cure stress.

A pinch of this spice helps with pre-bedtime (temporarily not breathing while asleep)

Painful joint swelling: It helps in treating swelling of the joints.

It also provides relief from joint pain.

It is precious for the athlete because it helps muscle swelling and tiredness by helping the tissues expel lactic acid.

Fever contains crocin, which scientists believe is best used to reduce fever.

Crocin compound (helps shows in a good way) memory keeping good memory ability.

Eye cream: It improves eyesight and eye health. In the present study, each person (who was part of a study, Etc.) who took this wonderful spice had improved their vision. 

It has been shown that it helps with vision, especially in eye diseases that ruin vision.

Among the large numbers of well-being points of interest are the fix of breathing disease, sadness, feminine uneasiness, blood vessel disease, and many other well-being concerns.

A few uses for this flavor are in buns and bread, giving them a (whole life and energy). 

This is also acceptable if a pleasant smell (perfume) and shading are wanted in soups.

This spice is a significant fix in Spain's rice with meat or seafood, Italy's risottos, and France's bouillabaisse. 

Saffron for Baby


Saffron Strands

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Saffron for PMS - AlphonsoMango.in

Saffron for PMS

Saffron for PMS

 Saffron During Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome is one of the great common problems faced by women with PMS symptoms. It causes a lot of pain and discomfort for them.

PMS causes mood swings, cramps, bloating, and body pain and impacts their family, studies, and work.

It is a warm-natured spice. Thus, saffron's effect helps reduce and manage premenstrual syndrome (PMS) signs. The effect of saffron helps in PMS symptoms.

It plays an important role in cramps and preventing pains during premenstrual syndrome.

It has anti-inflammatory properties; it helps lower the intensity and duration of pain.

How Much Kesar Should I take during PMS?

During PMS, it is said that you can take around 15 to 20 mg twice daily.

Means 2 to 3 strands of pure Kashmiri Kesar twice daily.

Please consult your doctor before starting any natural supplements.

As per medical journals, it is said that there are more than 50% of ladies who were having PMS-related issues have reduced their symptoms by consuming Kashmiri Kesar (Kashmiri Saffron) twice a day.

Kashmiri Kesar is also Beneficial to Pregnant Women in Six Ways.

It helps you get a nice sleep

Help reduce or relives cramps

Help maintain blood pressure and boost heart function

Tickles your mood swings.

Prevent multiple allergies

These are common symptoms that pregnant females have always faced, the most common issue during these nine months.

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Saffron for Weight Loss - AlphonsoMango.in

Saffron for Weight Loss

Saffron for Weight Loss and Appetite Management

Saffron is a spice used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It is believed to have some health benefits, including weight loss.

What is Weight Loss

Weight loss is the process of losing body fat. It can be achieved through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

There are many different reasons why people want to lose weight. Some people like to improve their health, while others want to improve their appearance.

Weight loss can also help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

There are several different ways to lose weight. Some people may follow a fad diet, while others may prefer to change their diet and lifestyle gradually.

One of the most important things for people trying to lose weight is creating a calorie deficit. It means that they need to burn more calories than they consume. It can be done through a combination of diet and exercise.

There are several different diets that people can follow to lose weight.

Some popular diets include the keto diet, the paleo diet, and the Mediterranean diet.

However, choosing a sustainable diet that fits your lifestyle is essential.

How to add Saffron for Weight Loss 

There are a few ways in which Keshar may help with weight loss:

  1. It may help to suppress appetite. It has been shown to increase hormone leptin levels, which helps regulate appetite.
  2. It may help to improve metabolism. Saffron has been shown to increase levels of the enzyme AMPK, which helps to break down fat cells.
  3. It may help to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation can contribute to weight gain, so reducing inflammation may help to promote weight loss.

A few studies have shown that Keshar may be effective for weight loss. For example, one study found that people who took saffron extract for 12 weeks lost more weight than those who took a placebo.

Another study found that people who took saffron extract for six weeks lost more fat mass than those who took a placebo. 

In some studies, women who consumed Saffron or supplements were significantly different.

They felt full stomachs, the frequency of snacking and munching was reduced, and they lost significantly more weight in women.

Buy Saffron

Benefits of Saffron (Kesar) in Weight Loss: A tiny amount of this spice Kesar extract helps lower your appetite.

It aids in weight loss and can be used as an effective supplement. It reduces the desire for food or hunger pangs. Raisins and Saffron for weight loss are also used in some cases.

How much Saffron to use for weight loss is suggested as 30 mg of Saffron strands means approximately 4 to 5 saffron strands are good for Weight Loss; put in a glass of water and soaked overnight. You can drink this along with water in early morning which will help you.

Exercise is also best for Weight Loss.

Exercise is also an essential part of weight loss. Exercise helps burn calories and build muscle.

Muscle burns more calories than fat, so building muscle can help people to lose weight and keep it off.

In addition to diet and exercise, people can make other lifestyle changes to lose weight. These changes include getting enough sleep, managing stress, and quitting smoking.

Weight loss is not always easy, but it is possible with dedication and effort.

People can achieve their weight loss goals by following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and making lifestyle changes.

Here are some tips for losing weight:

  • Create a calorie deficit. It means burning more calories than you consume.
  • Eat a healthy diet low in processed foods and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Exercise regularly. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week.
  • Get enough sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Manage stress. Stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking can lead to weight gain. Quitting smoking can help you to lose weight and improve your overall health.

If you struggle to lose weight independently, talk to your doctor. They can help you to create a personalized weight loss plan and provide support along the way.

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

Benefits of Kesar in Pregnancy


Almond for Weight Loss

Chia seed for Weight Loss

Healthy Weight loss with Dry fruits

Quinoa Salads

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Safran - Red gold from Kashmir - AlphonsoMango.in

Safran - Red gold from Kashmir

Red Gold of Kashmir Safran

Red Gold of Kashmir, also known as saffron, is a highly valued spice known for its rich aroma, unique flavor, and vibrant color.

Saffron is the dried stigma of the saffron crocus, a delicate flower that has primarily grown in Kashmir, India. 

Safran in French or Saffron, generally known as Sun Spice, comes from the stigma of the Crocus sativusThese stigmas are located in the flower's focal point and are connected with short stems in blossom.

Buy saffron online

It is said that this seasoning was brought to France by Spanish armed forces, knights, and merchants. There are various stories about how spices came to India. Some say Sufi saints brought it. 

Others believe Lord Krishna used the seasoning daily as a tilak on the forehead. It is used worldwide in cheddar cheese, snacks, and refreshments in cooked curries, meat dishes, and soups. 

It's not just the most expensive spice on earth it's also the most liked flavor. 

The reason why this seasoning is expensive is that it is naturally grown.

This great flavor demands a ton of hard physical work to handpick, dry, manage, and pack. 

It is sold worldwide in grams the world's largest exporter is Iran selling worth $51 million of the seasoning. India and Spain are also massive importers other than Iran. India imports about 20 tons per year from Iran and leading producers like China and Spain. 

These are the common factors that affect the price of this seasoning, making it so expensive. The more (dirt, dust, Etc.) and coloring added to the seasoning, the poorer its quality is In India, this seasoning is exclusively grown in Kashmir.

It is handpicked and dried manually.

Health Benefits

This little red blossom has many beneficial properties. It is consumed for its flavor and healing qualities. It is said that this seasoning was first used in Greece for its medicine/healing purposes.

Greeks used it to improve mood, memory, and libido. Saffron helps relieve colds, coughs, stomach issues, sleeping sickness/problems, and heart issues. It is also useful for your skin.

It has manganese, which directs glucose and gives you radiant skin.

You can combine its flavor with milk. It aids digestion and appetite management and nourishes your skin. 

Drinking milk or water infused with this flavour regularly before you rest leads to sound sleep and lights up your skin. 

It is filled with vitamin C and has calming and anti-bacterial properties. It has many minerals; however, its well-known compounds are carotenoids. 

It helps in developing strong, healthy bones in young children. It has calcium, which helps in building healthy bones. This flavour also contains some essential oils, which influence the taste. It comprises oils such as geranium, limonene, tile, and carried. 

This spice is beneficial to the brain and mental health too. It can fight the decline in brain health, improve thinking ability, and fight Parkinson's disease.

This Flavour is said to curb the growth of harmful cells. It boosts the immune system and helps us fight many diseases. It also promotes sexual wellness.

Ladies who took this spice were found to have less sexual pain and expanded drive.

How do I store this spice?

Store it in a spotless, sealed holder. In dampness and high moistness levels, the zest loses its properties quickly. Light, temperature, and oxygen impact the freshness of the zest. 

You should keep it in a cool and dry spot away from daylight. Use wooden shelves or drawers since metal ones heat up.

How to test the purity of the spice?

There are a few simple ways in which you can test this spice.

The spice smells sweet, but it doesn't taste very pleasant. Some say it is as bitter as tobacco. 

The stigmas never lose color.

They turn the milk or water orange-red, but they never lose their color. The spice never dissolves. It is a non-soluble spice. Also, it takes at least 10-15 minutes to dye the liquid. 

Buying guide

A few indicators determine the quality of this spice. However, only a few are aware of these indicators. 

Some sellers take advantage of consumers' naivety and end up scamming them into buying inferior quality Saffron at a ridiculously high price. 

The following are some things you should know.

Stigma and style. The purest spice is the one that contains just the stigma of the flower. 

Including the style of the flower is a common practice. However, some sellers scam their buyers by adding other parts of the Crocus Sativa flower. 

  • Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin levels.

Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin determine the color, aroma, and flavor. The levels of these elements determine the quality or the grade. 

The levels of these elements are tested in the laboratory. High levels of these elements are an indicator of better quality. 

c. grade

Grade 1 A+ Stigmas only. It is also known as All Red.

Grade 2 A It includes the yellow-white style ends of the stigma along with the stigmas.

Grade 3 B It includes the entire style and the attached stigma.

We, at alphonsomango.in, offer the finest Grade 1 (A+) quality saffron. 

You can make sure you buy the most authentic and best quality without being conned or scammed with this information.

Safran Price

This red spice is export quality from Pampore, Kashmir; it is a bit expensive. But if you ignore the price and calculate it based on many threads or strands.

You get in 1 Gm or 1 kg price. For example, if you buy 1 gm Safran, It lasts for nearly one and a half months even if you use it daily. Then this price is the lowest only.

If you need to buy 1 kg of this spice, you can contact support@alphonsomango.in.  

In addition to its use in cooking, saffron has a long history of medicinal use. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have suggested that it may benefit mood, sleep, and digestion.

Despite its high cost, saffron remains a popular ingredient among chefs and home cooks.

Its reputation as a Red Gold continues to be well-deserved. Whether used for cooking or its potential health benefits, saffron is a versatile and highly valued spice that is sure to impress.

Pampore Saffron

Price of Kashmiri Kesar

Laccha Saffron

Health Benefits Saffron of Kashmir

Zafran Pure Saffron from Pampore Kashmir

Expensive Spice

Saffron for Biryani

Benefits of Kashmiri Walnuts for Hair

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

Benefits of Kesar in Pregnancy



Mango Pulp

Visit alphonsomango.in

difference between puree and pulp 

Why buy alphonso mango online

how to make mango pulp

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আলফোনসো আম

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Saffron from Kashmir - AlphonsoMango.in

Kashmiri Saffron: World's Best Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron: World's Best Saffron

Saffron from Kashmir is considered to be the best saffron in the world. It is known for its deep red color, intense flavor, and delicate aroma.

Kashmiri saffron is grown in the Kashmir Valley, which is located in the Himalayas.

The climate in the Kashmir Valley is ideal for growing saffron, and the soil is rich in minerals. Kashmiri saffron is harvested by hand, and the stigmas are carefully dried in the sun.

Pure Saffron Kesar is grown mainly in Jammu and Kashmir, with the Kashmiri variety of high quality. It is the world's most expensive spice.

Buy saffron online

People believe it was brought to India by the Persian rulers in 500. B.C., who planted its sapling in the local soil after falling in love with Kashmir.

Safran - Red gold from Kashmir

However, according to a local legend, two Sufi saints brought this spice to India around the 11th-12th century. 

Locals believe that when Khawaja Masood Wali and Sheikh Sharif-u-Noise Wali got sick, they asked the local tribal leader to cure their disease. 

They returned his favor by presenting him with a saffron crocus sapling. The monks have a golden dome dedicated to them in the Saffron town of India, Pampore.

Even today, in late autumn, locals offer prayers of gratitude to both the saints. According to another story, this spice is mentioned in old Hindu texts.

Zafran Pure Saffron from Pampore Kashmir

About 150,000 fresh Saffron flowers produce one kilo of the finest quality, which sells for about the U.S. $ 10 per gram, about 3000-4500 USD / kg. 

Mixing reds and stains with yellow styles produces low and cheap quality. People also eat flower petals as vegetables in Kashmiri cuisine.

It is also made from Gambir, local medicine for cough and cold. The stems are used as animal feed. Most of the best quality produce is packaged for export purposes.

The types found in Indian markets, which have beautiful names like Lacha, Mogra, and Sarda, are grown in Kashmir, where about one-eighth of that area is used to grow this spice.

Saffron Cultivation

It is cultivated in India, mostly in Jammu and Kashmir. Certain amature efforts are going on in other parts of India but are very meager or small.

Pampore Saffron

It is the world's best Kesar with the nicest aroma, taste, and fragrance. 

Pampore, a saffron town, a township in the Pulwama district, is the largest production site in Kashmir, with a 3,200 hectares area.

One hundred sixty-five hectares of land is used for growing this spice in Srinagar, the capital.

Three hundred acres of land in Budgam is also used for the same purpose. In Jammu, only Kishtwar has a land of 50 hectares growing this spice.

The following are a few local saffron filed types that you should know about:

Mongra Saffron

This part of the Crocus sativus flower is a deep red spot enriched with all you need. It is the purest and most expensive form of Pure Kashmiri Saffron Kesar.

Laccha Saffron

To put it merely, this type comprises the Mongra and the yellowtail part. It is considered a lower quality product than Mongra.

Zarda Saffron

It is also called Spanish kesar. This type contains the flower's whole pollen, including the laccha area. 

Health Benefits Saffron of Kashmir

This spice contains many plant chemical compounds with magical medicinal properties that protect your body.

It comprises many compounds and antioxidants. The crocin carotenoid compound gives the stains their golden color.

It also comprises carotenoids, such as lycopene and zeaxanthin. These essential healing chemicals help protect the human body from the destruction caused by free radicals.

Thus, this spice acts as a shield from cancer.

It is also added to many germ-killing drugs and digestive and anti-pain treatments in many traditional medicines.

This spice has minerals like copper, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

It is also abundant in many essential vitamins, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C, which are very important for your health.

It is believed to increase the blood's oxygen content and purify it. It is also a heart-related tonic and helps treat sicknesses caused by blood thinning.

It kills bacteria and is ideal for treating acne. Due to its anti-bacterial and exfoliating properties, it helps you get glowing and radiant skin.

It protects brain cells by preventing brain stroke.

Quality Checks

The color determines the quality of this spice. The deeper, more intense the color, the better the quality of the spice.

A 2-3 digit number reflects coloring strength. For example, your spice may have a color strength of 180 or 96, or 236. The higher this number, the better your spice.

According to the International Organization (ISO), the best quality is the value of 190 and 250 color strengths.

The following are some things you should know before you buy Saffron.

  • Stigma and style.

The best quality of this spice contains just the Dried Stigmas of the flower. Including the style of the flower is a common practice.

But some sellers cheat their buyers by adding extra parts of the flower. Make sure your spice has nothing but the stigma and style of the flower.

  • Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal levels.

These three agents give the spice color, aroma, and flavor: the quality or the grade is decided by these elements' levels.

The levels of these elements are tested in the laboratory. High levels of these elements are an indicator of better quality.

  • Grade

The spice is graded as follows:

Grade 1 A+ Stigmas only. It is also known as 'All Red.'

Grade 2 A It includes the yellow-white style ends of the stigma along with the stigmas.

Grade 3 B It includes the entire style and the stigma, all attached.

You can also use the following ways to check the quality of this spice:

  1. Smell: This spice has a sweet and spicy smell. It does not have a perfume smell. Its aroma falls under the honey and hay family of aroma.
  2. Taste: This spice smells sweet but doesn't taste very pleasant. Some say it tastes as bitter as tobacco. Thus, the original spice does not taste sweet.
  3. Color: This spice dyes the liquid it is soaked in, but its color does NOT fade away. The stigmas change the color of water, but their color never fades. Also, it never dyes the liquid immediately. The stigmas need to be soaked for at least 10-15 minutes.
  4. Soluble: The stigmas of this spice do not dissolve. The spice is not water-soluble.

With this information, you can ensure you buy the most authentic and best quality without cheating.

This spice is easy to use. Add a few strands of saffron to a cup of warm milk and some dry fruit powder to make Kesar Doodh.

This milk recipe can help you unwind and relax. It can also help you get good sleep.

Saffron for Biryani

Benefits of Kashmiri Walnuts for Hair

Kashmiri Kesar Health Benefits

Benefits of Kesar in Pregnancy




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How much Kesar to put in milk - AlphonsoMango.in

How much Kesar to put in milk

How Much Kesar to put in Milk or Kesar Doodh 

Since our grandmother's day, it has been prepared using 2 to 3 saffron threads (Strands) in warm milk (~200 to 250 ml).

You have to soak it for about 30 to 40 minutes, and you can drink it at night.

Buy Kesar for Kesar Doodh

The amount of kesar (saffron) to put in milk depends on your preference for taste and intensity. A good starting point is to use 2-3 strands of kesar per cup of milk. You can then adjust the amount to taste.

Here are some tips for using kesar in milk:

  • Use high-quality kesar. Cheap kesar may have a weak flavour.
  • Grind the kesar threads before adding them to the milk. It will help to release the flavour of the kesar.
  • Soak the kesar threads in warm milk for 10-15 minutes before adding them. It will help to intensify the flavour of the kesar.
  • If you are using whole milk, add a pinch of sugar before adding the kesar. It will help to balance out the bitterness of the kesar.
  • You can add other spices to the milk, such as cardamom, cinnamon, or nutmeg. It will give the milk a more complex flavour.

Experiment with different amounts of kesar and different spices to find the combination that you like best.

Kesar Dudh is one of the very easy-to-make traditional milk that is known for its benefits to our bodies:  

1. Acts like Aphrodisiac

2. Helps Improve Memory

3. Helps in Allergies

4. Helps in Asthma

5. Helps in weight loss

6. Protect against cold

7. Reduces Cholesterol levels in the body

8. Relieves Menstrual cramps

9. Treats Insomnia in your sleepless nights

Kesar doodh or Saffron Milk is an easy-to-cook recipe with few ingredients.

Some people soak it overnight and have it empty stomach in the early morning.

You may add nuts like walnuts and pistachio with honey or sugar to your taste. With a small powder of nutmeg in it

Some people add a handful of cashew nuts, almonds and aromatic spices like nutmeg to give the beverage a chunky-nutty flavour.

Here is a recipe for kesar milk that is safe to drink during pregnancy:


  • 2 cups of whole milk
  • 2-3 strands of kesar (saffron)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder (optional)


  1. Heat the milk using a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Once the milk is warm, add the kesar threads and stir to combine.
  3. Soak the kesar threads in the warm milk for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After 10-15 minutes, add the sugar and cardamom powder to the milk.
  5. Stir to combine and heat the milk until it is hot but not boiling.
  6. Remove the milk from the heat and let it cool slightly.
  7. Serve the kesar milk warm.

This recipe is for basic kesar milk. To give it a more complex flavour, you can add other spices to the milk, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger.

You can add fruits, such as mango or berries, to the milk for a sweet and refreshing drink.

Kesar milk is a good natural source of minerals and vitamins. You will also get vitamins C, A, and calcium.

Kesar milk is a healthy and refreshing drink that can protect your cells from damage due to its natural sources of proteins and antioxidants. It is also safe to consume during pregnancy.

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