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Safran - Red gold from Kashmir - AlphonsoMango.in

Safran - Red gold from Kashmir

Red Gold of Kashmir Safran

Red Gold of Kashmir, also known as saffron, is a highly valued spice known for its rich aroma, unique flavor, and vibrant color.

Saffron is the dried stigma of the saffron crocus, a delicate flower that has primarily grown in Kashmir, India. 

Safran in French or Saffron, generally known as Sun Spice, comes from the stigma of the Crocus sativusThese stigmas are located in the flower's focal point and are connected with short stems in blossom.

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It is said that this seasoning was brought to France by Spanish armed forces, knights, and merchants. There are various stories about how spices came to India. Some say Sufi saints brought it. 

Others believe Lord Krishna used the seasoning daily as a tilak on the forehead. It is used worldwide in cheddar cheese, snacks, and refreshments in cooked curries, meat dishes, and soups. 

It's not just the most expensive spice on earth it's also the most liked flavor. 

The reason why this seasoning is expensive is that it is naturally grown.

This great flavor demands a ton of hard physical work to handpick, dry, manage, and pack. 

It is sold worldwide in grams the world's largest exporter is Iran selling worth $51 million of the seasoning. India and Spain are also massive importers other than Iran. India imports about 20 tons per year from Iran and leading producers like China and Spain. 

These are the common factors that affect the price of this seasoning, making it so expensive. The more (dirt, dust, Etc.) and coloring added to the seasoning, the poorer its quality is In India, this seasoning is exclusively grown in Kashmir.

It is handpicked and dried manually.

Health Benefits

This little red blossom has many beneficial properties. It is consumed for its flavor and healing qualities. It is said that this seasoning was first used in Greece for its medicine/healing purposes.

Greeks used it to improve mood, memory, and libido. Saffron helps relieve colds, coughs, stomach issues, sleeping sickness/problems, and heart issues. It is also useful for your skin.

It has manganese, which directs glucose and gives you radiant skin.

You can combine its flavor with milk. It aids digestion and appetite management and nourishes your skin. 

Drinking milk or water infused with this flavour regularly before you rest leads to sound sleep and lights up your skin. 

It is filled with vitamin C and has calming and anti-bacterial properties. It has many minerals; however, its well-known compounds are carotenoids. 

It helps in developing strong, healthy bones in young children. It has calcium, which helps in building healthy bones. This flavour also contains some essential oils, which influence the taste. It comprises oils such as geranium, limonene, tile, and carried. 

This spice is beneficial to the brain and mental health too. It can fight the decline in brain health, improve thinking ability, and fight Parkinson's disease.

This Flavour is said to curb the growth of harmful cells. It boosts the immune system and helps us fight many diseases. It also promotes sexual wellness.

Ladies who took this spice were found to have less sexual pain and expanded drive.

How do I store this spice?

Store it in a spotless, sealed holder. In dampness and high moistness levels, the zest loses its properties quickly. Light, temperature, and oxygen impact the freshness of the zest. 

You should keep it in a cool and dry spot away from daylight. Use wooden shelves or drawers since metal ones heat up.

How to test the purity of the spice?

There are a few simple ways in which you can test this spice.

The spice smells sweet, but it doesn't taste very pleasant. Some say it is as bitter as tobacco. 

The stigmas never lose color.

They turn the milk or water orange-red, but they never lose their color. The spice never dissolves. It is a non-soluble spice. Also, it takes at least 10-15 minutes to dye the liquid. 

Buying guide

A few indicators determine the quality of this spice. However, only a few are aware of these indicators. 

Some sellers take advantage of consumers' naivety and end up scamming them into buying inferior quality Saffron at a ridiculously high price. 

The following are some things you should know.

Stigma and style. The purest spice is the one that contains just the stigma of the flower. 

Including the style of the flower is a common practice. However, some sellers scam their buyers by adding other parts of the Crocus Sativa flower. 

  • Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin levels.

Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin determine the color, aroma, and flavor. The levels of these elements determine the quality or the grade. 

The levels of these elements are tested in the laboratory. High levels of these elements are an indicator of better quality. 

c. grade

Grade 1 A+ Stigmas only. It is also known as All Red.

Grade 2 A It includes the yellow-white style ends of the stigma along with the stigmas.

Grade 3 B It includes the entire style and the attached stigma.

We, at alphonsomango.in, offer the finest Grade 1 (A+) quality saffron. 

You can make sure you buy the most authentic and best quality without being conned or scammed with this information.

Safran Price

This red spice is export quality from Pampore, Kashmir; it is a bit expensive. But if you ignore the price and calculate it based on many threads or strands.

You get in 1 Gm or 1 kg price. For example, if you buy 1 gm Safran, It lasts for nearly one and a half months even if you use it daily. Then this price is the lowest only.

If you need to buy 1 kg of this spice, you can contact support@alphonsomango.in.  

In addition to its use in cooking, saffron has a long history of medicinal use. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have suggested that it may benefit mood, sleep, and digestion.

Despite its high cost, saffron remains a popular ingredient among chefs and home cooks.

Its reputation as a Red Gold continues to be well-deserved. Whether used for cooking or its potential health benefits, saffron is a versatile and highly valued spice that is sure to impress.

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