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Saffron is from what flower - AlphonsoMango.in

Saffron is from what flower

Saffron Spice is from what flower.

It is a million-dollar question to lots of people like us. 

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Saffron, Where does it come from? 

It comes from Crocus Sativa with thread-like red stigmas, which add a lovely taste and smell to your dish.

Along with the yellow-red hue, they add a rich taste and flavor to your food.

There are many stories about Its origin, but it is still debated.

Some say it came from Iran, while others say it is from Spain.

But the truth is that it is from Greece.

Some stories suggest that Arhat Buddhist monk Madhyântika (or Majjhantika) was sent to Kashmir in the 5th century BC.

He planted the first Kashmiri spice supplementation crop in India.

From then onwards, It spread throughout the country.

Some people say that Sufi saints brought spice to India. Others believe that it's a much ancient spice.

Known as Crocus Sativus, it is the hand-picked spice of the world.

The spice comes from a purple flower and has a crimson-red colored stigma.

It dyes your food orange-red with its aroma and taste, and you may use milk to soften the color.

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