Indian Mangoes

Indian Mangoes

Indian mangoes

India has 24 plus variations of mangoes. These variations are found across the nation in different states. 

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Every variation has an unmistakable quality that makes it uncommon. How about we take a look at some of the Indian variations of aam. 

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  1. Alphonso: The Portuguese got Hapus to India during the 1500s. Hapus then transformed into a huge part of our lives. We treasure Hapus for its saffron-yellow shade, sweet smell, and mind-blowing flavor. Alphonso mango is found exclusively in Konkan. The volcanic soil of Konkan adds to the taste of Alphonso. 
  2. Kesar: found in Gujarat, this variety got its name because of its skin tone. Kesar implies saffron, in English. Thus, the variation is known for its saffron-yellow color and uncommon taste. Its taste has acquired it the title of Queen mango. 
  3. Totapuri: this variety has a distinct shape. It takes after a parrot's nose. That is why it is called Ginnimoothi. Ginni implies parrot and moothi mean beak. Found in South India, the ones created in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu are especially eminent. 
  4. Himsagar: this variety is loved for its pulp. 77% of the entire organic product is essentially pulp! Created distinctly in West Bengal, this variety is usually called Khirsapati. 
  5. Dasehri: this variety is the most adored aam of North India. Malihabad area of UP makes the best of this sort. The fruit started in Kakori but it is found even in Nawab's nursery today!